We Must Reject the “Insurrection” Narrative

I share my opinion here only to inspire peaceful, legal, and lawful, but firm and resolute political remedial action. We must reject the “insurrection” narrative which the politicians have used as an excuse to remain silent on, or dissipatively uncommitted to, election integrity because of a few hundred unarmed people, who entered the capitol on J6.

I recall watching the Congress reconvene in the early hours of January 7th, 2021, and spin the actions of a few hundred people as justification for their loss of enthusiasm for election integrity, and their betrayal of our tradition of popular sovereignty. Pathetic at best, one might argue that at worse it was rebellious; i.e. in open opposition to our tradition!

Without condoning any unlawful, illegal, or violent act that may have taken place on J6, we must acknowledge that the people who went to the capitol on J6 were our people. People who want a government by Americans and for Americans! Our People want election integrity! The same thing Democrats cried for following the 2016 election.

Notice the irony, the same people who exclaim “Save Our Democracy” wouldn’t do what was necessary to confirm for the people the integrity of our elections (or uncover the […]

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