Why Harry And Meghan Were Asked To Leave Friends Home When They Moved To LA?

Meghan is regarded as a rude and elitist snob who treats her help like garbage. It is ironic because she was an unknown D-list actress until she met Harry. The best thing so far is that she was an actress in the Canadian show Suits.
However, Meghan Markle has hitched her rickety wagon to a platinum horse and carriage; she’s off to the races.
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Maybe this woman comes from humble beginnings, she isn’t a modest girl, and she is in the clouds living her best life. She still can’t help putting on airs.
Have you read the letter Meghan sent to her father right before she and Harry tied the know? She asked her father to stop talking to the press about her relationship and the Royals.
She called him Daddy in the letter.

This is what the Mirror said for the letter.
Meghan Markle called her father daddy in a letter to pull on people’s heartstrings if it was leaked, it’s claimed.
The Duchess of Sussex told a former aide a handwritten letter to her estranged father was “drafted with the understanding that it could be leaked”, the Court of Appeal has heard.
Jason Knauf, who was communications secretary to Meghan and Harry until March 2019, said the duchess had indicated to him in August of the previous year that she recognised it was possible that her father, Thomas Markle, would make the letter public.
Mr Knauf said in his written evidence: “She also asked a specific question regarding addressing Mr Markle as ‘daddy’ in the letter, saying ‘given I’ve only ever called him daddy it may make sense to open as such (despite him being less than paternal), and in the unfortunate event that it leaked it would pull at the heartstrings’.”
Mr Knauf said Meghan had “deliberately ended each page part way through a sentence so that no page could be falsely presented as the end of the letter”.
Mr. Knauf is the person who was bullied by Meghan Markle when she entered the palace! People quit jobs because of her behavior.
Meghan says that all of these things are lies! However, that brings us to another little nugget. Harry and Meghan first ditched the Royals and then moved to the USA, and they remained at a friends’ house for some time.
Calvin Robinson said that Harry and Meghan stayed there so short because of their treated the staff.
Check this out:

“[Meghan Markle] has admitted to lying and mistruths.”
Read comments:”@calvinrobinson is so articulate, intelligent and honest, if only he were governing our country. Thank you for speaking the truth in such an eloquent way.”https://t.co/61ukZDD1Gvhttps://t.co/VsQaJm1N2n pic.twitter.com/c3F9SFxaxl
— yacht girl (@yachtgirlmm) November 15, 2021

Harry isn’t the innocent boy turned into a nasty beast by the evil wife. The real kicker is that we have these two pompous elites butting their big noses into US politics.
Meghan should meet a rich Hollywood producer to divorce Harry, and the man can get back to his Royal Family!

Children’s Deaths Are 44% Higher Than The 5-Year-Average Since The Vaccine Rollout!

Data shared by the ONS shows that deaths among children have significantly increased compared to the data from the past five year’s average. Now, everything changed due to vaccine rollout.
On September 13, 2021, Professor Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical officer for England, shared that children over the age of 12 should be offered at least one dose of the C-19 vaccine.
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The JCVI refused to do so because there was a lack of documents proving the benefits overweighed the risks. But, for the first time in history, the UK Government ignored the JCVI advice and allowed the vaccine to be applied to young children at the age of 12.
The next analysis of the ONS shows the consequences of their terrible decision.
The ONS shared the weekly numbers of deaths in 2021; you can find them here. But, here, you can find the number so the average number of deaths from 2016 to 2019.

Both could be downloaded here:

September 12 is when Chris Whitty told the UK Government to offer the C-19 vaccine to children. It was week 37.
So, we can see that the NHS was ready to jab children with immediate effect.
Take a look at the chart below from weeks 38 to 45.

Deaths among children from the age of 10-14 are higher than the past five years deaths together. The highest number of fatalities was in week 40, with 11 deaths. It is a 175% increase in deaths in week 40 only.
Take a look at the following chart below; it shows the deaths per week from week 38 to 45.

Here we have a total of 41 deaths in the five years average, but in 2021, we have 59 deaths.
The following chart is about the deaths per week from 38 to 45, among all male children.

