“The COVID19 Fraud is a War on Humanity” – Dr Sam Bailey (Part 1)

Reprinted from Principia Scientifica


Written by Dr Sam Bailey

Respected New Zealand medical doctor and media presenter, Dr Sam Bailey, speaks out at what she calls a “war on humanity” as Big Pharma and corrupt governments force citizens to submit to poisonous ‘vaccines’ mandates.

Medical doctor, Sam Bailey, was a television presenter for “The CheckUp” – a nationwide New Zealand health show that debunks common health misconceptions. Sam started her own YouTube channel in late 2019, questioning the scientific evidence of mainstream health narratives and answering questions from her viewers. Her bravery in exposing unethical and dubious practices got her banned from YouTube but she has not flinched in her mission to help wake up the sheeple.

Below is her latest video explaining why fake COVID vaccines are a tool of mass genocide:

Sam is a co-author of the number 1 best seller in Amazon Microbiology Science: ‘Virus Mania’ which examines how the medical industry continually invents epidemics to make billion-dollar profits at our expense. Buy her book here: www.bookfinder.com

Find more information at her blog drsambailey.com

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I don't necessarily endorse all content from this site but it's always good to get different perspectives. https://principia-scientific.com/the-covid19-fraud-is-a-war-on-humanity-dr-sam-bailey-part-1/

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