Maybe no Christmas again this year says Fauci

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Written by Tom Woods

It’s “too soon” to say whether we’ll be able to gather at Christmas, Dr. Fauci is now telling us.

Well, we didn’t listen to him last year and I have no intention of listening to him now.

But, wouldn’t it be nice to have a news media that challenged these clowns once in a while?

For example, Fauci should have to explain this chart:

This graph traces COVID hospitalizations in the Midwest over time. Here’s why it matters to the “maybe you can’t have Christmas” insanity: the hospitalization peak occurs right around Thanksgiving, before the alleged effects of Thanksgiving gatherings would have had time to take effect. And then, instead of spiking in the wake of those gatherings, the numbers plummet — and continue to plummet consistently and without interruption all throughout Christmas, as if that holiday hadn’t even occurred.

Would Dr. Fauci care to explain to us how, if his advice is sound, such a thing could have occurred?

Good thing for him no one is going to ask him, because what could he possibly say?

Speaking of bad Fauci predictions, he said “I don’t think it’s smart” for college football to be played before full stadiums. After saying that, COVID numbers in the South, where these games are being played regularly, began to plummet. As you can see below, they began to plummet almost immediately after Fauci warned them not to do it.

In a weird way you almost have to be impressed by someone who can be so precise in his wrongness:

Meanwhile, courtesy of worldometers -dot- info, let’s check back in with Florida. The drop in COVID deaths there has been extremely sudden and sharp, even though the general public has not modified its behavior at all. (I live here, so I know.)

The chart says it all:

As a friend of mine puts it, thank goodness we can be sure the media will get right to the bottom of this!

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