CA Gov Newsom Unveils Plan to Provide Universal Health Care to all Illegal Immigrants

New York Governor Kathy Hochul just proved herself to be virtually the complete antithesis of former disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo when it comes to COVID documentation and honesty. “Under pressure from Governor Kathy Hochul, hospitals in New York have disclosed that nearly half of their so-called COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized were admitted for other reasons” reports the Daily Mail UK.

On Friday, the New York hospitals revealed a whopping 42% of the COVID patients were admitted for reasons other than the virus, but coincidentally tested positive in addition. In New York City, that number is even higher, with a 51% rate.
Daily Mail reports Hochul had requested the clarified and specific data after seeing the total number of hospitalizations hold steady. Hochul was determined to investigate the issue “after noticing that the number of people hospitalized for any reason had remained roughly steady since December 21, even while the share of new admissions testing positive for COVID surged from 16 to 42 percent” reports Daily Mail.

TRENDINGReport: ‘At Least 160,000 Illegal Immigrants’ Have Been Released Into U.S. Since March
“Of the roughly 11,500 COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized in the state, COVID was not included as one of the reasons for admission for 43 percent” the data showed. Researchers at Washington University “modelling the next stage of the pandemic expect Omicron to kill up to 99 per cent fewer people than Delta, as scientists say that the variant is less deadlier than the flu” writes Daily Mail.
At a press conference just before the weekend, Hochul said of her decision to get better information: “this has troubled me, what do those numbers actually mean? Who is being admitted for covid purposes that they’re sick enough to have to be hospitalized for covid, it’s that severe, versus people who are admitted to hospital…who are in there for other reasons?”

Patients “with” COVID were hospitalized for unrelated reasons, such as injuries in a car crash, but tested positive for the virus during routine screening upon being admitted “and were subsequently reclassified as COVID admissions” adds Daily Mail.
So although on Friday New York State saw its highest death toll from COVID for the second consecutive day since the beginning of vaccinations, things aren’t as dire.

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The Intercept Ignores Pro-BDS Congresswoman’s Checkered History on Israel

Betty McCollum is not the most high-profile of politicians. Serving as the representative for Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District since 2001, her political endeavors are arguably overshadowed by fellow Twin Cities Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.  On Israel, McCollum and Omar have much in common: For example, both have falsely accused the Jewish state of maintaining a system […]

NEW DETAILED EVIDENCE: Maricopa County Elections Workers Removing Mail-In Ballot Envelopes From Trash and Shoving Them in Drawers

A new video footage obtained by “We The People AZ Alliance” centers on elections workers doing huge crimes against the system and the country, by removing regular mail-in ballots from the trash and putting them back in the drawers!
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In the following videos posted to We The People AZ Alliance’s Youtube on January 5th, an elections worker is caught on camera, suspiciously pulling mail-in ballot envelopes out of an unlocked shred bin on two separate occasions.
We The People: This election supervisor pulls hand fulls of ballot envelopes out of a shred bin meant for securely destroying sensitive documents and then leaves the room. These videos are to show the blatant disregard for any laws, rules or statutes and is a clear indicator that there is plenty of willfully negligent and potentially unscrupulous people involved in our elections.
[embedded content]
The next video that follows shows even more suspicious and potentially illegal behavior. “On December 30th, at 5:30 pm, an elections worker removes a stack of ballots from the shred bin, stuffs them in a drawer, then leaves the room.”

We The People: Here we have an election supervisor thumbing through what looks like ballot envelopes, pulling them out of the shred bin, and sticking them in a drawer. These videos are to show the blatant disregard for any laws, rules or statutes and is a clear indicator that there are plenty of willfully negligent and potentially unscrupulous people involved in our elections.
[embedded content]
One day after We The People AZ Alliance published these videos, Maricopa County finally started following security protocols and installed a lock on their shred bin containing sensitive data. The next video, dated January 6, 2022, shows a woman finally locking the shred bin “for the first time in about three months,” according to We The People AZ Alliance.
[embedded content]
CAre to add your personal opinion to these preposterous crimes?
What would you suggest as a solution?

