Britain’s space strategy promises rockets launched next year

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Britain will launch rockets next year. As part of the government’s space strategy released this week, Boris Johnson has promised to create a “Galactic Britain”.

The report says Britain will be the first country to launch a small satellite from Europe in 2022, with spaceports being based in Cornwall, Snowdonia and Shetland Isles.

Mr Johnson wants Britain to be at the front of the global space industry and use “the technology of space to solve problems and improve public services back down on Earth.

Britain’s space industry is worth £16 billion a year and employs 45,000 people working as scientists, engineers and innovators.

The government want Britain to expand it’s space business so it can take up the opportunities in this growing industry, protect and defend UK interest in space and inspire the next generation.

Some of the main space-related activities that the government will focus on are:

  • Launching the first small satellite from Europe in 2022, which will help forecast the weather and look for power grid problems
  • Develop space surveillance to spy on opposing powers from orbit and stop any possible threats
  • Improve public services using space technology such as satellite-enabled NHS drones to turn around quicker test results in remote areas
  • Working with Nasa on the Artemis programme to return humans to the Moon


The government have proposed to develop spaceports across the UK in Shetland Isles and Outer Hebrides in Scotland, Snowdonia in Wales and Cornwall in England.

Spaceports are needed so satellites can be launched in Earth’s orbit.

Future jobs

Fancy a job related to space? Well the new report says the government will work with employers to help more young people gain work experience and apprenticeships in careers such as space engineering and space systems.

The government will also inspire the next generation into STEM careers by “inviting space professionals to lead exciting activities and competitions in schools, from building satellites to designing space habitats.

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