The past couple of weeks shared a violent mental whiplash regarding the phrase our mass media tries to drum into our heads.

We got the constancy about the December to Remember sales event; now, we’re shocked that Apple Calendar not only promotes the Lexus every season so that we can bypass the usual ad blitz. One month later, the love is surprising your significant other with a huge financial investment in a vehicle; a different phrase was hammered into my head, threat to our democracy.

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On the first anniversary of the J6, 2021 event, we constantly hear that the event was engaged in insurrection and tried to overturn the duly elected president. This Thursday, we know more that since the media will try to make it happen, J6 will join the pantheon of September 11 and December 7 as days that will live in infamy.

Americans can’t see the events from J6 the same way. CBS news performed a poll about how we felt about the events of that day; a majority in every political group, including the Democrats, said that it was a protest that went too far. CBS hides the part that 85% of Dems who said the events at the Capitol were an insurrection, and the 47% of Republicans stated that it was patriotism.

“Even as so many Americans decry the events of January 6, the day has had lasting impacts on the nation’s psyche, the most immediate of which is that millions of Americans think more violence is coming and that democracy itself might be threatened,” CNN reported.

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CBS News reported the results of the poll from December 27-30, found that while the subsequent events “were widely condemned when they happened and still are today by majorities of both parties. But there is an alternative set of descriptors and interpretations of those events, and of what should happen next, largely on the right, along with a softening of their disapproval that’s worthy of attention.”

“Despite overall disapproval of the events on January 6, Republicans do stand apart from others in offering descriptions that are less harsh. One, the intensity with which Republicans disapprove softened over the summer and has stayed softer. A year ago, most Republicans strongly disapproved, but today, their disapproval is spread between strongly and a bit more only somewhat disapproving.”

What was the J6 event?

A total of 76% of those polled said the actions “who forced their way into the U.S. Capitol” was “a protest that went too far,” and 69% of Democrats described it as such.

“Descriptions of what happened are also similar to how they were a year ago after it happened,” the article read.

“People widely call it a protest that went too far, but how much further becomes more partisan. Most Americans — including most Democrats, but just a fifth of Republicans — call it an insurrection and describe it as an attempt to overturn the election and the government.”

It’s a severe problem with those results, and we’re trying to make a threat to the democracy January’s version of the December to Remember sales event.

We can dress it up in the bells and whistles of fear and tie in around the neck of any Republican who dares to pop their head up to challenge this narrative as a milestone, The “softening of our disapproval” of these events is “worthy of attention,” and not positively.


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