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The Cognitive Man is an evangelical, North American Christian who has an interest in remaining anonymous, at least for a little while. He is a published author and a frequent guest blogger at several other major web sites. But he wishes to lurk here in the shadows for a while, at least. He MIGHT come out of hiding eventually. Time will tell.

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We were made to have connection and community; the need has been built into our DNA. God created Adam and with no time wasted created his partner Eve — that they wouldn’t be alone was part of God’s original design. On my journey in becoming a prophet, I noticed my lack of prophetic community. It was extremely challenging to not have a company of prophets surrounding me!. Not only because I felt alone in my process, but because there was actually a deep need to be surrounded by other prophets and be sharpened by my peers. Along my journey, I began to meet other prophets and recognized the immense enrichment this brought to my calling. My good friend and prophet Dano McCollam has been an incredible leader in cultivating and stewarding a prophetic community. If you have followed my ministry for very long you may know of Dano because he and I founded the School of the Prophets together over 16 years ago. When I met Dano he did not consider himself a prophet even though I saw it written all over him. Dano explains that he counted himself out of being a prophet because he had a preconceived idea of what a prophet was supposed to look like. He had placed the role of a prophet in a box without realizing there are many different shapes and sizes in the call of a prophet; every prophet’s assignment and calling is unique. Now Dano is an acknowledged prophet, teacher, and leader with a unique and diverse prophetic ministry scaling beyond the four walls of the Church that impacts society in very practical ways. He has founded the ministry
Prophetic Company that trains, equips, and provides a healthy prophetic community for prophets and prophetic people all around the world. Dano has been a continual support, strength, and significant voice in my calling and life. I am excited to share with you a conversation I had with him this past week on the call of a prophet, cultivating prophetic community, and our ability to train people in the prophetic.(You can listen to my whole conversation with Dano here)How did you know you were called to the office of a prophet? You told me, Kris! I remember you called me up and asked me if I wanted to start an intensive training school for prophets. I told you I am not a prophet, but I have a few things I could teach on at the conference. It was actually not until the second year of the conference that the call on my life became very clear to me when another prophet called me out from the stage. He began to explain to me what my ministry was, and acknowledged me as a prophet. I think it was initially hard for me to adopt the idea that I was called to the office of a prophet because I had a preconceived idea of what a prophet was and I counted myself out because I did not look like that. I realized that there are different flavors of prophets with different calls and assignments on their lives. I began to realize the idea that I had in my head was not actually what the call of a prophet was. I had thought a prophet’s whole ministry was based on judgments and filtered through doom and gloom. But, then I heard you speak on the difference between an
Old Testament and a New Testament prophet. I began to realize that a New Testament prophet’s ministry was of reconciliation — while yes, we believe in warnings, judgments are not in line with reconciliation. You have developed a global prophetic community. What inspired this and how have you seen this impact the world? Yes, about seven years ago I saw a shift in the prophetic — I heard the Lord say, “We are shifting from building prophetic celebrities to prophetic communities.” Now what I mean by that is from now on prophets would equip the saints in the gift of prophecy so that prophetic communities would begin to flourish. It became apparent through scripture that the healthiest times in the Bible were when there were prophetic communities. There are multiple examples of this from Elijah and Elisha who went to Bethel and said we should stay here since there