House Democrats boycott committee trip to inspect border crisis

After a Facebook message linked to the cartel prompted over a thousand migrants to rush the U.S. southern border into El Paso on Sunday, Democrats are still showing their negligence when it comes to border security. Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn., has confirmed that no Democratic members of the House Homeland Security Committee will […]

Army seeks to ditch ‘woke’ messaging to undo historic recruiting problems

Going woke is doing irreversible damage to the country in multiple aspects, but one of the most dangerous is the United States military experiencing historic lows in recruiting. As a result, military experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) the Army is launching a new branding campaign, which was unveiled last week. Experts said they […]

China Trumpets Success in Brokering Iran-Saudi Arabia Deal

China scored a diplomatic win by brokering an agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia that will re-establish diplomatic ties between the two nations within the next two months. White House spokesman John Kirby admitted that the US had not been directly involved. Meanwhile, the CCP propaganda machine is taking a victory lap, claiming that this […]

LISTEN: Sara Carter on ‘Sean Hannity radio show’: ‘border towns are literally controlled by the drug traffickers’

  Sara Carter joined Sean Hannity’s radio show to discuss, as Hannity states, being ‘sick and tired of getting lied to.’ The Biden White House and administration ‘flat out lie’ about the border being ‘secure’ and even Moore misleading, that it’s ‘closed.’ “It’s a lie” says Hannity. “We have never been this insecure” at the […]

Texas Ranger 2023 Chairman vows to replace Ranger statue removed from Love Airfield

Chairman of Texas Ranger 2023, Russel Molina, promised to bring back a version of the 12-foot statue of a Texas Ranger erected in 1961 in Dallas Love Field Airport.  “We’re putting it back up,” Molina announced for the first time during an appearance on The Sara Carter Show Podcast yesterday,  “and it’s gonna go back […]

Truth Over Talking Points: Let’s Learn the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Our History

Just 18 months after moving to Texas, Sara says she’s never felt more at home. Why? She loves the grittiness, the freedom, the instant feeling of community with her neighbors, and the love for our military and veterans. But there’s something more, something that makes Texas a direct connection to our nation’s founding ideals. But […]

Ukraine War: Russian hypersonic missile strike leaves at least nine dead

Russian missile strikes in Ukraine Thursday –including the use of six nuclear capable hypersonic missiles- have U.S. Defense officials on edge as war escalates in the region. Moreover, at least nine Ukrainian civilians tragically lost their lives Thursday during the deadly strike. This is the first time since the early months of the war in […]