Here we can conclude that male children deaths have been higher than five-year-average death numbers since the vaccine rollout. The majority of deaths occurred in week 40/
The next chart shows the cumulative number of deaths per week from week 38 to 45.

We can conclude that we have a total of 24 deaths in the five-year average have occurred but not that number for only one year is 34.
The next chart shows the number of deaths per week from week 38 to 45 among all female children.

This year, we can see an increase in deaths than the five-year average. The highest number of deaths occurred in week 40, with four deaths.
The next chart shows the cumulative number of weekly deaths per female child in weeks 38 to 45.

From week 38 to 45, we increased the five-week average number of dead children. The five-year number average is 17, but this year, that number has risen to 25.
These numbers aren’t astronomically high, but they are enough to warn. We have to stop children from dying!
They deserve to live!
“The only thing that’s certain is that UK authorities should be urgently investigating why deaths among children, male children, and female children are 44%, 42%, and 47% higher than the five-year average since they were offered a Covid-19 injection.”


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SHOCKING VIDEO From November 5 Lubbock, TX Deadly Shooting!

The video has emerged from the November 5 deadly shooting of a 54-year-old man who was having a heated encounter with the mother of his child because of the custodial issues, who was later shot and killed by a man identified as the significant other of the woman, the mother of the children.
On November 5ht, 54-year-old Chad Read visited the house of Christina read, the mother of his child, located within the 2100block of 90th street.
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The video caught a part of the dispute between Chad and Christina. You can hear Chad complaining about his child not being at the residence at a purportedly prearranged time.
“I don’t care if you wanted to see him or not…I get him at 3:15 p.m. If you want to see him, you see him up until 3:15. You keep trying to keep my son from me.”
Once Chad threatened to have subpoenas issued against his ex-spouse and others in the house, one man, William Kyle Carruth, appeared armed with a rifle and told Chad to leave.

Once they started taking face to face, Carruth fired at least one round on the ground.
After the shot is fired, Chad grabs the weapon and swings Carruth around to throw him off the front porch where the two were face-to-face earlier.
Take a look at the video below:

“All Texans may lawfully brandish a firearm to protect themselves, their property, and their business. When Kyle did that, Chad Read advanced on him…And instantaneously, he tried to take the gun away from Kyle. In doing so, he was powerful enough to sling Kyle 180 degrees around on Kyle’s patio.
Raising his left leg, he continued his advance on Kyle, threatening him and posing an immediate threat. Kyle responded. This is a justifiable homicide.”
Guinn stated that these details were the reason why the Lubbock PD has yet to arrest his client.
“It is my opinion, because of their knowledge of all the facts and the Texas Castle Doctrine and having done a thorough job, LPD knew this was a justifiable homicide. They knew they lacked probable cause and did not arrest him.”
Now, the case is handed to the TX AG for review, which the incident is still under review by authorities.


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Big Pharma And Big Media Are LYING To You To Sell Shots! [WATCH]

You know they are lying to you!
The coronavirus vaccines initially rolled out right after the 2020 election have been classified as safe and effective by the current government, but now we see they were lying.
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It’s only part form the propaganda aiming to destroy Americans.
The officials were constantly saying to trust the science, doctors, and experts. But, they didn’t show you some of the data that completely destroys their story of vaccines being necessary or even safe and effective.
Take a look at the video below:

Narrator: You have the right to know the potential benefit of any intervention. For example, Pfizer reported that its vaccine shows a 95% efficacy. That sounds like it protects you 95% of the time, right? But that’s not actually what that number means. That 95% refers to the relative risk reduction, but it doesn’t tell you how much your overall risk is reduced by vaccination. For that, we need absolute risk reduction. In the Pfizer trial, eight out of 18,198 people who are given the vaccine developed COVID-19 in the unvaccinated placebo group, 162 people got it, which means that even without the vaccine, the risk of contracting COVID-19 was extremely low at 0.88%, which the vaccine then reduced to 0.04%. So the net benefit or the absolute risk reduction that you’re being offered with a Pfizer vaccine is 0.84%. That 95% number? That refers to the relative difference between 0.88 and 0.04%. That’s what they call 95% relative risk reduction and relative risk reduction is well known to be a misleading number, which is why the FDA recommends using absolute risk reduction instead, which begs the question how many people would have chosen to take the COVID-19 vaccines have they understood that they offered less than 1% benefit?
I don’t think you believe them!
Watch this carefully:

HHS Memo Claims Biden Squad Wants To Disregard Religious Freedom Rights!