are other prophets. We saw in 2 Samuel 20 that there was a group of prophets prophesying and anyone that came into their atmosphere also received a grace to prophesy. It is obvious that prophets are meant to live in a company of prophets. Is teaching and training people how to prophesy Biblical? Yes, there is no doubt that training prophets and prophetic people is Biblical. It is the prophet’s responsibility to equip the saints (Ephesians 4:11-13). How does a prophet do this? He teaches and trains others to prophesy; to walk in the gift that has freely been given to them through the power of the Holy Spirit. No, prophets cannot give the gift of prophecy, but they can help facilitate the gift. One of the greatest examples of this was King David’s 24/7 prophetic training in worship school (1 Chronicles 25). The whole emphasis was to train people how to prophesy with their voices in songwriting and with instruments. As Believers, we know in part and see in part (1 Corinthians 13:9). When we live in community we have a greater and clearer view of what God is saying. When we talk about the School of the Prophets and training prophets we are talking about training people to recognize the voice of God. The challenge is never to get God to speak; He is always speaking. The challenge is recognizing it and choosing to obey. The Lord does not speak one-dimensionally; we must learn the multidimensions in which He speaks. The rate of your obedience determines the rate of your acceleration, but if you are not aware of how He speaks it makes it more challenging to respond quickly. The point of prophetic training is to learn to recognize the voice of God so we can respond quicker in obedience and with prophetic training we receive protocols that leave room for accountability that ultimately provide a healthier prophetic community. What are prophetic finders?I felt the Lord as me: “Dano, what would prophecy look like as a life skill and not just a ministry skill?” I began to pursue ways that we can use the prophetic for non-Church-related needs. In the exploration, I began to have a burden for missing children. I remembered that in 1 Samuel 9-10 they called in the prophet Samuel when they were missing donkeys. The mandate of Jesus Christ is that He came to seek and to save that which is lost; not just who is lost, but that which is lost. Therefore, there is an anointing for anything and anyone that is lost to be found. We began to experiment with that by praying over missing children’s posters. Someone on our team received information about one of the children that were missing for over two years. The reality of finding a missing child after two years is very rare. We weren’t quite sure what to do with the information that our team member had been given by God, so we just began to declare it. It was so crazy, but two days later that child was found.
This is what led me to speak with the senior leadership team at our church — their son was the police chief who was willing to meet with me. I asked him what it would look like if we were to actually help the police find missing children. He gave us a list of guidelines and protocols, but then told us there are actually two children in our county right now that are missing — one of them has special needs and needs medication in the next couple of hours. We began to pray and ask the Lord for a word, for clues, and insight. One of the girls on our team began to receive clues about where these two children were. She began to describe a green house she saw on a street that starts with J and is somehow connected to someone who claims to be a family friend. Right then and there the police chief called the parents and asked if this was a possible lead. Long story short, yes they had a friend that lived in a green house on a street that started with J, and both children were found within 24 hours. This was the start of prophetic finders and hundreds of circumstances where we have worked with the legal system to find missing people and to help solve crimes. I hope Dano’s stories inspired you and reminded you that there are so many amazing unique and multidimensional ways God is speaking. In closing, my prayer for you is that you become more aware of the creative ways God is communicating with you. May the voice of God in our lives become the leading voice for change in this generation, giving us unique strategies, and creative solutions. 

