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BREAKING: Never Before Seen Documents About Gain-of-Function Research Are C...

Once again, Project Veritas has struggled to bring the truth forth to the people.
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On Monday evening, Project Veritas released some never before seen military documents regarding the origins of Covid-19, the gain-of-function research, the deadly COVID vaccines, and how the government tried to conceal everything.
Moreover, the newly released military documents contradict Dr. Fauci’s testimony under oath.
He can now be locked away fr=or lying under oath!
– “Military documents state that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018 seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat borne coronaviruses. The proposal, named Project Defuse, was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violates the gain of function research moratorium.– The main report regarding the EcoHealth Alliance proposal leaked on the internet a couple of months ago, it has remained unverified until now. Project Veritas has obtained a separate report to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, written by U.S. Marine Corp Major, Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow.– “The proposal does not mention or assess potential risks of Gain of Function (GoF) research,” a direct quote from the DARPA rejection letter.– Project Veritas reached out to DARPA for comment regarding the hidden documents and spoke with the Chief of Communications, Jared Adams, who said, “It doesn’t sound normal to me,” when asked about the way the documents were buried.”

‘If the Department of Defense felt this [gain-of-function] research was too dangerous to proceed with, why in the world did the NIH, NIAID and EcoHealth Alliance recklessly disregard the risks involved?’ O’Keefe asked his viewers.
Watch further details:
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A Decade Of Communicating With A Serial Killer Made Forensic Pathologist Is...

He stated to all Americans “We need to be careful”…
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Katherine Ramsland is a professor of forensic psychology. She has spent years studying Dennis Rader, who as the BTK( bind, torture, kill) killer took the lives of 10 people between 1974 and 1991.
“Dennis Rader challenges the idea we have about serial killers,” Ramsland said.
“He was a family man. He was a churchgoer, even a president of his church congregation. He had a full-time job. He was part of his community. So we have to be careful about some of the stereotypes we form about these kinds of offenders,” she explained.
“Otherwise, we’ll start thinking we know them when we don’t. And in Dennis’ case, there wasn’t any particular reason in his background. No trauma. He was an all-American boy, the oldest of four boys in his family. He had an intact family and played on his farm. So where did it all come from? That intrigued me.”

She published a book, “Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer,” in 2016 and is now participating in an A&E two-part series called “BTK: Confession of a Serial Killer.”
Rader’s killings around Wichita, Kansas, were interspersed with years of life as a husband, father and church-goer. In 2005, he pleaded guilty to 10 killings and was sentenced to 10 life terms in prison.
Ramsland said Rader saw his courtroom appearance as a time “to teach people about who he was.”
“In a way, he also thought of himself as a victim. He thought he had some things in common with the victims … Rader is a narcissist, so he just thought this was a way to present himself,” she said.
“Dennis Rader does think of himself as a monster, but he also thinks of himself as a good person who did some bad things,” she stated.
“He will talk about a monster in his brain. It’s his ‘Factor X,’ which is a way to distance himself from criminal responsibility. He thinks, for the most part, he’s not a monster. He certainly was in those instances when he selected a victim and carried through with his crimes. But overall, he doesn’t think of himself that way.”

“He certainly regrets a lot because he doesn’t want to be in prison,” she explained. “He didn’t want to lose his family. There’s a lot of regret there with that. But that’s not the same as remorse.”
“It depends on his mood. It’s a concept he calls ‘cubing,’ where he has various faces of a cube he can turn on and off. So sometimes he’s a good family man. Sometimes he’s a serial killer, a thief or a liar. Sometimes he’s the churchgoer who studies the Bible. So it depends on what day you get him as to whether you’ll hear him talk about remorse,” she continued.
Ramsland said issues in Rader’s past may have molded him into the killer he became.
Rader was “humiliated by his mother,” she said.
“That really played on him,” Ramsland said. “It’s something he still thinks about, even to this day. And we haven’t studied humiliation as a factor in the development of extreme offenders much. And I think maybe we need to rethink that. And he certainly got an early exposure to using ropes for an erotic activity.”
“And then he began to read these true detective magazines that his father would hide in the car. So that made him clandestine … He wanted to feel significant. And he wanted to have power over women because females made him feel off balance.”
She said family dynamics impacted Rader.
“He didn’t like that as the oldest boy, he was expected to be strong and masculine, and yet they seem to kneecap him right and left without even trying, just by being female,” Ramsland said. “And his fantasy life certainly propelled him.”
Here’s what you should expect from the documentary based on the book:
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Novak Djokovic Wins Appeal To Stay In Australia

The World’s number one tennis player has just won his visa appeal in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia after the government refused to give him the required visa ahead of the Australian Open.
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Although the Australian government tried to push the hearing by 48 hours, the court order by Judge Anthony Kelly said that the visa had been refused without prejudice. The hearing was scheduled for Monday at 10 a.m. and here’s what happened after the lengthy hearing.
“Novak Djokovic has been released from immigration detention in Australia, with federal judge Anthony Kelly re-instating the tennis player’s visa,” The Epoch Times reported.
“Judge Kelly ordered that Djokovic’s passport and all other personal effects be returned to him, with the order pronounced in open court at 5.16 p.m.
The attorney representing the federal government, Anthony Tran, said the government would comply with the orders, but Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is still considering using his discretionary power to cancel Djokovic’s visa.

