Critical Race Theory: And Now, For The Rest Of The Story

Reprinted from NOQ report.


All across the country, there has been a major push against CRT (critical race theory) led by small-town parents at school board meetings, state legislatures, and numerous social media personalities and organizations. The success of this resistance has caused its supporters to shift its messaging. The new tactic has been to try and shift the public debate from a growing antagonistic “CRT” label to something more palatable, something almost virtuous. A more accurate and thorough history.

They claim they are simply striving to teach the truth. There is even a Twitter hashtag #teachtruth, where several self-proclaimed educators claim that finally, it is now the time to teach the truth. Of course, this makes me wonder then what they have been teaching all these years? I mean, if they feel that they had been forced to teach a lie, why have they willingly taught it for so long? Where was the call of indignation before?

Ben Shapiro addressed this attempt to use what has become a most common tactic of the left to modify or change the language and cause the germ of just enough reasonable doubt and deceit to take hold. We all know the game here. I am familiar […]

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