The Left Is Trying to Centralize As Much Power As Quickly As They Can

Sara Carter is joined by veteran Daniel Gade who discuss why the VA focus should be on recovery and jobs, not disabilities. Gade lost his right leg in Iraq in 2005 due to a roadside bomb and was the 2020 Republican nominee for the United States Senate in Virginia. He’s also the author of “Wounding Warriors: How Bad Policy is Making Veterans Sicker and Poorer.”

The subject is particularly meaningful to Carter, whose husband was wounded when he was hit by a grenade, which left him blind. The episode begins with Gade reliving the tragic day he lost his leg. He then goes into the difficulties our heroes have when they transition back to civilian life, and the faults of the VA in its assistance. “they began to their identities began to shift from powerful, strong mission focused to something else like dependent. And I saw it and I didn’t have the tools yet to think about it from a policy point of view.”

TRENDING2 Killed, 10 Injured by Taliban Gunmen at Afghanistan Wedding to Stop Music
Gade was getting his masters degree when the Bush administration asked him to come to the White House to assist in veterans policies. “And what here’s what I discovered” said Gade.
“The reason why bad policy is making veterans sicker and poorer, is because the left and the right are making a terrible mistake when it comes to veterans, the left believes, basically, and I’ll say this, because I’m not a member of the left, but the left believes that every veteran is a broken toy, and therefore deserves everything.”
Gade explains that in his book, “I lay out a couple of principles for how we can get out of this morass that we’re in and one of the principles is, we need to first off, we need to change how we talk about disabilities, because not every condition is a disability.”

“Some of them are just conditions, you know. And number two, and I think this is probably most important, actually, is that we need to prioritize job placement, and civilian thriving as our main goals that should be our number one goal, and then only after we’ve done everything we can to help a veteran, thrive and be placed in the labor market.”
“So instead of disability being first and then employment being an afterthought, we need to make employment and thriving first as our number one goal of all of our public policy, and then disability should be the tail, but the dog is employment and the tail is this disability.”

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CNBC POLL: Biden’s support is free falling and it’s only been 8 months

I don’t think we needed a poll from CNBC to affirm what many of us already know: President Joe Biden is losing whatever support he once previously had as the country takes a turn for the worst on almost every major issue.

The poll released Thursday shows Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 41 %, while his disapproval rating has soared to 52 %, according to CNBC’s all American Economic Survey.  According to the report “inflation now ties with the coronavirus as the biggest concern for Americans, up 16 points from the prior survey.”
Just spend time in any grocery store and take a moment to talk to strangers they won’t hesitate to discuss how worried they are about the economy and soaring prices. As for his handling of the pandemic, well that’s taking a dive as well.

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“Fifty percent now approve of his Covid-19 handling, compared to 53% in July, and 45% disapprove, compared to just 38%,” according to the report.
It isn’t surprising because Americans  are feeling it directly in their pocket books. Remember folks, we’re only 8 months into this presidency. Imagine what it will be like come 2022 mid-term elections and then thankfully, hopefully a new president in 2024.

But between now and then that’s a long time for things to go drastically wrong.
This administration is filled with incompetent leftist ideological bureaucrats that are figuratively and literally disconnected from the American public. It’s a shame what they have done to our nation is so little time.
This survey may have focused on economics but there’s a lot more to what’s happening with President Biden. First and foremost, he appears to have some serious cognitive issues and rarely makes any sense when he surfaces from the White House. Secondly, his administration forgot what the role of a president should be and that is the national security of the United States. That isn’t happening.
Just look at the border. I’m there almost every week and it’s a complete nightmare. It’s wide open and our law enforcement officials have become little more than glorified baby sitters in some instances and in others they have been left at the mercy of a federal government that doesn’t appear to care about their health or safety.
It’s an overall tragedy and again, it leaves me wondering what our nation will be like in 2024 when we finally get a chance to put someone else in office.

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CNBC POLL: Biden’s support is free falling and it’s only been 8 months

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