While the Israeli government is reportedly requesting that international donors save the Palestinian Authority from economic collapse, arguments for sustaining financial pressure on Ramallah are mounting once again. Indeed, the PA continues to insist it will never end the “Pay-for-Slay” policy that incentivizes the killing of Israelis.

And, most recently, Mahmoud Abbas’ administration explicitly rewarded the residents of the West Bank village of Beita for their violent and antisemitic riots. The Yasser Arafat Foundation during a ceremony last week presented its annual Achievement Award to Beita. Explaining the decision, Endowment Committee Chair Ola Awad praised the town for its “popular resistance” against Israel. As HonestReporting has repeatedly highlighted, Beita’s “resistance” involves violent riots, ecoterrorism, setting off of powerful explosive devices and burning swastikas.

During the award ceremony, Beita received a check for $25,000 from Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh.

All this, while international agreements require the PA to combat terrorism.

Following our exclusive expose earlier this week, ILTV invited HonestReporting’s Akiva Van Koningsveld to discuss the matter.

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