Why I take Liposomal NMN

Why I Take An NMN Supplement

YOU need an NMN supplement, too.

If you've followed this blog for any time at all, you'll know I'm into natural medicine wherever possible. You also know I'm not a fan of the BS the government tries to pass off as healthcare sometimes.

So I like to try to stay up on the latest health trends. And one I came across lately is this business of "NMN" and taking it as a health supplement.

I heard about NMN supplements a while back in a podcast. But I didn't really know what it was until I saw a post about it pop up on Roo Ninja's blog. He does a lot of stuff about health supplements and he made me realize I needed to try this stuff. 

I'm glad I did.

NMN gets some great reviews from patients on the Mayo Clinic site.

There is a "member" section of the Mayo Clinic with an interesting review. Someone had asked about NMN and NAD (we will get to this in a bit) to see if anyone had used it for treating long Covid. There was this comment from a lady named "Hollee."

I have been doing NAD
I didn’t think it was helpful so stopped
But recently started again
Because of how exhausted I am
A nurse also recommended
I’ve started this and do seem to have more energy

Read on to see what this stuff is, why you want to take NMN (and not just NAD, like Hollee did, for the best result) and why "Liposomal NMN" is the best formulation of this stuff you can get.

Liposomal NMN and why you need it if you've had the vax

What is NMN?

NMN is the short form for a chemical your body makes called "Nicotinamide Mononucleotide." 

You maybe don't know what that is. Neither did I. But basically, it's a chemical that your body ultimately uses to build your cells and maintain and repair their DNA.

(DNA breakdown over time is one of the reasons we age. This stuff helps your body keep it in better shape longer.)

What does your body do with this NMN?

Well, basically, your body uses this "NMN" to make another chemical called "NAD." (NAD stands for "nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide." But you don't need to know all that.)

So really, your body uses NAD to repair your cells and keep your DNA intact and not getting corrupted with age.

But your body needs the NMN to make the NAD.

Are there NAD supplements? Why not just use those?

Well, as it turns out, the body can't use NAD if you take it as a supplement. You see, the NAD molecule is too big to fit into where you need it if you take it as a supplement. Your body makes it "in place" from NMN.

You need NMN to make NAD because your body can't use NAD from supplements.

Now, your body can (and does) make NMN. But if you take this as a supplement, it makes it easier for the body to benefit from it. You give your body more NMN to work with when it's making the NAD inside your cells where you need it.

(By the way, that pic from Roo's blog is used by permission. He will let you use it, too, if you ask him and put a link in your article back to his post.)

The benefits of using an NMN supplement

Your body makes NMN. But there are health benefits to supplementing with NMN capsules.

There don't seem to be any negative effects from taking it.

And that would make sense, since NMN is something your body obtains from some of the foods you eat, and is able to make the stuff in your body anyway.

But there are noted benefits to taking it as a supplement.

So, why do I take "Liposomal NMN?"

There are several formulations of NMN out there right now. It's kind of new to the natural health market but there are a couple companies already making it.

But there is a specific reason I'm taking this one.

This "Liposomal NMN" is the most bioavailable formulation out there.

What does that mean? "Bioavailable" means it is the formulation of NMN that is most easily absorbed into your system.

The reason is because of the "Liposome" part of the Liposomal NMN formula. 

A liposome is a little "package" that is made from fatty lipids that encases the NMN so that it gets past your stomach and into your gut. The stomach acids don't break it down because of this liposomal coating on the NMN.

So then, after it gets past your stomach, into your gut, THAT is when it gets exposed to your digestive tract. And that is where your body can best absorb it.

There are other formulations of NMN out there. Some of them are combined with other stuff, and it's probably to help with absorption.

But the biggest problem is that if your stomach acid breaks it down before it gets to your gut where you can absorb it, then it probably doesn't make a lot of difference what you take it with.

Check out "Liposomal NMN"

This stuff comes with a 67-day, money-back guarantee. But you'll likely find what I have found: this stuff is the bomb!

Try Liposomal NMN.

Why I take Liposomal NMN
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Justin Trudeau Riding a Donkey

Creating Justin Trudeau Art with Chat GPT

I recently started using a program called "Jasper" on some of my other websites and was fascinated with how easy it is to use to create art. But it got me thinking about how I could kill two birds with one stone.

Tech is a new area for me on this website. But I thought this might be a great start. As you will see, this post could also be called

Justin Trudeau's Ass

I'm not sure how many of my readers know that Justin actually has a donkey. In fact, I'm not sure I know that myself.

But he acts like one sometimes, if the truth be told. Justin is a henchman for the world-famous bad guy Klaus Schwab. He seems to have sold his soul to the devil for who knows what?

Art with Justin seems like a fair game, since he's played with the lives of his people with his lockdowns and horse's hooves toward the peaceful protestors in Ottawa.

So I was inspired to use these two faces (or critters) together to experiment with Jasper's ability to create visual art.

Justin Trudeau painted in Andy Worhal style by Jasper AI

Justin Trudeau's Ass in Worhal Style

What Chat GPT3?

From a website called "ZDNet,"

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that allows you to have human-like conversations and much more with a chatbot. The language model can answer questions, and assist you with tasks such as composing emails, essays, and code.

So what does that mean?

A "natural language processing tool" is software that you talk to like a human, and it understands what you are saying. The stuff is so good it's scary.

For instance, you can tell it to write you an essay on the evils of capitalism, tell it you want it to be 1000 words long, tell it to keep it funny and light (beause, after all, communisim is always funny and light) and it will spit you out a thousand word essay in about 17 seconds flat.


