RFK Jr.’s Publisher Obliterates False Logic Driving Censorship of Book Exposing Anthony Fauci

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book is selling like wildfire. The people clearly want to know what he and his team have uncovered about Anthony Fauci, but if one gets their information from mainstream media they probably don’t even know the book exists. That’s the problem with censorship. It’s not just about stifling the truth when it gets out. Censorship often manifests in the prevention of the truth from ever seeing the light of day.

His book, titled “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public,” is an extraordinarily well-researched and properly cited manuscript that reveals some of the most damning facts about the man who is most responsible for pandemic protocols in America. It’s fitting as he may also be the man most responsible for the formation of the very disease he’s been tasked with fighting… but we’ll leave those details for the book itself to describe.

Tony Lyons, President and Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing, joined us to discuss the book, but there was a secondary topic that actually made for deeper conversation. The massive censorship and corporate media gaslighting about the contents of the book have been unprecedented. Meanwhile, attacks on Kennedy himself have been brutal and completely unwarranted. They’re attacking the messenger without addressing the truthful message.

Here’s some of Lyons had to say:

“This is a book that has 2,194 citations. It’s over 200,000 words long. It’s got blurbs from doctors and lawyers and scientists. It’s even got a blurb from a Nobel Prize winning scientist. So this is certainly not what anybody had in mind when they describe wanting to protect the public from misinformation. This is wanting to protect the public from information that they disagree with and increasingly, that’s what censorship looks like.

“It’s cases where people just don’t have an argument so they don’t even want to engage because if they had a better argument, obviously that’s the best way to address something that you disagree with or that you think is wrong. So to just try to take down the author or ignore the content, that really doesn’t work and the incredible sales of this book show that that kind of censorship doesn’t work.

“If people really believed that it was something that the public needed to be protected from, they would just give a better argument, they would address the claims, they would disprove the claims, and then we would all move on. But, it’s interesting that they’re not willing to do that and I would argue that it’s because they’re not able to do that.”

In an ironic twist, this interview was actually late in coming out because our show was… wait for it… being censored. It’s not the first time they’ve tried to cancel us on both the podcast and video realm. Heck, we’ve already lost three YouTube accounts, but that’s pretty common for conservatives. What’s not as common is for us to get censored by Spotify as well as their podcasting minions at Transistor and Captivate. To this day, we have no idea what we did to get blacklisted.

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As a result, we’ve changed the name of the show to The Midnight Sentinel. It’s still the same basic show, but we will be ramping up production to bring it back to being a daily show. On top of that, we’re launching our first radio show, The JD Rucker Show, on January 3 with America Out Loud. Yes, that means two separate shows but I can proudly tell you that it will be worth it to subscribe to both.

Tony Lyons is correct. If Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s critics could find fault in his findings about Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and others, they would attack the book. Instead, they’re attacking RKF Jr himself. What does that say about their argument?

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