The Biden squad wants to destroy religious freedom completely. It comes together with the terrible record on life and support for personal rights.
CBN News reported:
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A leaked memo from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reveals plans by the Biden administration to make changes to Americans’ First Amendment rights and other religious liberty protections.
The internal memo describes plans to “sign delegation of authority on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and religion clause of the First Amendment” to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).
The memo—penned by Lisa J. Pino, director of the OCR—does not deny there will be pushback if enacted.

“The action will likely be well-received among civil rights advocates and litigators, as well as groups advocating for the separation of church and state,” the memo reads.
“Groups who share the prior Administration’s broad view of the application of RFRA  or who will interpret this action as an indication that the Department is abdicating its responsibility for compliance with RFRA will likely issue strong negative reactions,” it continues. “This includes members of Congress who have been outspoken about OCR’s conscience and religious freedom activities and who have repeatedly asked questions about changes to OCR’s organizational structure and legal authorities.”
The memo recommends HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra sign the action as soon a possible.
It’s very likely Becerra to do that. His previous records show he has no concerns for individual rights.


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MSNBC Uses The Term ACCIDENT For The Wisconsin Massacre!

When the mainstream media saw that the Wisconsin massacre didn’t fit their story of an angry white male, they did everything in their power to change the situation.
Even though the suspect in question is a devout BLM supporter with a violent rap sheep, the leftists act like blind people, they don’t want to see this as a massacre, and when referring to this event, they used the term ‘accident.’’
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Take a look at the video below:

MSNBC calls the Waukesha massacre an “accident” pic.twitter.com/fxC12uoHqq
— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) November 24, 2021

Accident. https://t.co/pj6YQzKmNB pic.twitter.com/TyXW8eIJcO
— Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) November 24, 2021

However, MSNBC isn’t the only one to downplay this tragedy. Other outlets are referring to it as a crash.

Again, this has been used multiple times. This is not an accident. pic.twitter.com/G726Roezwj
— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) November 24, 2021

Below you can see the best Twitter reactions:

Corporate Media does not want you to talk about the Christmas Parade Attack in Waukesha.
They want you to think that Darrell Brooks Jr was just “fleeing a knife fight” and that killing 5 and injuring 40+ was an accident
Does this look like an accident to you? pic.twitter.com/GxPaL5jnxB
— Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 22, 2021

The same people who told you Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist who massacred black protesters are now telling you Waukesha was just a traffic accident
Are you paying attention yet?
— Jack Posobiec ✝️ (@JackPosobiec) November 24, 2021

Waukesha wasn’t an “accident” or a “crash”!
— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) November 24, 2021

MSNBC is calling the Waukesha massacre an “accident” as if we all haven’t seen the footage of Darrell Brooks intentionally swerving his SUV around other vehicles before plowing into a crowd of people.
— John D • (@RedWingGrips) November 24, 2021

What happened in Waukesha was not an “accident,” it was an act of domestic terror.
The Left is trying to rewrite history in real time – don’t let them.https://t.co/oKjwboxT7l
— Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) November 24, 2021


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21 Republican Reps Support Transgender To Be A Fed Protected Class!

