Twitter Fact-Checkers Allied With Pfizer Physicians! Dr. Malone HUNTED!

Big Pharma and Big Tech isn’t a conspiracy theory!

Joe Rogan and Malone’s interview went viral. It grasped the attention because it shows Biden’s handling of the situation has on society.

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Dr. Malone spoke about the pandemic and gave examples of how the government is using massive formation psychosis to promote the agenda and division of the general public.

The accusation is staring enough, the interview was three hours long, and Malone shared the truth about big pharma and the Democrats and how they used the C-19 as a bioweapon.

In the video, you can hear Malone speaking about the pandemic and how the information is spread.

The mandates are pointless.


This isn’t only throwing accusations at the government, but Malone, who was banned on Twitter, used Peter McCullough as an example of the witch hunt that happens around the people who raised their voices about the pandemic.


Red Voice Media Rumble

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