CNBC POLL: Biden’s support is free falling and it’s only been 8 months

President Joe Biden’s whispers during a press conference June 23, 2021 get ‘Creepy Joe’ trending on Twitter. (Screen Shot) I don’t think we needed a poll from CNBC to affirm what many of us already know: President Joe Biden is losing whatever support he once previously had as the country takes a turn for the … Read more

MS-13 operates as the heavy hand for drug cartels in the U.S.

Continuity Global Solutions CEO Jerry Torres shared his insight on the rise of cartels at the border with Sara Carter. According to his experience as a defense contractor and documentarian, immigrants aren’t leaving their countries because of the cartels, but for the economic opportunity.  “I’ve met with our special operations forces,” Torres told Carter on … Read more

DOJ restores McCabe’s pension at the expense of the American people

What do you think would happen if you lied to the FBI during a crucial investigation? What do you think would happen if you lied to investigators working on behalf of the Inspector General about a case involving the President of the United States? I’m guessing you would think that it could lead to an … Read more

After Mexican cartels taunt US Border Patrol, agents ‘terrified’ future escalation into ‘international incident’

Mexican drug cartels are now warring along the Texas border for control of access to the United States as the Biden administration continues to ignore the crisis – especially its human toll in many respects, according to investigative reporter Sara Carter. Carter told Fox News’ “Hannity” on Wednesday that cartels now feel they can operate … Read more

American and Southwest stand by vaccine mandate, despite Abbott’s ban

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines are still planning to comply with President Biden’s executive order regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. The order requires all their employees to be vaccinated by Dec. 8t. As a result, they will be ignoring Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s ban on vaccine mandates. Abbott announced his own executive order, effectively banning mandates … Read more

Joy-Ann Reid claims anti-vaxxers are ‘co-opting the history of actually oppressed people’

MSNBC Host Joy-Ann Reid called out rock and roll icon Eric Clapton Monday for his stance on anti-vaxxers. Reid mocked Clapton and anti-vaxxers for “act[ing] like their freedom has been taken from them.” Her comments come after Clapton donated a van and £1,000 to a Brititsh anti-vaccine group. “What really stands out about white anti-vaxxers … Read more

Report: VP Harris hired child actors to appear NASA video

Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly hired child actors for a recent NASA video about space. Harris was assigned to lead the Cabinet-level National Space Council in May. KSBW TV interviewed 13-year-old Trevor Bernardino, who claimed he submitted a recorded monologue talking about something he’s passionate about. In addition, he listed three questions he would ask a world … Read more