Mask Mandates: Good or Bad?

Reprinted from Principia Scientifica


Written by John Droz, jr.

Whether a COVID-19 Mask Mandate makes sense comes down to two scientific questions:

1 – Are masks scientifically proven to be materially effective in reducing COVID-19 transmission?

2 – Are masks scientifically proven to be safe to wear?

This new Report references over a hundred scientific studies showing that the answers to both are NO.

Unfortunately, most of our COVID policies continue to be political rather than scientific.

I believe that citizens should be educated — and then object when unscientific policies are imposed on them.

This Report , along with the other information found on on our webpage, , gives citizens powerful ammunition to resist those who are trying to erode our freedoms and rights.

Let me know if you have any corrections, or suggestions for improvements to this Report.

Please pass it onto others who may be interested.

FYI, if this Report is well-received, we will likely then do a comparable analysis of vaccine mandates…

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