Canada Rental Management Company Asks New Tenants To Show Evidence Of C-19 Vaccine!

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE is a reprint from The Daily Signal.


One apartment management company with 1,500 apartments in Edmonton and Calgary is the first one to mandate new tenants show vaccination proof.

Strategic Group issued an announcement at the end of October. Existing tenants will have to give evidence of the shot to access common areas. Luckily, the tenants won’t be kicked out of their homes if they haven’t been vaccinated.

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“We’re proud of it,” chief operating officer Tracey Steman said. “Very proud of it. And we’d like to see other landlords implement the same policy. It will help to end this pandemic.”

“We’ve had really good feedback from our tenants,” Steman said. “We just heard from one who said, and I’ll quote it, ‘As someone who’s lost family members to COVID in the last year, it’s refreshing to see a company invest in the well-being of the community.”‘

John Dicke, the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations president, represents the Canadian rental housing industry.

“This is the first I’ve heard of that,” Dickie said. “Rental housing providers realize people need housing. We’re not in the habit of inquiring into people’s political views.”

When he was asked if he thinks other rental companies would follow this example, he answered, “It’s possible.

Some people are reluctant to be the first adopter. But I don’t think it would be very widespread. We’re not the health police.”

“We want to stress the importance for other landlords to do the same and to help to end this pandemic,” Steman said.


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