Implausible Denial About Islam


I remember when the Oklahoma beheading incident took place, back in September of 2014. At the time, I, like many others, was posting things on FaceBook as they came across my newsfeed about this incident. Many people reacted to it with horror. Many more reacted with disbelief. Some thought it was a hoax. This surprised … Read more

A Curious Dance – Gay Rights And Islam

Gay Rights And Islam

I read an interesting blog a while back – it is was little blurb written by a conservative Christian blogger out of Australia by the name of David Frangiosa. I’d not read a lot of his posts, and I discovered recently that his blog is no longer available. One of his blogs was entitled, “Islam And … Read more

True Vs Radical Islam – The Wrong Distinction

True Islam radical Isalm

There are few things that confound Evangelical Christians like the love affair the world seems to have with the idea of embracing Islam as a religion of peace. Muslim sympathizers abound; and it seems so often, when there is something outrageous that happens abroad or even on our own soil, we are told it has nothing to do with Islam; after all, Islam is a “religion of peace.”

You’re Only Allowed To Say “Islam” If You Can Tie Them To ISIS

The San Bernadino shooters seemed to be a notable exception in the media. Once the FBI found what they believed were attributable influences on the shooters’ ideologies by ISIS, then they were able to speak freely of the shooters as Islamic; the difference, as far as it seems to pan out in typical fashion in the media, is that once they identified the ISIS connection, they were able to refer to them as radical Muslims, distinguishing them from “normal” Muslims (which would be all the other Muslims – those of the “religion of peace”).

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