Citigroup to fire unvaccinated staff by end of month

New York — Large financial organization Citigroup has announced that it will fire all unvaccinated staff by the end of the month.

The group will place all staff who are not vaccinated on leave on January 14, terminating them later this month according to a Reuters report .

The mandatory vaccine for employees was announced in October, but so far financial groups have not followed through on their threats. Citigroup will be the first.

Other organizations across the country have performed similar actions with their employees. Mostly healthcare organizations have forced their employees into compliance, even though the nation is waiting the Supreme Court challenge to the Biden mandate.

Several airlines have issued vaccine mandates and Google has already moved forward with terminations for employees that did not comply with their order.Over 90% of Citigroup’s employees have submitted to the companies mandate.COVID vaccines have become a divisive issue as America awaits the Supreme Court ruling after oral arguments on Friday. Did you know that you could make a big difference in conservative media? With a small donation or recurring monthly donation, you can help sustain The Liberty Loft and help us reach Americans with the truth that mainstream media […]

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