Biden wants to pretend to be the common man.

His brain is like mashed bananas, and he is still an elitist. The Average Joe cannot occur because a lot of decades, he isn’t that.

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We know that the politicians are privileged and the ‘’public servant.’’

Joe knows that the peasants are restless. The inflation is rising, food prices are soaring, and Americans can’t find some groceries because the shelves at the market are empty.

Biden decided to share a story about one of Jill’s friends who was at this Delaware house and told him about the high cost of hamburger meat.

I don’t think that Jill’s friend buys her groceries, and they don’t even buy ‘’hamburgers.’’

Joe told the story, and I guess that it sounded relatable…

He accidentally owned himself.


Here are the online comments.

“What a damn embarrassing joke.”

“National embarrassment.”

“So a 25% increase in price. No inflation here… nothing to see…”

“Joe just owned himself LOL”

“Damn. He’s lost.”

They actually think they are fooling us, his policies have created all this! Embarrassing is a nice statement from you, it’s horrific he hasn’t been impeached….#LetsGoBrandon

“He literally has no clue. We legit have a dementia patient as president.”

“Yes, idiot, $1 increase on $4 would be 25%. We call that “inflation”. But inflation doesn’t exist, does it? Must be magic then.”

“Totally clueless…hope all Biden “voters”, are enjoying the American people’s pain”

“Oh lord, I’m sure the call with Putin went very well LOL” 

“Yes, Joe. We noticed. You shouldn’t be doing yourself the disfavor of reminding us about how you’ve handled your first year in office.”

“There is a squirrel someplace that is looking for this nut! LOL”

“I’m surprised they don’t spin this as “hamburger meat used to be $4 and now it’s $5. So under my Presidency, hamburger meat got richer!””

“81million voted for this?? lolololol” 

“I am convinced that Joe Biden is secretly working for Trump. There’s no other explanation” 

“Yet the people that voted for him will continue to make excuses for him. They don’t realize that the level of incompetence is directly affecting them too.”

“You just don’t need to make fun of him, he does this all by himself!”

“What an idiot, he’s probably never stepped foot in a grocery store”

“Is this his ‘Let them eat cheap meat!!’ moment?”


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