Kelly said if the government exercises its power to cancel the visa, Djokovic will not be permitted to return to Australia in three years, but it could be appealed.

He demanded that if the government decided to enact the powers, the court was entitled to be informed.
At the hearing, Kelly deemed the decision to cancel Djokovic’s visa “unreasonable” after the player had been told, at 5.20 a.m. on Jan. 6, that he could have until 8.30 a.m. to respond to officials.”
The minister for Home Affairs, Karen Andrews, has filed a submission against the appeal on Jan. 9, expressing that Djokovic can still be detained despite court orders.
“An order for immediate release does not prevent re-detention if there is the power to detain,” the submission read. The tennis player is now set to be released from immigration detainment.
This issue went viral across the globe.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has publicly stated that he would not comment on the matter.
“That’s purely a matter before the courts at the moment,” he said at a press conference in Canberra during the federal hearing.
However, he also referred to Greg Hunt’s letter addressed to Craig Tiley dated on Nov. 29, saying the federal government’s advice to Tennis Australia has been very clear.
“But in relation to the government, our government, the federal government’s advice to Tennis Australia, that was set out very clearly in November.”

New York Brings True Every Americans Nightmare On Illegal Immigration

The newly elected mayor Adams is bringing some heavy changes within less than a month of governance with the Big Apple.
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New York City has taken a huge step towards vindicating every intelligent political observer that has made such an argument by allowing over 800,000 non-citizens to vote in local elections.
“I believe that New Yorkers should have a say in their government, which is why I have and will continue to support this important legislation,” Adams said in a statement on Saturday.
Mayor Adams said that while I “had some concerns about one aspect of the bill, I had a productive dialogue with my colleagues in government that put those concerns at ease.”

“I believe allowing the legislation to be enacted is by far the best choice, and look forward to bringing millions more into the democratic process,” he added.

Axios reported on the development, while soft-peddling the fact that Adams had lied during his campaign by posing as a “moderate.”
“Adams initially expressed concern over the legislation, which the City Council approved a month ago, but the Democratic governor ultimately supported the measure and allowed his 30-day time limit to veto the bill to expire, according to AP,” Axios reported. “If the implementation is not curtailed by a judge, New York City will become the first major city in the country to extend voting rights to noncitizens, per AP.”
What has long-lived as a conspiracy theory allegedly implemented by right-wing pundits that the Democratic Party has pursued lawless and reckless policies to benefit from immigration policies, is now a fact. New York City just proved it.


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Jamie Raskin: Exactly How The Dems Will Try Stopping President Trump in 202...

Raskin is a member of the House Judiciary Committee since January 6 and a former House impeachment manager.
By his personal observations and opinion, the Democrats and people who oppose another Trump term in the White House would have the Constitution on their side.
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On ABC’s “This Week,” Raskin explained that “Section 3 of the 14th Amendment states that anyone who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, and who violates and betrays that oath by participating in an insurrection and rebellion against the Union shall never be allowed to hold public office again.
The Republicans, particularly the radical Republican Party, embraced this position after the Civil War and throughout the Reconstruction era.” It was used then, and it may certainly be used again, depending on what we discover about Donald Trump’s actions, to prevent him from ever being able to run for office again.”
When asked by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos if he had any proof that President Trump was involved in the uprising, Mr. Raskin mentioned the House’s second impeachment of Mr. Trump, which took place after the January 6 disturbance.

Mr. Trump was eventually found not guilty by a unanimous vote in the Senate.
In Mr. Raskin’s words, “the issue is whether he was involved in the organization of the incident.”
“And that’s precisely what the select committee is looking at as we carry out our mandate under House Resolution 503 to investigate all of the facts that contributed to the events of January 6th, as well as the causes of those events.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin “delighted” to hear Republican lawmakers give consideration to prosecuting former Pre. Trump if evidence shows he aided and abetted the Jan. 6 insurrection.
— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) January 9, 2022


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Death of Heart Attack Took 3-Years-Old Girl Life

he received a mandatory COVID shot. And Ámbar Suárez died just days before Christmas.
What a Christmas gift…
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A three-year-old girl in Argentina died of a heart attack the day after receiving a COVID vaccine required for her to enter kindergarten, her mother said.
“I pre-enrolled her in school so that next year she would enter kindergarten, because now they force you when it comes to the vaccine,” Suárez said. “She was healthy. She was fine. She was not ill and didn’t have COVID.”