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Many people reduce their lives to accommodate their fear. But I would like to remind you that fear is not your friend. I have been afraid many times, so this is not an accusation. Sometimes when I ask people what they’re afraid of, they say ‘nothing’. However, when I look at their lives, I can tell they aren’t afraid because they never put themselves in a situation where they would have to face their fear. But how many of you know that the dogs of doom stand at the doors of destiny? What I’m getting at is, often instead of facing the dogs of doom we reduce our lives so we don’t have to feel the feelings of fear.

Joshua 1:9
says, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Did you ever notice that God said this to Joshua when telling him that he would be taking over now that Moses was gone? Moses – the general of the faith who was called a friend of God and was used in many mighty displays of God but ultimately failed by not getting the people into the promised land. I don’t know about you but if I were Joshua, I don’t know how comforting these words would be since even Moses didn’t fully accomplish the plans God had for his life. I would imagine that’s part of the reason God is saying it to Joshua in the first place.

When we think of being courageous we often think of the feeling of boldness. However, I don’t think courage is the absence of fear, I think it’s the presence of perseverance. It’s not that I don’t feel the feelings of fear, it’s that, like Joshua, I don’t allow those feelings to tell me what to do. 

Here are eight attributes that I think depict what courage is:

1. Courage is what refuses to give up long after everyone else has gone home.
2. When people insist they can’t change, courage says you’re better than that.
3. It refuses to take the temperature of the crowd to determine which virtues to hold to.
4. Courage falls down, but it gets back up. And when it loses a battle it contends for a victory.
5. It doesn’t cower in the face of public opinion or waiver when the world waffles.
6. When the voice of reason stutters and common sense stammers, courage answers with a clear clarion call in love.
7. When fear says to dim the lights, courage says to rise and shine.
8. When life leaves the beaten path, courage enjoys the journey.

