Top US Commander: Iran ‘Very Close’ to Getting Nuke; Jerusalem Slams Brussels for West Bank Product Labeling Plan

A top US general said Iran has the ability to build a nuclear weapon in a very short time and that the American military is ready with options to prevent this should diplomatic initiatives fail. “Our president said they’re not going to have a nuclear weapon,” General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of US Central Command, said. […]

Israel Exposes Iranian Drone Bases Used in Attacks at Sea; Jerusalem, Rabat Ink Landmark Defense Deal; Australia Declares Entirety of Hezbollah Terrorist Organization

Defense Minister Benny Gantz revealed the locations of two Iranian drone bases that he said were used to conduct attacks against targets at sea in recent months. According to the defense minister, one of the sites is located in the area of Chabahar and the other is situated on Qeshm Island, just off the coast […]

Politico: Israel Alone Standing in Way of ‘Balanced’ US Mideast Policy

Following the ceasefire agreement that halted May’s Hamas-initiated conflict with Israel, US President Joe Biden told the world that “Palestinians and Israelis equally deserve to live safely and securely and enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity and democracy,” adding: “My administration will continue our quiet and relentless diplomacy toward that end.” It was a statement […]

Uranium Enrichment, Ballistic Missiles & Regional Interventionism: A Timeline of Iran’s Nuclear Program & Ramifications

The US special envoy for Iran Robert Malley recently visited Washington’s Middle East allies in preparation for the resumption of nuclear talks with Tehran scheduled to start on 29 November in Vienna. Malley’s planned visits to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Bahrain were part of the Biden Administration’s plan to breathe life back into […]

#IsraeliWednesday: HonestReporting Holds CNN Accountable For Mangled Headline About Hamas Terrorist Attack

The facts were clear: A Palestinian gunman on November 21 opened fire in Jerusalem’s Old City, killing one Israeli and injuring several more. Yet, CNN and other news outlets mangled their headlines by blurring the distinction between the Hamas terrorist and his victims. We took immediate action: Our related article and accompanying social media post […]

HonestReporting Call to Action: Help End Vice News’ Biased Coverage of Israel (VIDEO)

Vice News’ Inside the Final Days of a Father’s Life in Gaza claims to “uncover the tragic human consequences of the Israel-Palestine conflict through the death of Ahmed al-Mansi.” But while readers and viewers are simply told that al-Mansi was a “father,” he was in fact identified by Hamas as one of its own — […]

Violent Clashes Erupt in Jerusalem as Palestinians Celebrate Hamas Terror Attack; Report: US Warns Israel Against Targeting Iranian Nuclear Facilities

Violent clashes erupted in eastern Jerusalem on Sunday night as hundreds of Palestinians marched in honor of a Hamas terrorist who carried out an attack in Jerusalem’s Old City earlier in the day. Video clips on social media show dozens of rioters hurling rocks as police reportedly fired tear gas to disperse the crowds, while […]

One Israeli Killed, Four Injured by Palestinian Terrorist Near Temple Mount; Israeli Minister: More Peace Deals With Arab Nations Within Year

Eliyahu David Kay, 26, a recent immigrant from South Africa, was shot dead and several people were wounded in a Palestinian terrorist attack at the Chain Gate near the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. Kay, who worked as a guide at the Western Wall and resided in the central city of Modiin, […]

Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s House Cleaner Charged With Spying For Iran; Israeli Couple Detained in Turkey Released and Flown Home

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s house cleaner has been accused of spying on him on behalf of Iran, the Shin Bet security service said on Thursday. According to reports, Omri Goren was arrested after making contact with a person connected with the Islamic Republic, although he is not thought to have given over any valuable […]

HonestReporting CEO Discusses Dangers of Anti-Israel Media Bias on Charles Mizrahi Show Podcast

HonestReporting CEO Daniel Pomerantz was invited to discuss various Israel-related issues, foremost the importance of combating media bias and false narratives, on the Charles Mizrahi Show podcast. Pomerantz also spoke about the evolution of HonestReporting, from the ‘Photo That Started It All‘ to the strategies and tactics we have over the course of more than […]