What Is The Goal With The Perpetual Cycle Of Fear With Covid

You might want to watch this video. This doctor discusses what she believes the agenda is behind the perpetual cycle of fear and vaccination with the Covid “Crisis.” I’m not sure she hits every point correctly. But she raises some interesting points. What are the connections between the vaccines, population control and population containment? Take … Read more

Why Pastor Artur Pawlowski Was Arrested In The Middle Of A Calgary Highway

After having heard his testimony, I am infuriated to discover why Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested on a Calgary Highway. It’s despicable and cowardly on behalf of the Alberta law enforcement and they need to held accountable for this draconian overreach. Now, if you’ve read my site for any time now, you know I’m rather … Read more

The Pope, The Qu’ran And A Call For Responsible Blogging

pope reads Quran

Depending on who you follow on FaceBook and depending on who your friends are, you can wake up in the morning and get overwhelmed and depressed for the entire day just reading through the first five minutes of your feed. There was an article in a news feed not too long ago that read, “Pope … Read more

Sweden And The Corona Crisis

Has Sweden Lost It’s Collective Mind?Or has Sweden maybe just never developed an unrealistic, collective fear about this virus and how to handle it? John Fund and ​Joel Hay at National Review wrote an interesting article about Sweden’s approach to how to handle this virus. Essentially, they’ve decided not to go crazy with the quarantines. Check out … Read more

Taking The Coronavirus “Seriously”

Taiwan didn't do a Covid-19 lockdown and they are doing just fine.

Some thoughts for my critics who don’t think I’m taking the Coronavirus crisis seriously.I got a chuckle this morning. My wife had posted something online about the Coronavirus and apparently, someone thought she wasn’t taking the Coronavirus seriously. And it got me to thinking, “what does taking it seriously really mean?” Taking it seriously and taking it … Read more

Is YouTube Censoring Dissent on Covid-19?

Why was Dr Ericson's video targeted on YouTube for a takedown?

Did you see this video? If so, good. Because if you didn’t, due to YouTube censorship, you’ll never get a chance to see it again.Why was Dr Erickson’s video banned from YouTube?YouTube says they pulled this video because it “violates their standards.”It’s hard to know why the people who sit in big, rich corporations decide … Read more