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NASA adjusts global temperature graph again

Published on July 21, 2021Written by Roger Higgs

Last week I showed how NASA overstated 1975-2020 warming … Here’s another manipulation. In 2021 NASA lowered the 2016 global average temperature, previously the highest on record, to make 2020 seem the hottest.

Below are copies of NASA’s 1880-2020 global temperature chart ‘before & after’ the subtle adjustment.

How’s this for disingenuity bordering on dishonesty? … NASA statement 6 months ago, 14th Jan 2021 …
‘the globally averaged temperature in 2020 … was slightly warmer than 2016 …
“The last seven years have been the warmest … on record 1, typifying the ongoing and dramatic warming trend,” said GISS Director Gavin Schmidt2 … “… as the human impact on the climate increases, we have to expect that records will continue to be broken.”‘
The article did not mention the altered 2016 data-point; or the 2016 highest monthly temperature on record (red circle above).
In fact overall cooling since Feb 2016 (blue arrow) continues today. 1 i.e. since 1880 2
See his 2013 awkward non-discussion:-
[embedded content]
Which newspaper was among the first to trumpet NASA’s announcement, on the same day, 14th Jan 2021?
Yes, left-wing ultra-alarmist The Guardian … “2020 was hottest year on record by narrow margin, Nasa says”.
See the Guardian article here:
See more here:
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