Covid in Saskatchewan Barely Registers

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Written by William Walter Kay BA JD

Covid-19 came to Saskatchewan (pop 1,179,906) on March 12, 2020. This highly infectious, deadly disease devastated 0.05 percent of the population; miraculously sparing 99.95 percent.

Officially, Covid killed 658 Saskatchewanians. Persons aged 80-and-over account for 298 (45 percent) of fatalities. 60-and-overs account for 85 percent.

304,000 Saskatchewanians are aged 19-and-under.

Covid allegedly killed three of them.

Annually, Covid culls 0.00049 percent of Saskatchewan youth. Accidental drownings kill more kids than Covid.

In the year ending December 31, 2021, a total of 10,107 Saskatchewanians died (up slightly from 2019). Typically, 0.8 percent of Saskatchewanians die annually.

Year-to-year fluctuations render Covid’s signal undecipherable.

Tends of thousands of Saskatchewanians suffer chronic respiratory and/or immune malfunction.

Chest infections finish-off many of these people. Most Covid fatalities rested on death’s brink, pre-Covid.

Still, Covid killed only a tiny percentage, even of this frail cohort.

Covid cases to date: 63,875.

Active cases: 4,715.

Resolved cases (dead or recovered): 59,160.

Covid’s official survival rate: 98.9 percent.

Testing programs undercount cases.

15 percent of Saskatchewanians have had Covid.

Covid’s real survival rate: 99+ percent.

Of 4,715 active cases, 273 are hospitalised.

94 percent of Covid cases self-medicate and self-police their quarantine.

They’re clearly not in distress.

Furthermore, letting 4,442 infected patients roam free means authorities don’t believe their own hype about Covid’s contagiousness and lethality.

Hospitalization stats reflect shifting stratagems.

Deciding whether a Covid case goes home, or to hospital, is exclusively the privilege of conspiring physicians.

Zero transparency. Zero oversight.

Daily testing rates dictate daily case counts.

Early September saw many days with under 2,000 tests.

Mid-September, daily tests suddenly jacked to 4,000+. Voila! …Fourth Wave.

1,532,204 vaccinations have been administered.

Daily jab counts, which range from 200 to 18,000, currently hover in the low thousands.

Pre-Fourth Wave, as mere persuasion ran its course, daily jabs dipped to mere hundreds.

986,000 Saskatchewanians are aged 13-and-over[WK1].

723,081 are doubly vaccinated. 31,067 are triply vaxxed. 531 have had Booster-4. (Most of the 50,000 single-dosers are awaiting their second jab.)

180,000 Saskatchewanians reject the injection.


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