What I Want for Christmas

Written by Geraint Hughes

Dear Santa, the world has gone completely bonkers, the muppets in charge have all lost the plot and their advisors are all complete liars whom can’t be trusted to speak truth on any issue of the day at all.

In order to over-come the latest challenge of Covid lies, that concerns all freedom loving people everywhere, so if this was your gift to give, then really you’re not just giving to me, your giving to the whole world.

I no longer want the usual gifts such as socks and sweaters and beers and aftershave.

No, I want to set the whole world free and to do this I want you to give me the following.

  • My own Bio-lab
  • 600 Genetically identical lab rats
  • Alpha, Delta and Omnicron variants in portable spray containers.
  • Enough vitamin D, K, Zinc and Magnesium to give 300 rats for 6 months.
  • Blood testing equipment
  • Studio Equipment to record every single one, 24 hours a day for half a year.

With these gifts, I will prove to the world that all 3 variants are easily defeated with the vitamins and minerals listed.

What I would do, is deliberately spray 200 Rats with Alpha, 200 with Delta and 200 with Omnicron, right in their faces to ensure they catch it.

Each variant batch will have their fur sprayed so I can see them all instantly.

All will be given blood tests once every 3 days.

I would give 100 of each batch, the daily maximum tolearable limits of each vitamin and mineral along with normal cat food.

The other 100 in each batch I would just feed only unaltered tinned cat food.

All those not on vitamins, will wear a collar to signify they are the ones who are not free.

All those on the vitamins, will not wear collars, as they have nothing to fear.

I predict, those on the vitamins and minerals will not only not die of the covid, but will experience only minor to no symptoms of any illness despite being sprayed with Covid.

All will be on camera 24 hours a day and all results published.

If I am right, then we can all be assured that we have been lied to and we can prosecute our false barons for their crimes against us.

Please Santa, the world needs this so badly, can you help us?

Header image: Boston University

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