You can tell it to draw you a picture of Justin Trudeau and a donkey.

Justin Trudeau with his donkey

The cool thing is, Chat GPT is "conversational." So if you tell it you want it to paint you a picture of, say, Justin Trudeau and a donkey, it spits out what you see here.

Now, you get to talk back to it, and say, no. I want a picture of Justin Trudeau RIDING on a donkey. And Chat GPT says, ok. Let me do that for you.

It tweaks the parameters and tries again. And then, the next time, you get Trudeau ON the donkey.

Here it is.


Well, now. Apparently it's still in the debug stages. It seems it can't always tell which is the donkey and which is the not donkey.

Anway, that is what Chat GPT is free (for now) software that people are jumping into by the bucketloads. They're using it to create all kinds of things: newsletters, blog posts, school reports.

And it's smart. Apparently, Chat GPT has already passed its medical board and has passed the bar exam, too.

What is Jasper?

Jasper is an app I've been using on and off for a bit. Jasper is a "front end" that some folks created to interact with the Chat GPT software engine.

The advantage of using Jasper is that, because it's developed enough that people are willing to actually pay for it (when, right now, you could sign up at Chat GPT for free) it means it's got some "ease of use" built into it.

Jasper is to Chat GPT what Microsoft Windows is to a PC computer. It puts an easy to use interface between you and the operating system on your laptop.

What is Jasper Art all about?

Jasper's art platform is their interface to an AI art creation tool called, "Dolly," (which is dall.e 2) and can be accessed for free. But you have to wait in line for it. If you get a subscription through Jasper, you get to the front of the line.

And it puts filters in there to help you get to what you want to do more quickly and easily.

What parameters can you use in Jasper Art?

Jasper's art window has various parameters that you can use to control what style of artwork you create. These parameters include: mood, medium, inspiration, style and keywords.

Let's examine each one of these to see what they do.


The "mood" of the artwork has to do with what feeling you want the artwork to convey. In Jasper Art, you can choose to create pictures as calm, exciting, fun, gloomy, happy, sad or whimsical. Or, you can choose "none."


The "medium" has to do with how the art should look like it was created. In the art world, you work with clay, paint, stone or other materials. And in the visual arts, you can paint or sketch, etc.

The various media choices in Jasper Art are: acryllic paint, chalk, "collage," graffitti, ink, mixed media, oil paint, photography, tempra paint or watercolor. Or, there is an option of "none."

Not sure what "none" will give us, but let's explore a bit and see where this goes.


The "inspiration" parameter allows you to basically tell Jasper to create your image "in the style of." So you can tell it to make something like an impressionist painter or a realist.

The various choices for inspiration are: Andy Warhol, Ansel Adams, Caravaggio, Claude Monet, Georgia O'Keefe, Jackson Pollock, Leonardo Da Vinci, Norman Rockwell and Pablo Picasso, among others.


According to Draw/Paint Academy, "Style in art refers to an artist’s unique combination of techniques, processes, and decisions."

Your choices of "style" in Jasper's art creation program are: Abstract, anime, art deco, baroque, digital, impressionism, pop art, postmodern, realism and surrealism.

Here are some samples. I love Jasper.


"Keywords" is a set of indicators that Jasper Art uses to define certain parameters of the picture. It's probably best just to list these parameters to give you an idea of what you might be able to do by specifying one of these.

The keyword choices in Jasper Art are: ambient light, close up, black and white, flat lighting, full face portrait, high resolution, highly detailed, realistic or photorealistic.

So, for instance, if you specify "full face portrait" for "justin Trudeau riding on a donkey," Jasper very obediently creates this:

Justin Trudeau full face portrait

A full-face portrait of Justin Trudeau

How good is Jasper at translating the parameters into an image?

It's not perfect. Keep in mind that Jasper's interface is designed for ease of use. With Chat GPT, you're almost doing a dialog with the thing, saying, "that's ok, but could you make it a little more orange around the donkey's mouth," or "is there any possible way you could make Justin Trudeau's head not quite so large?"

But you can see where there may be limits to how much you could modify the parameters and not lose the connection to the original subject matter that the art is supposed to imitate.

After all, how small could Justin Trudeau's head actually be in a painting or chalk drawing before it would be unrecognizable? In real life, it looms large. So there's that.

For instance, this was a request for "Justin Trudeau riding a donkey in gloomy photography style, with realism.

Gloomy pic of Justin Trudeau on a donkey

The picture was supposed to be gloomy. But it's too funny to be gloomy.

This is the control panel in Jasper's Art program

As you can see, this is where the parameters are specified for the picture you want to create.

I wanted to create "Justin Trudeau riding a donkey," and I specified these parameters.

Jasper AI art control panel

This is where I set the parameters for these wonderful portraits.

And how do these parameters translate into art?

Let's see what these parameters produced. This is a gallery of 4 images that Jasper creates when you tell it to run the parameters.

Remember, this is a whimsical "Norman Rockwell" rendition of Justin, now.

Let's see our subject in all his glory (along with the guy riding him).

This is probably about the best lipstick you can put on a donkey.

We will leave this one here. This is "Justin Trudeau riding a donkey, in Andy Worhal style, tempra paint, mixed media. (In baroque.)

Justin Trudeau in baroque (sort of)


I hope you can find better uses for this stuff than I did in this post. I'm already using it for other things and finding it totally fascinating.

But I want to thank Justin Trudeau for being such a caricature of a man that he set himself up to be the subject of my demonstration of what you can do with one man's portrait and his, uhhh, donkey.

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