Israeli internist reveals: “Vaccine efficiency is almost zero”

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We remember the jubilant news: “Vaccination world champion Israel”. Israel was seen as a role model, especially by Western politicians. In the meantime, however, things have gone quiet around the supposed model country. No wonder: the results of the broad “through vaccination” of the population with the controversial, new spike protein injections are devastating. It is primarily the “vaccinated” who are infected with Corona. They end up in the hospital particularly often because of it, as one Israeli doctor notes.
  • He says, “It seems that the efficacy of vaccination is close to zero.
  • Vaccinated people seem to get seriously ill more often.
  • More than twice as many hospitalizations among Israelis with the spike protein injection.

Rafael Zioni posted Israel’s Corona statistics on his Twitter page. They are the official data from the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Dr. Zioni is an internist at Israel’s Laniado Hospital. He knows what he is talking about. Most Corona infections and associated hospitalizations in Israel affect vaccinated people. The broad vaccination coverage of the population naturally leaves fewer unvaccinated people. But these seem to survive Corona infections on average even better than those who have already received two doses of the Pfizer serum.

“These are Israeli data on the outbreak of infections among those vaccinated with two Pfizer doses. It seems that the efficiency is close to zero,” he explains.

This is the Israeli data for infection breakthrough among vaccinated with 2 shots of Pfizer. Seems that efficacy is close to zero…
rafael zioni (@rzioni) July 14, 2021

Severe disease progression is more common among those vaccinated.

But that’s not all. Severe Corona disease progression seems to be more common among the vaccinated. Dr. Zioni shares a statistic on this. It shows, as Zioni explains:

“This is the number of admissions and serious cases for this month. Top graph shows admissions. Bottom graph serious patients. Green is fully vaccinated. Orange is with one dose of Pfizer. Red is unvaccinated. The trend is very clear, especially for severe patients”.

This is the number of admission and severe case of the this month.
Upper graph represent admissions.
Lower graph represent severe patients.
Green is fully vaccinated.
Orange is one shoot of Pfizer.
Red is unvaccinated.
The trend very clear especially for severe patients.

rafael zioni (@rzioni) July 14, 2021

More than double the number of hospitalizations than the unvaccinated.

Twitter user Elvis describes the dramatic situation in Israel through statistical data:

“Now look at Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world. No statistical difference in cases between vaccinated and unvaccinated. But and this is a big but, more than twice as many hospitalizations of vaccinated than unvaccinated people!”

Look at Israel now the most vaccinated country in the world. No statistical difference in cases between vaccinated and unvaccinated. But and it’s a big but, over double the hospitalisations in vaccinated versus unvaccinated!

ElⓋis Sinosi© (@ElvisSinosic) July 14, 2021

Serious side effects: dramatic figures from the U.S.

Furthermore, there are dramatic figures of reported adverse reactions to vaccines. 438,440 cases of serious adverse reactions to vaccines were registered with the VAERS portal. There, at the time of writing, reported adverse events include 10,991 deaths, 30,781 hospitalizations, 2,885 facial paralysis, 2,487 anaphylactic shock, 1,073 miscarriages, 3,906 heart attacks, and 9,374 disabilities since vaccinations began.

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