When you become afraid, you become devil conscious. The Lord makes a table for us in the presence of our enemies. Remember, wherever there is a shadow, that means there has to be light. Fear is just false evidence appearing real. 

Almost every good victory comes with the risk of death. For instance, you’re probably not going to change the world until you’ve determined that you’re willing to give your life for it. In fact, until you have something to die for, you don’t really live. 

Lastly, I want to encourage you that the battles we face are not without reward. David asked Goliath what the reward for beating him was three times before he fought him. My point is, make sure the reward is worth the battle. 

Scripture: Joshua 1, Proverbs 13:20, Proverbs 27:17, Luke 9:60, 1 Corinthians 15:33, Genesis 12, Psalms 23, 1 Samuel 16-17, Romans 8, Ezekiel 37, 1 Samuel 10, Philippians 3:13, Luke 9:62, 2 Corinthians 12:9


There are certain words in the Church that have often inflicted fear and uncertainty for years — words like psychics, new age, and horoscopes. But should believers be scared of these evil schemes? Should we run from the things we don’t understand and hide from the deception of the evil realm? The challenge is that much of the Western Church does not discuss the reality of the spiritual realm, but rather soothes the uncertainty with greater intellectual intelligence and furthers spiritual incompetence. They make us uncertain of what to do and confuse us with how much power they actually hold. Fear is not our destiny nor the solution to the problem. I understand the fear that can surround the tactics of the new age movement and divination — the deception can be crippling and the disillusionment convincing. Maybe you have fought a spiritual battle that has been riddled with lies of the enemy and tied to demonic power. But, the truth is, the devil is not a creator, at best he’s a duplicator and the power of God is far more powerful than any plan of the enemy.Even before I was a believer the spirit realm was apparent to me. When I was a freshman in high school I had an encounter with a fortune teller. One day at school we had a substitute teacher in history class. Instead of teaching history, this substitute decided to read the palms of all the students in the room. I was young and did not understand the significance of what was released through the practice of divination (modern-day witchcraft), so I stood in line to get my palm read with the rest of my fellow students. When it was my turn, the teacher looked at my palm, sighed deeply and refused to read it. I left the class distraught. My head was spinning. All I could do was think, “Why wouldn’t she read my palm?” At the end of the day, I went back and begged her to read my palm. She reluctantly grabbed my hand and began to tell me what she saw in the lines and wrinkles on my palm. “Your lifeline ends early. That means you will die very young,” she said in a timid voice. The sheer reality of the spirit realm and utter disturbance that plagued my soul could no longer be denied as I crashed into a nervous breakdown the year after I got married. The extreme terror and irrational fear that filled my life from that experience was crippling and I had not met a Christian at this point in my journey that had words for what I was experiencing — not a psychotic episode, but a demonic seed that had taken root in my life and germinated in my soul for years. At that time I didn’t know that when God speaks, he speaks to edify, exhort, or comfort. Though there was power behind my experience with the spirit realm back in my freshman year of high school, it was only mimicking real power and was not actually the Lord speaking. There are often supernatural acts performed by new-age people that are identical to God’s, but the source is still bent in deception because the thief is lurking with evil intent in the background. (in this week’s video blog I share more about the spirit realm and how to hear God’s voice)It is apparent the world is searching for spiritual understanding and seeking supernatural significance. Even believers are haunted by the sense that there is more but don’t know how to break through, or worse yet, have allowed fear surrounding deceptive spiritual experiences to limit the life that Christ paid for on the Cross. Jesus did not die on the cross just to forgive your sins, but to give you access to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit changed everything; in an instant, we went from sinners to saints, Spiritless to Spirit-filled, from strangers to friends. We are supposed to be led by the Spirit — John 3 says: “I tell you no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and of Spirit.” What I am getting at is we were born by the Spirit, but often the only thing we’re feeding is our intellect. Reducing the gospel to something we can wrap our heads around; this is not the fullness of the Gospel. Ephesians 3:20 says: “God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or
think”. Let me be clear, the Bible is our roadmap, it is Truth and vital to our lives. But we were not given scriptures to have a relationship with the Bible, but to have a relationship with the author through the power of the Holy Spirit. So how do we grow in our spiritual intelligence and hear the voice of God in our lives? I can’t even begin to count the times I’ve been asked, “Why can’t I hear God’s voice?”First and foremost, you have to have faith that the Lord wants to speak to you and believe that you can hear His voice. The word says “my sheep hear my voice” (John 10:27). However, if we only have faith that the Lord will speak to us in an audible voice or through the scriptures we might miss the countless other ways the Lord is communicating with us. Do you have faith you will hear Him in your heart or in your mind? Now, let me be clear, we all have seasons in which it feels like the Lord is silent, but the truth is the Lord does not punish us with the silent treatment. Rather, He is often crafting His finest work in our lives. In Genesis 1, God speaks all His work into existence, but I want to point out His finest creation Adam and Eve were crafted without words. I want to encourage you, if you feel like you haven’t been able to hear God’s voice for a while, to go back to the last thing He told you. Sometimes, we move on hoping He will move forward with us, but we actually never completed what He asked us to do. I also want to encourage you, if you have been in a spiritual battle or maybe are aware of lies and divination that have been exposed in your life, to speak the truth of God over yourself. We can be so consumed with fear of the evil schemes of the enemy that we freeze in response or run away in fear of any spiritual encounter. But, we are triune beings; body, soul, and spirit and we need to care for each part of our being including our spirit. If you have been filled with fear around the new age movement, terrified of an attack of the enemy, or battling irrational fears I want to encourage you to soak in the truth that has been spoken over your life. Pull out your prophetic words and link them to faith or write out three declarations about the good plans God has for your life and repeat them out loud throughout your day. When I realized the evil that had been spoken over my life through my encounter with the fortune teller, I broke it off in an instant. If you or someone you know have also had an encounter with divination I encourage you to do the same. Call up the person and lead them into freedom. Remember, the battle has already been won. Freedom is available — simply speak the blood of Jesus over your life or your loved one and cancel the schemes of the enemy because no weapon formed against you shall prosper! And just remember, darkness is powerless to light. Where we welcome light, darkness has to flee.For more resources on the spirit realm check out the
free Spirit Wars devotional here.


