It’s Time For A Fact-based Conversation About Israeli ‘Settler Violence’

“Hate crimes are the root from which terrorism grows and we must uproot it.” — Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz “Our resistance in the occupied lands is against all the occupation’s symbols. Whether it is the [Jewish] settlers, their farms, their army, or all their brats and the like.” — Fatah [ruling Palestinian faction] Central Committee Secretary […]

Palestinian Incitement Laid Bare: Hamas Murders Israeli, Child Calls on Allah To ‘Burn’ Jews (VIDEO)

 Eliyahu David Kay, 26, was shot dead on Sunday by a Palestinian terrorist in the Old City of Jerusalem. Several others were wounded when Hamas member Fadi Abu Shkhaydam opened fire near the Chain Gate leading to the Temple Mount. Israeli officials said that Abu Shkhaydam used a Beretta M12 submachine gun to perpetrate […]

Banished: Where Telling Truth About Israel Got UNRWA’s Former Gaza Director (VIDEO)

 Five months after being declared ‘persona non grata’ in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, Matthias Schmale has left UNRWA. Schmale had directed the controversial Palestinian refugee agency’s Gaza operations. After May’s conflict, he was forced out for acknowledging that Israeli retaliatory airstrikes did not target civilians. Following protests and threats, Schmale apologized but Gaza-based terrorist […]

Media Mute Amid US, EU Push for Palestinian ‘Unity’ Gov’t Including Terrorist Hamas

The Biden Administration is reportedly spearheading renewed efforts to create a Palestinian unity government that would include the US-designated terrorist group Hamas. According to reports in Israeli media, the White House is seeking to end the rift between the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority and Hamas, which has ruled the Gaza Strip since 2007. Hamas is […]

(Non-existent) Media Headline: Palestinian Authority Rewards Antisemitic Rioters With US-funded $25K Arafat Prize

The Palestinian Authority-controlled Yasser Arafat Foundation during a ceremony at the Ramallah Cultural Palace conferred its annual prize to the West Bank village of Beita. Explaining the decision, Endowment Committee Chair Ola Awad praised the residents of Beita for their “popular resistance” against Israel, echoing earlier calls by the PA’s ruling Fatah faction to export the […]

Climate Change: The Palestinians’ Newest Anti-Israel PR Weapon (VIDEO)

 Anti-Israel activists used the COP26 climate change summit as a platform to falsely accuse the Jewish state of “Greenwashing” its alleged pollution of Palestinian-claimed territories. Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh spread lie after lie, while insisting that Israel poses “the most critical threat” to the environment. But an exclusive HonestReporting investigation revealed that […]

Is Bitcoin the ‘Peaceful Protest That Palestinians Need’?

Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades, designated a terrorist group by most Western countries, as recently as last week called on their 220,000 Telegram subscribers to support armed “resistance” against Israel by sending cryptocurrency to the Gaza Strip. Ironically, just days earlier, Bitcoin Magazine ran an essay titled, “Bitcoin Is the Peaceful Protest That Palestinians Need.” Written by […]

Stricken From Media Record: Palestinian Authority, Hamas Pressured Sheikh Jarrah/Shimon HaTzadik Residents to Reject Israeli Supreme Court Compromise

The property dispute in Sheikh Jarrah/Shimon Hatzadik, a neighborhood in the eastern part of Jerusalem, is once again making international headlines — and, again, ordinary people are being manipulated by a Palestinian leadership unwilling to embrace coexistence and compromise. But international media are either purposely hiding this reality or cannot be bothered to do a […]

HonestReporting Clarification: Twitter’s New Middle East & North Africa ‘Editorial Curation Lead’ Apologizes for Antisemitic Posts

Fadah Jassem on Monday announced that she would be joining Twitter as ‘Editorial Curation Lead’ for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). “Very excited to get stuck in and delve deeper into the discussions that matter from this diverse and lively region,” the former Al Jazeera reporter wrote in a Twitter post. In the message, […]