Many reports claim that 21 House Republicans support the transgender activist group to make sexual orientation and gender identity a federally protected class.
But, the controversies in the last years about the transgender movement and the House Republicans are giving more power to this ideology.
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Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah sponsored the FFAA in 2019, an all-Republican bill that would make sexual orientation and gender identity a fed-protected class in exchange for a particular right to discriminat3e carve-outs for dissident religious organizations.
These are the Republicans who supported transgender to be a federally protected class:

Fred Upton (Mich.)
Elise Stefanik (N.Y.)
John Curtis (Utah)
Mark Amodei (Nev.)
Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.)
Adam Kinzinger (Ill.)
Andrew Garbarino (N.Y.)
Blake Moore (Utah)
Burgess Owens (Utah)
Carlos Gimenez (Fla.)
Chris Jacobs (N.Y.)
Claudia Tenney (N.Y.)
Jeff Van Drew (N.J.)
Jenniffer González-Colón (P.R.)
Maria Salazar (Fla.)
Mario Díaz-Balart (Fla.)
Mike Simpson (Idaho)
Nicole Malliotakis (N.Y.)
Steve Stivers (Ohio)
Tom Reed (N.Y.)

When the Republicans revived FFAA, supporters stated that it achieved a compromise among religious liberty and established LGBT Americans; anti-discrimination protection.

Right supporters say that the measure represents a conservative alternative to the Equality Act, another more extreme Dems initiative that makes sexual orientation and gender identity a US civil-rights law without any religious-liberty safeguards that the FFAA provides.
Many problems appeared linked to lending any legitimacy to the gender identity crowd. One problem is that Republicans should not be giving a proverbial inch to.
For example, the state law in California, SB 132, allows men who feel like women to be in women’s prison.
It was a shock to see that a female inmate would become pregnant very shortly after the implementation of the practice in California.
The incident that garnered national attention out of Loudoun Country, Virginia, where the father of the raped girl was arrested because he said that a boy wearing a skirt raped her daughter, is one example of the problems emerging from this decision.


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BREAKING: Gen. Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne Discuss January 6 Event, 2020 Election!

This is a breaking show, and you have to watch it!
Many topics have been discussed here, and many things have been clarified!
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Alex Jones hosted an in-depth discussion with General Michael Flynn, Joe Flynn, and Patrick Byrne.
They discussed the deep state attempts to trigger a bloody civil war in America and how we, the people, can stop that!
Please, more people have to hear this video, so once you watch it, share it with your friends and family.

The more people know, the stronger we will be to save ourselves from the deep state evil plans.


Banned Video

Impunity For People Who Undermine American Law Has To End! Hillary Clinton!

Clinton told a tale!
This female was courageous enough to share that right-wing extremists carried out a coup against the US. Rachel Maddow invited Clinton to talk about different topics and grasped the chance to spill her venom.
“We have got to end impunity,” Clinton said. “We have to hold people accountable for their actions, particularly when those actions threaten our way of life, our rule of law, our future as a democracy.”
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“And so, I am determined to speak out, to do whatever I can, and in fact, in the book we wrote, ‘A State of Terror,’ as you know, there is a plot against the country by people who truly want to turn the clock back,” she continued.
“They believe that the progress we’ve made on all kinds of civil rights, human rights, the cultural changes that have taken place, are so deeply threatening that they want to stage a coup,” she went on.

“Now, think about it because that is truly what is behind Trump and his enablers, and those who invaded and attacked our capital,” Clinton added.
Failed presidential candidate’s infamous cough that wouldn’t go away leading up to the 2016 election is back.
During her appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show, Hillary wanted to promote her latest book called the State of Terror in between obnoxious fits of coughing.

🇺🇸🧐Hillary est-elle malade ? Elle vient d’avoir une quinte de toux à la fin de son interview sortie de nulle part / Is Hillary sick? She just broke out into a coughing fit at the end of her interview out of nowhere 👀 pic.twitter.com/9fBRA5g2WU
— France Résistance (@FranceRsistanc1) November 24, 2021

Maddow attempted to cover for Hillary and said, “Hillary Clinton is… Oh, excuse me. Sorry, I didn’t mean to jump in there in a way that surprised you.”
Take a look at the video below:


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BREAKING: Trump With A Statement About Biden Emptying US Oil Reserves!

Trump will never leave Biden alone because America will be gone in 2 SECONDS if this person is alone.
This time, Biden has emptied the US Old reserves and made Americans furious.

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Everyone is scared about this winter from the inflation and the crisis that the world is expected to be in.
So, that forced Trump to issue a special statement to Biden about emptying the US Oil reserved.
Take a look at the video below.


Banned Video