I recently interviewed Elizabeth Woning, the co-founder of the organization Equipped to Love and The CHANGED Movement, on an important piece of legislation that is currently being considered in Washington D.C. The Equality Act (HR5) is a piece of legislation that focuses on anti-discrimination. Why should you care about the Equality Act Amendment? The Equality Act redefines the word “sex” in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to incorporate gender identity. I wholeheartedly agree that individuals that identify as LGBTQ deserve honor, dignity, and respect. However, in an effort to amend an injustice this bill has done so in a reprehensible manner. Let me be clear, by no means do I agree that any individual deserves ill-treatment — it truly grieves my heart when I think of how society and the church have approached the LGBTQ community. However, I do believe there is an approach that models true justice. 

We saw Jesus model a life that uprooted the weeds of discrimination, broke down societal stigmas, and crushed cultural barriers. Jesus sat with the unloved and outcasts of society and advocated for wholeness in individual’s lives and for unity in the body of Christ. He cared for all people and promoted ethical treatment for all children of God.

This piece of legislation is deemed to affect how the Gospel is preached, alter how gender identity is understood in society, and neglect the protection of awarded women’s rights. I urge you to watch this informative interview with Elizabeth Woning and myself as we discuss further the repercussions of this amendment and the importance of our response. Here is a brief summary of HR5 (many thanks to
The Changed Movement for creating these):  The EA will make it more difficult for people to walk out their faith in alignment with biblical values by removing essential protections of religious liberty (the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is explicitly exempted. RFRA is a tool for people of faith to use as a shield against discrimination by the federal government.)In a misguided effort to ensure support for transgender identifying people, this bill mandates medical and emotional care in such a way that forces doctors to support treatments against their best medical judgment; and it jeopardizes the Hyde Amendment which prevents federal funding of abortion.The Equality Act redefines the word “sex” in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to incorporate “gender identity.” This effectively removes Title IX protections for women, making it possible for biological males (transgender identifying women) to compete in women’s sports, enter women’s shelters, etc., or apply for grants and subsidies reserved previously for the advancement of biological women.
Sexuality can feel like a silenced subject, a grey area of uncertainty and cloud of confusion in the Church — I want to bring clarity and light to this subject. I have shared below a recent statement that Bethel Church made in response to the Equality Act on biblical sexuality. Bethel’s Statement on Biblical Sexuality:Sex and sin are not synonymous. God made us sexual beings before sin was a factor. This was the blessing that He called “very good” (Gen. 1:31 NIV) and He has given us boundaries about how to express ourselves sexually. The Bible consistently addresses the complexity of our sexuality as a result of our sin. God knows that the development of our sexuality is dependent on our family, community, and culture. Human sexuality has few natural limitations; one may act sexually with anyone or anything and in any setting if we are not socialized about what is healthy and expected. Knowing this, God has taught us His values.As a model for all of humanity, God socialized Israel in the proper and healthy expression of sex. Just as any other pleasure in life, like rest, work, eating, or alcohol, sex can be wonderful or destructive. He had to teach Israel that sex with one’s parents or children wasn’t acceptable, nor was sex with someone else’s spouse, sex with the same gender, sex for sale, sex in ritual worship, sex outside of marriage, sex with animals, sex in a group, and forcing sex on another—all were unacceptable to God, no matter how tempting or desirable. As we read this list, we may feel we have already embraced most of the Lord’s ways or naturally complied to many of these boundaries, but they are all values we have learned. Humans didn’t invent these guidelines in an evolutionary process or by imagining their ideal experience; rather they came from divine revelation. God taught us how to socialize one another and steward the gift of sex to create healthy people and societies.The refusal to acknowledge and honor God leads to disconnection from reality. The lie that He doesn’t exist, can’t be known, has no rightful demands on us, and/or that we are not accountable to God creates a web of untruth in society as we invent new meanings for life and vie for power and pleasure. Our thoughts, emotions, and wills become distorted and unreliable guides in such a way that we worship created things rather than worshipping the Creator (Rom. 1:25).God deeply values freedom because it is part of being made in His image and is necessary if we are to truly love and become like Christ. Worshipping things other than God eventually leads to lust—the enshrinement of desire as the focus of life—and it is idolatry. Eventually, lust enslaves people as they define themselves predominantly by their desires rather than God’s heart and purpose. Instead of consistently intervening, He will allow individuals and societies to stubbornly experience sin’s damaging effects—even to the point where it distorts their humanity (Rom. 1:24). God takes the gifts of free will and love very seriously and will not coerce devotion.The multitude of possible gender identities and the normalization of same-sex sexual behavior points to a society that has abandoned the desire to accurately define and socialize humanity as a reflection of God’s image—humanity created as male and female, alike but different, who produce offspring of like kind (Gen. 1:26-28). They have suppressed and distorted something built into the fabric of creation, and this is not healthy (Rom. 1:21-23). For the sake of respect and communication throughout this statement, we have referenced “LGBTQ”; but these labels merely describe a subjective and often fluid experience that belies the objective truth of our male and female biology. I encourage you to read Bethel’s full statement on Biblical sexuality
here.It is incumbent upon us that we do not disregard our responsibility as sons and daughters to respond to the injustices that surround us. I want to encourage you to take action; contact your senator today and tell them you oppose the Equality Act. This can be done in three simple steps: Find your senators listed below. Either call, email, or write them a letter stating you oppose HR5. Copy and paste this or write your own:

I STRONGLY OPPOSE HR5 (The Equality Act) because of its infringements on religious liberty and its discrimination against women. Please vote against this bill.
It will take you 5 minutes or less and it’s extremely easy and nonintrusive.    3. Pray for America and the LGBTQ community. I have provided a list of all US senators based on location.
Scroll down within the lists below to find your state and contact your senators.