[embedded content]

“This government that forces you [to get the vaccine] killed my three-year-old baby,” she added.
Reporting this kinda stories is what’s really hard for a reporter…
From one side, you really feel for the parent and the entire family.
But on the other hand – the truth has to be exposed in order to prevent a similar situation.
So don’t let her death be in vain and spread the news.


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Megyn Kelly: Even Far ‘Leftists’ Now Realize The Truth About COVID Restrict

‘It has been fascinating to watch as many hysterical people come to grips with the realities of COVID,’ Kelly quipped in her ten-minute teardown of the mainstream narrative’s sudden about-face.
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“It has been fascinating to watch as many hysterical people come to grips with the realities of COVID,” Kelly quipped in her ten-minute teardown of the mainstream narrative’s sudden about-face.
[embedded content]
Among these “realities of COVID” long recognized by conservatives and now admitted by leftists are that “you can catch and spread [the coronavirus] even if you’re vaccinated,” while “[t]he vaccines help prevent severe and deadly outcomes and that is all,” the virus “hits red states no harder than it hits blue states,” and “[m]ost masks do zero to prevent COVID.”

“Yes, all of these are becoming clear now, even to the leftists,” Kelly said. “Lockdowns are an unnecessary disaster. School closures? Same. Hospitalizations of children are being grossly overstated: they are including children hospitalized with COVID instead of just children hospitalized because of COVID. And finally, relying on the number of COVID ‘cases’ as proof of COVID severity is pointless. The relevant metrics are hospitalizations and deaths. COVID is here to stay. We need to live with it, not live cautiously biding our time until it’s gone.”

The former Fox News host and author noted that Americans who “have been consuming independent or more conservative press” have “already known all of this,” while consumers of left-wing media may be hearing these COVID “realities” for the first time.
It was about time, don’t you agree?
Let’s see some changes finally!

Covid-19 Vaccines Damage the Immune System

According to recent scientific reports, the damages inflicted by the COVID jabs of any retailer, cause PERMANENT damages to the entire human immune system.
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Alix Mayer alerted me to this game-changing tweet about a study in Denmark which instantly went viral.

“This paper means we will need to inject people every 30 days if we want to “protect” them. Based on the harm that the vaccines do to our immune system, it’s likely that the needed interval will shorten with each booster.”
In short, the vaccine is like a heroin addiction: once you’ve had a taste of it, you are hooked: you have to continue it for life if you want protection. If you stop it, you’re a sitting duck for the virus.


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Jab Creator: ‘We Can’t Vaccinate The Planet Every Six Months’

Dr. Andrew Pollar, one of the members of the COVID-jab creators has recently stated that it is “not sustainable” to provide booster doses to people twice a year.
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“We can’t vaccinate the planet every six months,” Andrew Pollard, who is one of the creators of the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot.”
In another interview with Sky News that same day, Pollard called out the clear unevenness of COVID-19 jab rollouts across the world.

“It’s just not — from a global perspective — affordable, sustainable or deliverable to give fourth doses to everyone on the planet every six months,” Pollard said. “And remember that today, less than 10% of people in low-income countries have even had their first dose, so the whole idea of regular fourth doses globally is just not sensible.”
Pollard also called on the U.K. to not blindly follow the COVID-19 booster policies that are currently being rolled out in places like Germany and Israel. He then said that the “worst is behind us” and the world “just needs to get through the winter.”

ACCUSATIONS ON PELOSI: House Republicans Turn the Jan. 6 Tables on Nancy!

Dem’s backs are being turned against Nancy’s face. And right in the fresh start of the 2022 midterms year.
She’s got very good reasons to be nervous rack she tends to be recently!
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“As Democrats and their mainstream media allies lather up to commemorate Friday’s anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion like it was the firing on Fort Sumter, House Republicans this week are accusing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of deliberately stonewalling the release of information about her own role in the events of the day,” Western Journal reported.
“In a letter released Monday, Illinois Republican Rep. Rodney Davis, the ranking minority member of the House Administration Committee, called out Pelosi for refusing repeatedly over the past year to cooperate with their requests for information from House officers who answer directly to the speaker’s office.”

New letter from @RodneyDavis and @HouseAdmnGOP. Give it a read.

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) January 3, 2022

“The full House has voted largely along party lines to recommend a criminal contempt investigation by the Department of Justice into former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for criminal contempt for halting his cooperation with the committee,” CNN confirmed in their December reports on the issue.
Double standards are obvious from afar!


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