Walensky Confronted On Shady C-19 Deaths! Her Response Is AMAZING!

Rochelle Walensky hinted at a press conference that she would do more media appearances, and she could fulfill that this Sunday when she wanted into the fire on Fox News.

Bret Baier asked her about the biggest mysteries of the coronavirus pandemic. Two years later, the director finally confronted the shady C-19 linked deaths, which have been used to justify the unlawful policies.

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“Do you know, how many of the 836,000 deaths in the U.S. linked to COVID are from COVID or how many are with COVID, but they had other comorbidities. Do you have that breakdown?” Baier asked.

“Um, yes, of course, with Omicron, we’re following that very carefully,” she said. “Our death registry, of course, takes a few weeks… to collect. And of course, Omicron has just been with us for a few weeks, but those data will be forthcoming.”

The criticism appeared when many health officials like Fauci made the difference between the hospitalization with C-19 and from C-19.

Dr. David Samadi explained this development:

“The CDC will begin to provide data on how many of the 836,000 deaths in the U.S. linked to Covid are FROM Covid and how many are WITH Covid,” he said. “I’ve been encouraging this from day one as it would have changed the entire perspective on the response. Glad it’s finally happening.”

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Making a difference between the people with C-19 and those who died from C-19 are two different things. In the USA, all0cause excess mortality is attributed to C-19.

Check this out:

Check this too:

They may look identical because the CDC confessed they calculated the C-19 deaths based on the model got from the unexplained mortality rates.
“COVID-19 deaths are estimated using a statistical model to calculate the number of COVID-19 deaths that were unrecognized and those that were not recorded on death certificates and, as a result, were never reported as a death related to COVID-19,” the CDC says.

“To estimate these unrecognized COVID-19 deaths, all-cause deaths are obtained from the National Center of Health Statistics,” the CDC continues. “Before applying the statistical model, reported COVID-19 deaths are subtracted by age, state, and a week from all-cause deaths so that these reported COVID-19 deaths are not included in the calculation of the expected deaths for the statistical model.”

“Then, to understand how many deaths may not have been recognized as being related to COVID-19, CDC uses a statistical model to estimate the number of expected deaths from all causes assuming that there was no circulation of COVID-19 (that is, those deaths expected in the absence of any COVID-19 illnesses). Researchers then use the model to predict the number of all-cause deaths that would have occurred, taking into account information on COVID-19 circulation,[sic].”

“To obtain the number of unrecognized COVID-19 deaths, the number of expected all-cause deaths (without COVID-19 circulation) is subtracted from the number of predicted all-cause deaths (with COVID-19 circulation). The model is used to calculate estimates by state and age (for six age groups: 0-17, 18-49, 50-64, 65-74, 75-84, and ≥85 years),” the CDC adds.

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“Once investigators estimate unrecognized COVID-19 deaths, they add documented COVID-19 deaths to the unrecognized deaths to obtain an estimate of the total number of COVID-19-attributable deaths,” the CDC says.
“Because current surveillance systems do not capture all cases or deaths of COVID-19 occurring in the United States, CDC provides these estimates to better reflect the larger burden of COVID-19. CDC uses these types of estimates to inform policy decisions and public messages.”


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