Manhattan DA’s office accuses House GOP accused of ‘unlawful political interference’

Manhattan DA’s office responded to the House GOP’s request which demanded documents and testimony into the case against former President Donald J Trump as “unlawful political interference” in an ongoing criminal case. Leslie B. Dubeck, the general counsel for Alvin Bragg’s office, sent a letter Friday to three top House Republican chairmen saying the GOP […]

WHO: Healthy kids and teens no longer need COVID vaccine

The World Health Organization updated their Covid-19 vaccine guidance on, Tuesday, stating that healthy children and teenagers don’t need the vaccine. It was in direct contrast to the agency’s previous recommendations and coincides with many parents who argued against given the emergency use vaccine to their children. The WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) […]

CBP Union SLAMS Mayorkas: ‘Of course, there is a crisis on the border’

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas filibustered his way around every question posed by lawmakers and refused to admit there is a crisis at the United States southern border when pressed by Senators. In contrast, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) Chief Raul Ortiz stated emphatically that the United States had “no operational control” of  its […]

Lia Thomas a trans female, was honored on ESPN’s ‘Women’s History Month Segment’

Lia Thomas, trans female swimmer was honored Sunday in a panel on ESPN celebrating “Women’s History Month.” Thomas was a former swimmer for the University of Pennsylvania and his decision to compete against women after his transgender surgery spurred controversy.  The issue of trans-females competing in female sports has been the most questioned cultural manifestation […]

Jim Jordan demands IRS explain unexpected visit to Matt Taibbi’s home during testimony

Matt Taibbi, a journalist who has been the top of the headlines for exposing Twitter censorship at the direction of the Department of Justice, had a surprise visit from an IRS agent at his home. This visit occurred the same day that he was testifying before the Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government […]

Gabbard ‘no greater expression of hatred..towards women than trying to erase us as a category of people’

Former Democratic Rep. of Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard, had no fear in expressing how she felt about the state of woke ideology after a biological male was given a courage award on International Women’s Day earlier this month.  She called it delusional, stating these woke beliefs create hatred and hostility against women. Gabbard brought up the […]

US responds to Iranian drone strike that killed US contractor with “precision airstrikes”

The U.S. military launched multiple precision airstrikes in Syria, leaving at least 8 Iranians dead in response to the Iranian drone strike which left a US contractor dead and five service members injured, according to numerous reports. The DOD said that a UAV belonging to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps crashed into a building in […]

North Korea tests missiles in simulated Nuclear counterattack

Kim Jong Un has accused the U.S. and South Korea of carrying out nuclear military drills. In response to the claim,  Un conducted a test Sunday simulating a nuclear counter attack on the U.S. and South Korea. These aren’t the first accusations made by Un. On Sunday, tensions escalated after Un launched short range ballistic missiles from […]

REPORT: The Biden family received over $1 million from Chinese Companies

The House Oversight Committee subpoenaed financial records that reveal the Biden family received payments that totaled more than 1 million dollars from accounts connected to Rob Walker, a business associate of Hunter Biden, who received numerous lucrative donations from Chinese firms – inherently connected to the Chinese Communist Party. The financial records revealed that Hunter Biden […]