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As FC Barcelona Employs BDS Tactics Against Israel’s Beitar Jerusalem, Will Same Standard Apply to Every Capital City?

On July 23, the Tokyo Olympic Games’ opening ceremony will include the Israeli delegation, to be composed of a record number of athletes from the Jewish state. Yet, while Israelis are increasingly participating in international competitions, one of the world’s best-known sports franchises recently torpedoed a friendly match scheduled in Jerusalem by coopting tactics employed […]

Associated Press Transforms Convicted Terrorist Into ‘Palestinian Lawmaker’

In a July 13 piece titled, Israel bars jailed Palestinian from daughter’s funeral, The Associated Press (AP) described Israel’s refusal to: let a prominent jailed Palestinian lawmaker attend her daughter’s funeral, despite a campaign by activists and human rights groups for her to be released on humanitarian grounds.” However, basic journalistic due diligence would have […]

WaPo, AP, Reuters Omit Critical Context About PA’s Pay-for-Slay, Turn Facts About Policy Into Israeli ‘Claims’

A July 12 piece that appeared in The Washington Post (WaPo), titled Israel freezes funds it says aid attackers’ families, grossly misrepresents the existence of a Palestinian Authority law requiring that seven percent of Ramallah’s annual budget be allocated to a “Martyrs Fund” that incentivizes the killing of Israelis. By uncritically republishing a piece produced […]

HonestReporting Prompts New York Times Correction in Article About Temple Mount

On June 27, The New York Times published a piece about Israel’s connection to Temple Mount that included this inaccuracy: …  Israel’s management of the Temple Mount, which Muslims call the Noble Sanctuary and which is home to the sacred Al Aqsa Mosque.” HonestReporting contacted the NYT to point out that, in fact, it is […]

Media Mute as Palestinian Journalists Ask UN for Protection Amid Abbas-ordered Crackdown

Israeli media this week reported that 50 Palestinian journalists have urged the United Nations to protect them from Palestinian Authority. It comes after a series of demonstrations that have descended into clashes with police following the death of political activist Nizar Banat, who was severely beaten during a raid on his house by security forces […]

CNN Op-ed Equates ‘Butcher of Tehran’ with Israel’s Prime Minister

CNN recently drew a bizarre parallel between Israel’s new prime minister and the president-elect of the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose rulers are dedicated to destroying the Jewish state. In a June 20 opinion piece, titled Iran elected a hard-liner. Let’s see what he does now, David A. Andelman writes: A new government in Israel […]

AP Conflates Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Myth with Millions Displaced During Pandemic

The Associated Press (AP) on June 18 promoted a contentious Palestinian narrative in an article ostensibly focused on a United Nations report detailing the plight of millions of people displaced in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic. The piece, titled UN: Millions driven from homes in 2020 despite COVID crisis, was subsequently republished by news organizations […]

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Falsely Accuses Israel of ‘Killing Two-state Solution for 15 Years’

On June 13, 2021, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-ever serving prime minister, was removed from power when the Knesset, or parliament, approved by vote a new government formed by Yamina leader Naftali Bennett and Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid. In the immediate aftermath of “King” Bibi having been dethroned after 12 consecutive years at the political […]