Oregon Senators Asked For C-19 Statistical Manipulation Investigation!

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE is a reprint from The Daily Signal.


Oregon State Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum called for a grand jury investigation into the measurement of coronavirus statistics by the CDC and FDA.

Thatcher and Linthicum submitted the petition on August 16, 2021, and collected 1,718 Oregonians and 53,032 Americans’ signatures.

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Both senators shared their concerns over the measurement and reporting of C-19 vaccine adverse reactions, among which are fatalities and injuries.

A whistleblower, under sworn testimony, stated that the information shared under the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System is underreported by a factor of five.

Analyzing the C-19 diagnosis through PCR tests, the senators stated that the CDC and FDA’s setting of one test parameter, the cycle threshold, generated “false positives resulting in inflated numbers of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.”

Dr. Michael Mina spoke to The New York Times last year in August and clarified that the tests with too high of a threshold could detect not only live viruses but genetic fragments, too. Mina advised setting the cut-off at 30 cycles or less.

Thatcher was concerned about the cycle threshold of 28 when testing vaccinated individuals. In the petition, we can see that a low cut-off can “eliminate false-positive results and thereby reduce the number of vaccine ‘breakthrough’ cases.”

Both of the senators, Thatcher and Linthicum, shared they consulted large doctor groups, epidemiologists, and virologists on the subject of C-19 statistical reporting.

“Additionally, we are profoundly concerned that the scientific literature continues to provide empirical evidence that safe and effective treatments and management strategies for COVID infections exist but are not being made available to Americans most in need,” the letter stated.

SHF, a non-profit organization that helped the petition, stated that the petition was submitted one month before public release to ‘protect those involved.’

SHF stated that one study from March alleged that the CDC over-emphasized C-19 as the cause of death in compiling its statistics while “circumvent[ing] multiple federal laws” in the process.


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