Covid Nurse Gives Honest Insight About What Really is Happening

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A discussion between Stew Peters and a hospital nurse who has direct contact with COVID patients and all aspects of COVID treatment is a must watch.  {Direct Rumble Link} Really, this gets better as the discussion gets more detailed.

This is not random speculation or an anecdotal claim.

To further support the real-world outline explained by the nurse, CTH has received some very specific details from inside the medical system where board certifications are determined.  What follows below is not connected to the discussion above; however, specific leaked documents provided to CTH support what that nurse is saying.

Doctors in general, and pediatric doctors specifically, are being told by licensing boards & regulatory agencies tied to the political systems of healthcare –  that medical providers board certification and licensing could be in jeopardy if they are found to be discussing negative vaccine outcomes and/or contradictory issues about COVID-19 treatment in non private settings.

Meaning, if doctors speak publicly they are putting their license at risk.  Below is a copy of the WARNING LETTER.

If the vaccines were not generating statistically significant negative outcomes, this type of letter would not be needed. For whatever reason, the medical boards need to stop doctors and healthcare providers from explaining what is happening in the real world.

The medical system claims that surround the COVID-19 story are tenuously being held in place by bureaucratic systems and political agents within the regulatory bodies. As you can see above they view honest public discussion as a risk to their position.

Think about it from a common sense perspective.

If the claims behind COVID-19, and the variants as an example, were honest and genuine; and if the benefits of the vaccine were true as claimed; the medical establishment would not need to threaten doctors, and they would not view sunlight as a risk to their objective.

Why would any honestly constructed institution need to threaten voices within that system against discussion of every day events as they take place?

These are beyond RED FLAGS !!

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