Harris As The President During Biden’s Colonoscopy! Twitter Users Attack Her Constantly!

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America doesn’t like Kamala Harris. They are still under impressions from the Rittenhouse verdict, the spectacular event that happened not so long ago!

It has a little to do with Biden being put under for a colonoscopy.

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Rittenhouse was a free man, while Biden took a medical nap. At this time, Harris was the first president in the history of the US, even though it was for an hour.

Biden is 79 years, and he followed colonoscopy protocol and signed over his POTUS power to Harris. That was until he woke up. Now, he stated he was in good health.

However, while he was asleep, Harris was the first female President, reaching the least popular president’s title in history. Currently, she has a 28% approval rate. It is lower than Biden; he’s at 36%.

We know that Americans were focused on Rittenhouse and his verdict. Some people didn’t forget to highlight this event.

One shared: “Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that Kamala Harris’ one hour of being President — the first woman ever to be designated presidential power — took place on International Men’s Day, during the 79-year-old male president’s colonoscopy exam.”

Another added: “When Kamala Harris takes over as President today, while Biden is under anesthesia, we will have a POTUS with the lowest approval level of all time.”

Harris was the President of the USA for 83 minutes, but everyone realized she wasn’t suitable for that position. It’s crucial to mention that even her current position as a VP is in jeopardy.


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