In South California, hospitals have a severe problem with the increased number of hospitalized vaccine-caused diseases, and they cannot pass unnoticed! Brave nurses raised their voices and shared the truth about what they had seen.

In Ventura County, LA, cases of unexplained strokes, heart problems, and heart issues are skyrocketing. The doctors don’t want to link these events with the C-19 vaccines.

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One nurse at Ventura County ICU shared what she saw at the hospital and his concerns to the Conejo Guardian.

He was “tired of all the B.S that’s going on,” and the health officials only ignored this problem. The vaccines are harming the people; they aren’t helping them.

Sam said: “It’s crazy how nobody questions anything anymore.”

According to Sam, there was a huge surge in young people struggling with severe health problems after the process of vaccination.

“We’ve been having a lot of younger people come in,” Sam added. “We’re seeing a lot of strokes, a lot of heart attacks.”

One woman, at 38, struggled from blockages of blood flow in the brain.

“They [doctors] were searching for everything under the sun and documenting this in the chart, but nowhere do you see if she was vaccinated or not,” Sam stated.

“One thing the vaccine causes is thrombosis, clotting. Here you have a 38-year-old woman who was double-vaccinated, and she’s having strokes they can’t explain. None of the doctors relates it to the vaccine. It’s garbage. It’s absolute garbage.” He added.

Another patient at the age of 63, female, without previous cardiac history, had a heath attack, and the tests showed that the coronary arteries were clear. It’s critical to mention that she got the Moderna shot.

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“One doctor actually questioned the vaccine, but they didn’t mention it in the chart because you can’t prove it,” Sam said.

Everyone wants to downplay it – ‘It’s rare, it’s rare,’” Sam said.

“Doctors don’t want to question it. We have these mass vaccinations happening, and we’re seeing myocarditis more frequently, and nobody wants to raise the red flag. When we discuss the case, they don’t even discuss it. They don’t mention it. They act like they don’t have a reason, that it’s spontaneous.”

Another ICU nurse, Dana, said the same. She has never been so busy.

“We don’t normally see this amount of strokes, aneurysms, and heart attacks all happening at once. Normally we’ll see six to ten aortic dissections a year. We’ve seen six in the last month. It’s crazy. Those have very high rates of mortality.” Dana said.

“I don’t understand how you can look at what’s going on and come up with just, ‘Yeah, it’s the holidays.’ There’s been a big change in everybody’s life, and it’s the vaccine.”

The majority of these patients are also fully vaccinated, according to the nurses.

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