Backgrounder: 5 ‘New’ Terror Groups Threatening West Bank Intifada

Violence in Israel and the West Bank has once again spiked as Palestinian terror groups attempt to propel the region into a third intifada. Terrorism against the Jewish state continues to evolve, with genocidal groups like Islamic Jihad and Hamas making common cause to attract young Palestinians. The emergence of new terror militias that are […]

Media Miss Mark Following ‘Surgical’ Anti-Terror Raid in Jenin

As Israelis celebrated the holiday of Purim on Tuesday, security forces entered the terror stronghold of Jenin with an eye to capturing a suspect in the murder of Hallel and Yagel Yaniv, two Jewish brothers who were fatally shot while driving through the West Bank on February 26. According to an Israel Defense Forces statement, Abdel Fattah Hussein Kharousha […]

Do Israeli Arrest Raids in the West Bank ‘Violate International Law’?

Ever since Israel launched Operation Break the Wave in the West Bank following a series of brutal street attacks that killed 31 Israelis in 2022, media pundits and social media users have frequently decried IDF counterterrorism raids on Palestinian cities and villages, often claiming that these actions somehow violate international law. In February 2023, Palestinian-American activist Amer Zahr, who also […]

Sham Source: HonestReporting Research Shows Media Rely on Al Jazeera for Israel Reports

It’s no secret that Al Jazeera isn’t exactly the most trustworthy source of information regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Qatar-owned broadcaster routinely depicts Palestinian suicide bombers as “self-sacrificing fighters,” has repeatedly been forced to take down false stories about the Jewish state, and stands accused of coordinating with the US-designated Hamas terrorist organization. In 2011, a local Al Jazeera employee […]

HR Success: SBS Australia Deletes Biased News Podcast, Takes ‘Appropriate Measures’ Against Hate Journalist

HonestReporting’s efforts to promote integrity and fairness in media coverage of Israel continue to produce far-reaching results across the globe. On February 1, 2023, we drew attention to a news podcast published by Australia’s publicly-funded Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). We noted, among other examples of bias, that SBS failed to make clear that a Palestinian […]

Firearm Licensing in Israel: How Strict Are the Jewish State’s Gun Laws?

During times of elevated terrorism in Israel, applications for civilian gun licenses have often skyrocketed. Case in point: in the wake of 2022’s combined ramming-stabbing attack in Beersheba and subsequent mass shootings in Hadera and Bnei Brak, the number of requests for new carry permits reportedly multiplied by forty over a ten-day period. Although perhaps controversial in other countries, […]

Feigning Objectivity, ABC News Feeds Viewers the Palestinian Narrative

Introducing its February 15 report about “the latest cycle of violence [sic] and protests” in Israel and the West Bank, ABC News highlighted foreign correspondent James Longman’s conversations with “families on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian divide.” However, throughout the 10-minute ABC segment, entitled “Tensions rise in Israel amid growing protests and violence,” Longman eschews […]