WHISTLEBLOWERS: Biden Admin Tried to Cover Up COVID Outbreak at Migrant Facilty

Reprinted from NOQ report.


(AP Photo/Juan Carlos Llorca, File) Under Joe Biden, illegal border crossings have skyrocketed to six times what the Obama administration deemed crisis level. How did this happen? Well, immigrants started heading to the United States’ southern border after the election, believing Biden would deliver on amnesty. Border facilities housing unaccompanied migrant children are significantly over capacity, and there have been widespread reports that children haven’t been properly fed, able to bathe, or even able to spend time outdoors. There have also been reports of children being sexually assaulted in Biden’s migrant facilities .

As bad as things are at the border, it appears now that things are even worse. There was a COVID-19 outbreak at a migrant facility in Fort Bliss, Texas, earlier this year, and Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services tried to cover it up. That’s according to two whistleblowers who filed a complaint earlier this week.

The complaint was filed for Arthur Pearlstein and Lauren Reinhold by the nonprofit Government Accountability Project. Pearlstein and Reinhold are career federal civil servants who “served as volunteer detailees at the Fort Bliss Emergency Intake Site from April through June 2021.” And they say that they were instructed to downplay […]

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