Have you ever questioned your ability to hear God’s voice? Maybe you’ve even canceled yourself out and deemed hearing from God as something that is only for certain people. But, have you ever considered the specific and unique way the Lord speaks to you? I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve been asked the question, “Why can’t I hear God’s voice?” The truth is, God is always speaking and God wants to talk with everyone. Jesus did not just die on the cross to forgive our sins, but ultimately to bring us into a relationship with Him. One of the greatest keys to any relationship is communication. John 10:27 says, “My sheep hear my voice….” The challenge can be knowing the ways He speaks and the unique ways you hear His voice.This past week I had the privilege of sitting down with one of my spiritual daughters and friends Havilah Cunnington — a prophetess, teacher, mom, and wife. Havilah is the founder of
Truth to Table, an organization that empowers female believers and equips influencers. Havilah is an expert at teaching on the different “prophetic personalities”; in other words, the different ways you might personally hear God’s voice. In this week’s vlog, you can hear the whole conversation on the different ways the Lord uniquely speaks to His people, the call of a prophet, and how the prophetic affects family and parenting. How and when did you discover that you had a prophetic mantle?I don’t think I set out knowing that I was a prophetess. I grew up in a prophetic home, but back in the 70s and 80s, there was normally just one prophet and they were kind of strange — I wasn’t sure if that was my call. But, my dad was a minister and had a prophetic gift; he would use his gift by giving one on one prophetic words that would normally lead to inner healing for the person receiving them. However, I remember thinking I could not hear God’s voice. I began telling my dad, “Are you sure you are hearing God’s voice when you give people a prophetic word because what you hear seems so obvious about their life.” He told me: “It is obvious to you because you see the prophetic word over their life, sometimes the prophetic is calling out the obvious on someone’s life.” Once I realized that I was hearing God I began to practice giving prophetic words — I always say growing in the prophetic is kind of like working out; you have to build your prophetic muscles.
Now, I know there are people that are just extremely prophetic, but I don’t think we have to change our personalities to hold the gift. God knew what he made when he created you — we should be ourselves and allow God to use our voices in a natural way. When you are authentically yourself while operating in your prophetic gifting you will live a spirit-led life. However, when we try to become someone or something besides who we were created to be, we limit our gifting to a prophetic platform. What is it like to be a prophetess in your own home with a young family?As you can imagine living in a house with 5 boys can be a lot, but probably less complicated than with 5 girls. Well, in terms of what it is like to be a prophetess and a mom, it kind of goes back to living that spirit-led life versus living off a prophetic platform. It also helps knowing which prophetic personality you are. There are four distinct prophetic personalities: knower, hearer, seer, feeler.  The knower is intuitive; I think about how Paul became a mentor to Timothy instinctively. You might just know you are supposed to do something or go somewhere but lack a word or encounter to support the impression. The hearer is likely to hear God saying specific things. Maybe it’s a verse or a phrase that just comes to mind. I like to call this the classic play-by-play. The Seer is a visionary, God gives them a vision for life, but sometimes they struggle with the details of life because they have a big picture that may take a lifetime to accomplish.The Feeler is often given an emotion by God usually so that you can partner with God to intercede for people, your family, etc. 
I am addressing this because my dad used his prophetic gift to parent us and I saw him operate in this from a very young age. He would often acknowledge that he “knew” something. For example, my dad was a minister and he would often travel to minister. One time he was traveling and my twin sister and I were at home and I was watching something on the TV. Suddenly, the phone rang and it was my dad. He had woken up from his sleep and knew that I was watching something I should not be watching.
Through events like this, my parents modeled to me my whole life that you can allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in raising your kids. Just recently, this happened for me as a mom. I noticed one of my sons came home and seemed off, maybe I could have written it off as just tired, but I knew something else was going on. So, I asked the Holy Spirit what to do and in response, I heard Him say, “Get him away from his brothers and ask him what is wrong.” I pulled him away from his brothers for a moment and asked if we could talk, but he said nothing when I asked what was wrong. Now, normally I don’t say, “The Lord told me” or, “God said” when I am parenting, simply because I don’t want to manipulate my children into opening up. Trust me though, I have not always done parenting and the prophetic perfectly, but the truth is the prophetic is not something to perfect; it is a tension to manage. In this moment with my son though I felt to say, “The Lord told me to ask you,” then he began opening up about a situation that had happened at school. I knew then if I had not tuned into the voice of the Holy Spirit I could have totally missed it. Which prophetic personality are you?I am a knower, but you know what I have found about knowers? They often feel like the least spiritual person. They are not having a vision where they see something or hear the audible voice of God. They often just know and that is what they have to lean into. However, when giving a prophetic word or ministering to someone I will often experience all four personalities — the word might begin with a knowing, but then I might see something, hear a specific verse or feel a certain way about who they are that all help me to minister to them. Now, some people may be thinking to themselves, “I think I experience all of those personalities.” This is the beautiful thing about God; He is not confined to a box in the way He communicates to us. However, this is something incredible about discovering the way that you may hear from the Lord the most; it builds your faith as you begin to trust that you too hear the voice of God. The truth is the Lord is eager to speak to His children, whether you hear the audible voice of God, have angels visitation, or experience discernment through impressions, He is always speaking. I would go so far to say that if you have not heard the voice of God in the last 24 hours, perhaps it’s not that He has not spoken, but maybe that you haven’t recognized it. I encourage you to take a moment to become aware of the subtle, yet powerful ways that the Lord has spoken to you. Sometimes, we are unaware, because we do not even know how He speaks. 


