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BBC Propaganda Highlights Image of Gaza Girl Posing on Rubble of Tower…That Belonged to Hamas

Is the BBC once again peddling Palestinian propaganda? On July 29, the British broadcaster ran a story titled, “Gaza photographer hopes digital art boom can help raise aid money.” The article, written by BBC Arab Affairs editor Sebastian Usher, highlights a widely shared photo taken during the 11-day war between the Israel Defense Forces and Gaza-based terror groups. According […]

Is the Palestinian Authority Secretly Financing Environmental Terrorism in West Bank?

Between May and July 2021, Palestinian rioters from the West Bank town of Beita burned over 70,000 tires, severely damaging the environment and posing a serious health threat for West Bank residents – Arabs and Jews alike. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, burning tires break down into hazardous materials including gases and heavy metals. […]

Media Blame Peaceful Jewish Worshippers for Palestinian Temple Mount Violence

This is the story you probably missed: On Sunday, July 18, some 1,700 Jews ascended the Temple Mount in Jerusalem — Judaism’s holiest site — on the occasion of Tisha b’Av, the fast day marking the destruction of both Temples and other calamities in Jewish history. Despite incitement by Palestinian terrorist groups, and the brief […]

‘Junk Science’: Ashkenazi Jews Are Not Descendants of Khazar Converts

What do Palestinian leaders, white supremacists and members of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement have in common? It’s the belief in the so-called “Khazar myth” that unites many antisemites across the ideological spectrum. In June, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh repeated this claim: “There is no connection between the Israelis and the Jews,” he asserted. “Without going into […]

Los Angeles Times Program Allows Future ‘Storytellers’ to Get the Story on Israel Wrong

HS Insider, the Los Angeles Times‘ initiative “for students, by students,” strives to “advance media literacy and empower the next generation of storytellers.” Accordingly, the program allows students to publish articles under the LA Times‘ banner. These stories are then aggregated as news items by websites like Google News and Yahoo News, thereby reaching tens of […]

Credit Where Credit Is Due: CNN Anchors Challenge Antisemitic Remarks (VIDEO)

CNN anchor Jake Tapper this week challenged Congresswoman Ilhan Omar after she failed to retract previous remarks comparing the US and Israel to terrorist organizations. Omar also insinuated that Jewish Democrats in the House of Representatives “haven’t been partners in justice.” Tapper’s journalistic integrity in this case is reminiscent of when CNN anchor Bianna Golodryga […]

Fired CNN Commentator Supports Antisemitic Former US Presidential Candidate (VIDEO)

 Former six-term US Congresswoman and once-Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney has blamed “Zionists” for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. McKinney is such a rabid antisemite that earlier this year she agreed to appear on a white supremacist show simply to bash Jews. Social media users were quick to point out that Al Jazeera anchor […]

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