VIDEO: Mike Lindell Accepts Jimmy Kimmel’s Offer To Star on His Show

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After an ongoing feud between the two guys, Mike Lindell accepted Jimmy Kimmel’s offer to appear on his late-night show on Wednesday evening.

Kimmel showed a video of Lindell agreeing to appear on the show during his opening monologue.

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“Mike seemed pretty excited about my invite, and it seems like it’s definitely going to happen,” Kimmel said before cutting to a clip of Lindell reading an article about his invitation.

“He also invited Lindell to appear on his show in person, in bed, surrounded by pillows, for an interview. Lindell read, “It was just me and Mike snuggled up side by side in a California king surrounded by goosefeathers.”

“Jimmy,” I said. That I’ll do, but not with the goosefeathers. Goosefeathers are unhealthy. Lindell responded, “You need MyPillows proprietary fill.”

With the audience laughing, Kimmel replied, “Well, alright.”

“I’ll take you up on that,” Lindell continued. I’ll be live on your show with a California King, which is a brand new bed that we’re just introducing. I’ll definitely do it, and we’ll bring pillows in with us. As the audience cheered, he said, “If you pull this off, I’ll give you your entire audinece pillows.”


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