Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw: The Fentanyl Crisis Requires Us to Crush the Cartels

Our open borders are making the Mexican cartels more wealthy, more powerful, and more dangerous than ever. They are trafficking record numbers of people across our border and flooding your community with deadly poisons like fentanyl. The results are devastated families, human suffering, and major threats to our national security. Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw says […]

Truth Over Talking Points: Let’s Learn the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Our History

Just 18 months after moving to Texas, Sara says she’s never felt more at home. Why? She loves the grittiness, the freedom, the instant feeling of community with her neighbors, and the love for our military and veterans. But there’s something more, something that makes Texas a direct connection to our nation’s founding ideals. But […]

El Salvador Is Winning the War Against Gangs While Biden Won’t Even Fight Them

Sara takes us through the story of one of America’s closest neighbors finally getting serious about fighting gangs and crime, and its efforts are proving very successful. It’s happening in El Salvador under President Nayib Bukele. Sara explains how the gang MS-13 terrorizes innocent people in that country and in countless neighborhoods here in America. […]

Mosul Orb Exposed: Will We Get The Truth About Alien Spacecraft In Our Skies?

Sara welcomes Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn to discuss her new legislation to protect kids from being used as pawns in the Mexican cartels’ human trafficking schemes. Blackburn also stresses the lessons President Biden ought to be learning from the Chinese surveillance balloon crisis and the larger threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party. Sara also […]