We are no longer slaves to fear but we are a royal priest hood, a holy nation, a people of God’s own possession. We are no longer in lack, but we have been adopted into a royal family. We are adopted by God and it’s His nature to bless you. 

Paul put it this way, “I pray the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so that you may know what is the hope of His calling and what is the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.” This verse is saying that God has an inheritance and that inheritance is YOU. Like, He wanted kids and you are it! He’s not tolerating you! He intentionally chose you. The word enlightened in this verse is the same word we get photosynthesis from. When he says enlightened, he’s not just saying that he hopes you understand what he’s talking about, he’s saying that as the Lord opens the door for you to see it, he prays you are actually become it—i.e. “You are the light of the world.”

We are now a part of the kingdom of light and adopted into a royal family. Did you know that Honor is the foundation of royalty? It’s the opposite of what many of us were raised with though. The values I was brought up with were, “dog eat dog,” “get yours before they get theirs,” “don’t trust anyone,” “do unto others before they do unto you,” “stop complaining,” etc. But who knows that we don’t honor people because they are honorable, we honor them because we are honorable? However, we don’t have to worry about ourselves anymore because our heavenly Father has more than enough! It is not dog eat dog in the Kingdom. It took me years to get to understand that if I trust Him, I don’t have to trust me to make everything happen because I’m now in a Kingdom where He takes better care of me than the bird’s of the air or even King Solomon. You’re in a kingdom where you cannot out give God.

Did you know that favor is also a part of honor? We grow in favor through honor. God loves us all the same, but the amount of favor varies from person to person. But, who knows that this is great news? It means we are able to grow in favor and favor is what gives us access to more than what you’ve worked for. 

God loves us all the same, but there are various levels of favor. In Luke 2:52 we are told that Jesus grew in favor with God and man. What does that tell us about favor? It tells us that there are levels of favor, I’m not stuck at the level I’m at, and I need to understand who has more honor and favor than me. Why? Because there are 3 levels of life:

1. Curses – Genesis 2:15: Adam tilled the ground, but it yielded thorns and thistles because he was under a curse. You can do the right thing and have the wrong thing still happen because you are under that curse. However, none of us who are in the kingdom are under that curse any more because of the cross. We no longer do the right thing and have the wrong thing happen.
2. Sowing and reaping: You get what you work for. Not a bad place to be, but it’s not the fullness we have access to.
3. Inheritance – Matthew 6:26: “The birds of the air do not sow nor do they reap.” We are cared for as the bird of the air. You get what someone else worked for. How do you get that? We access it through favor. 

In short, life flows from honor. We are not a bunch of paupers that are trying to get what’s ours, we are a royal priesthood that understands how to live in the kingdom of God. We don’t have to worry about getting ours because our Father gives us ours. And when we honor those around us we get to receive the favor that is on their lives.

