Vindication for Those Who Challenged the Left’s Narrative on Kids and COVID-19

Reprinted from NOQ report.


AP Photo/Seth Wenig It never fails. If someone challenges the notion that children need to be masked up or can’t go to school unless they’re vaccinated, leftist bullies will gang up on the poor unfortunate and accuse him or her of being anti-science or hating kids.

But even in the face of overwhelming evidence that children are at minimal risk of serious illness from COVID-19, denunciations of alternative information continue.

Emily Oster, an economist at Brown University who frequently writes about parenting, published an article in The Atlantic last March headlined, “Your Unvaccinated Kid Is Like a Vaccinated Grandma.” She argued that COVID-19 was so mild in children that vaccinated parents could safely go out in the world and live normal lives.

The problem for Ms. Oster is that she didn’t reckon with leftists, who see everything through a political prism. Donald Trump and Republicans had been saying for months at that time that it was safe for unvaccinated kids to go back to school with certain precautions taken in deference to unvaccinated adults.

But the left was making the argument that it wasn’t the adults who were most at risk, it was the kids. Oster was simply saying that there was no […]

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