Reports: Israel Assassinated Top Iranian Nuke Scientist Using AI ‘Killer Robot’ Weapon; Rioters Throw Rocks as Last Two Palestinian Prisoners Captured in Jenin Raid

Israel assassinated Iran’s top nuclear scientist using a remote-controlled AI “killer robot,” according to reports. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh – dubbed the “mastermind of Iran’s nuclear program” – was taken out in a November 2020 operation that saw the unarmored vehicle he was traveling in targeted while on a road outside Tehran. According to sources, it marked […]

HonestReporting CEO Briefing: An Insider’s View Into Latest Successes & Projects (HIGHLIGHT REEL)

HonestReporting recently held a special Zoom briefing by CEO Daniel Pomerantz, who provided insights into Ben & Jerry’s Israel boycott as well as how the media is covering violence emanating from Hamas-ruled Gaza and our impact on the Associated Press’ reporting. Pomerantz also discussed some of our newest projects, including an initiative to identify and […]

Report: Iran Has Enough Nuclear Fuel to Produce Bomb in One Month; Israel Prepares for Possible Violence on Yom Kippur; UN Ceremony Marks Abraham Accords Anniversary

Iran’s current stockpile of uranium enriched to 60 percent has given it the ability to produce the fuel necessary to manufacture a first nuclear bomb in “as short as one month,” according to a new International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report. The report has raised concerns as talks focused on the US rejoining the 2015 […]

Palestinian Jailbreak Prisoners Captured Amid Nationwide Manhunt; Gaza Terrorists Test Israel With Renewed Rocket Fire

Four of the six Palestinian fugitives who broke out of Gilboa Prison have been recaptured by Israeli security forces following a five-day nationwide manhunt. Police arrested the men, including the alleged mastermind of the escape plot Zakaria Zubeidi, a former commander of Fatah’s US-designated terrorist group Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, near the northern Israeli city of […]

Palestinians Riot in West Bank, Praise Terrorists as Israel Continues Manhunt for Six Escaped Prisoners; IDF Chief: Israel Preparing for Action Against Iran

Riots have raged across the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem as Palestinians burned tires and threw rocks at IDF soldiers following the jailbreak of six prisoners.  On Wednesday, hundreds took part in violent demonstrations in eight different locations that were organized in solidarity with the fugitives, who managed to flee Gilboa Prison via a tunnel […]

US President Biden Urges Self-reflection Ahead of Jewish New Year; Israeli Conjoined Twin Girls Separated in Complicated 12-Hour Operation

US President Joe Biden released a statement in honor of the upcoming Rosh Hashanah holiday that marks the Jewish New Year. In the statement, Biden reflected on how the High Holy Days urge people to reflect on the previous 12 months: “It is a time to undertake an inventory of the soul, a cheshbon hanefesh, […]

Gazans Continue to Launch Indendiary Balloons Into Israel; President Makes Secret Visit to Jordan; Jerusalem Preparing 4th Vaccine Dose Rollout?

Palestinians, many affiliated with internationally-recognized terror groups, continued on Friday and Saturday to riot along the security fence separating Israel from the Gaza Strip. Some also launched incendiary balloons towards southern Israeli civilian centers. Palestinians from so-called “night confusion brigades” have been rioting along the frontier every night for the past week as both Hamas, […]

Associated Press Linguistic Faux Pas Sanitizes Hamas-initiated Violence Against Israel

Open any English-language newspaper in the world and chances are that a significant percentage of the articles included were actually produced by a wire service. That is why it is especially crucial for news outlets such as the Associated Press (AP) to use accurate terminology and provide crucial context in their stories. Unfortunately, the AP’s […]

First-ever Bahraini Ambassador to Israel Arrives; Gaza Border Riots Continue for Fourth Straight Day; FBI: Rise in Attacks on US Jews

Bahrain’s first-ever ambassador to Israel, Khaled Yousif al-Jalahma, arrived on Tuesday afternoon to take up his post following last year’s agreement between Jerusalem and Manama to normalize diplomatic ties. A statement carried by the state-run Bahrain News Agency touted al-Jalahma’s arrival as “an important step in developing relations between the two countries and their people.” […]

Gazans Hand Out Sweets After Israeli Border Police Officer Dies; Israel, US Working on ‘Plan B’ as Iran Nuclear Talks Sputter

Israel Border Police officer St.-Sgt. Barel Shmueli, 21, died on Monday, nine days after being shot in the head at point-blank range while guarding the border during ongoing Hamas-organized riots in the Gaza Strip. Video footage widely shared on social media last week showed a Gazan — who, according to local reports, is a lieutenant […]