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As I have been preparing for
School of the Prophets 2021, I’ve been reminded of the desire to see prophets equipped to lead in wisdom and power that birthed the school over 16 years ago. With this in mind, this past week I sat down with Lindsey Reiman — a powerful, young prophetess with a unique gift to train and equip others in the prophetic and one of our speakers at this year’s School of the Prophets — to discuss keys for walking in the call of a prophet. I hope this conversation brings clarity to the gift of prophecy, helps you steward the call on your life, and discern the prophetic words you have been given. In this week’s vlog, you can hear the whole conversation on stewarding and training in the prophetic with Lindsey Reiman.How did you know you were called to be a prophet?It truly is a wild story, but in short, one night I was at an outdoor movie in West Hollywood when I bumped into a friend of a friend. She began talking about how she was going on a trip to Thailand next month. I blurted out in response, “We should travel together!” Before I knew it I had been invited on a mission trip — let me tell you I was not a Believer and had no real context for mission trips. Yet, before I knew it I was interviewing for a mission trip and boarding a plane with 12 strangers; 11 of which happened to be graduates of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, the 12th being the Holy Spirit. Fast forward, I returned from a life-changing trip and applied to BSSM. I started BSSM and for the first time, I heard people use the words like prophet and prophecy. It was not until my second year of BSSM that I had a “calling encounter.” I did not walk away from this encounter and immediately know I was called to be a prophet, but it was the start of the Lord uncovering to me the call that was on my life. This led to a series of encounters, dreams, and conversations with the Lord that pointed back to my calling. I walked around with the revelation in my heart but did not know what it all really even meant. I knew God had confirmed to me I was called to be a prophet, but I had no idea what and how that would happen — even when people all around me began to acknowledge the call on my life.(in this week’s video blog Lindsey shares the story in full detail —
click here to watch.)How did you go from the encounters to the call? The encounters with the Lord did not launch me into my calling but began to teach, equip and prepare me. One day I was sitting in
Ben Armstrong’s class in BSSM when he began talking about how there is a biblical model of trees that represent leaders.I began to realize that all the dreams and encounters I was having were pointing to the book of Daniel. The Lord connected dots and clues (which is still the way he communicates with me) until it became clear to me the call on my life was similar to the call that Daniel had. From my own encounters and journey I had a passion to help equip and activate others in the prophetic — this is what launched me into my calling and when I created the Prophetic Labs.What are the Prophetic Labs?The Prophetic Labs are a place where we research and develop what is possible in the prophetic. I was really intrigued by 1 Corinthians 12:9, “We know in part and prophesy in part.” This is what inspired the aspect of teams in the prophetic labs. Practically, what this looks like is multiple people blind prophesying over someone (meaning, they don’t know anything about them except their gender and age). The people on a prophesying “team” are not in the same location, often they are not even in the same state or country. Yet, the most incredible thing we see is that the teams will receive similar words or have similar themes within the words they receive for the person. What does it look like to investigate and interpret prophetic words?In the beginning when I did prophetic “reports” I just wrote out three prophetic words. However, I kept feeling there was more to why the Lord had told me to create reports. One day I was just thinking about what it meant for me to write prophetic reports. I realized that within a prophetic report I was handling information. This is when I felt prompted to search “who does information reports” and the results included the CIA. I realized I was handling heavenly information or in other words spiritual intelligence. In an encounter with God, I realized that He had called me to greater depths with these reports and began to prompt me to research the methodology they use when gathering information for central intelligence reports. This is when I discovered the methodology I use now to investigate and interpret prophetic reports. I want to encourage others to do this with your own prophetic words that you have received.  Collect: gather all your heaven intelligence
Analyze: pull out the keywords about identity, gift, and skills, place all the foretelling on one page.Evaluate: judge the information and bring in wise counsel to judge it with you and determine what is for later.
Disseminate: adopt and receive the prophetic words in faith.
One of the most encouraging parts of my life and job is seeing others discover their calling and step into it with boldness and faith. Lindsey Reiman is an incredible example of what it looks like to steward and respond to the office of a prophet and it was an honor to be able to interview her. I hope that this conversation encourages you in your journey and brings greater revelation to the office of a prophet. In closing, my prayer for you this week is that the Lord begins to share a greater revelation with you and that you would begin to have Kingdom revelation and that He would increase your spiritual intelligence. 

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