Why We Must Fight for Latin America

Sara welcomes Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to discuss his multiple lawsuits against the Biden administration. But Paxton also reveals a shocking decision just last month from the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals that he says could help Democrats unfairly win statewide elections in Texas as soon as this year.

Paxton also accuses Biden of dereliction at our southern border and not caring whether Americans die of COVID so long as illegal immigrants can keep entering the country.
Also, Sara takes us inside her reporting on the scourge of fentanyl and how it is devastating families at a record pace. She also reveals how the Chinese are involved in poisoning our kids through these drugs.

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Let’s Go Brandon’ Driver Brandon Brown Signs Eight-Figure Sponsorship Deal With LGB Coin!

What runs the world? Well, bling-blind cash of course!
Moral and ethics are something to be taught in history books.
Money runs the world now.
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And where did all the money go to? CRYPTO and online businesses.
What started out as a live sports interview following a NASCAR race has turned into a national movement.

“NASCAR rejected the sponsorship of LGBCoin for a car driven to be driven by Brandon Brown over the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ chant,” Yahoo! Sports reported. “President Steve Phelps stated before the final race of the season, ‘We do not want to associate ourselves with politics, the left or the right.’
“What looked like the end to Brown’s career just turned around big time for the NASCAR Xfinity Series driver. Mr. Brown just signed a whopping two-year sponsorship deal with LGBcoin, the cryptocurrency inspired by the anti-Joe Biden ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant after he was banned from advertising the brand on his race car.
LGBcoin doubled down on their backing of Brown, who they said ‘symbolizes everything great in this country’ and said they would sponsor him even if their name never appeared on his car.”
“The eight-figure deal ‘will include personal participation in publicity events, videos, crypto conferences, racing-related events and more, though won’t include car decals,’ according to a press release issued by the brand on Friday.”

— Let’s Go Brandon Coin ($LGB) (@LGBcoin_io) January 8, 2022

‘I’m working to achieve my own American dream,’ Brown said in the release. ‘I’m humbled and thankful for’s reaffirmed support for my professional journey and their commitment to maintaining a patriotic message.’
Just WOW!
“NASCAR has previously given Brown written permission to use LGBcoin as a sponsor on his car but they did a U-turn on the day he unveiled the new paint job, and claimed the controversial sponsorship was not cleared by senior bosses, CNN reported.
He was called and told that the racing body ‘apologized for any confusion and miscommunication,’ and said that the deal ‘needs to be reviewed at a higher level.”
No one could have written this script but in today’s political environment it appears anything is possible, so hold to seat as we approach the 2022 mid-terms.

BREAKING: Never Before Seen Documents About Gain-of-Function Research Are Contrary To Dr. Fauci’s Under Oath Testimony!!!

Once again, Project Veritas has struggled to bring the truth forth to the people.
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On Monday evening, Project Veritas released some never before seen military documents regarding the origins of Covid-19, the gain-of-function research, the deadly COVID vaccines, and how the government tried to conceal everything.
Moreover, the newly released military documents contradict Dr. Fauci’s testimony under oath.
He can now be locked away fr=or lying under oath!
– “Military documents state that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018 seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat borne coronaviruses. The proposal, named Project Defuse, was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violates the gain of function research moratorium.– The main report regarding the EcoHealth Alliance proposal leaked on the internet a couple of months ago, it has remained unverified until now. Project Veritas has obtained a separate report to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, written by U.S. Marine Corp Major, Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow.– “The proposal does not mention or assess potential risks of Gain of Function (GoF) research,” a direct quote from the DARPA rejection letter.– Project Veritas reached out to DARPA for comment regarding the hidden documents and spoke with the Chief of Communications, Jared Adams, who said, “It doesn’t sound normal to me,” when asked about the way the documents were buried.”

‘If the Department of Defense felt this [gain-of-function] research was too dangerous to proceed with, why in the world did the NIH, NIAID and EcoHealth Alliance recklessly disregard the risks involved?’ O’Keefe asked his viewers.
Watch further details:
[embedded content]


YouTubeThe Gateway Pundit

An Epic Rant Against California School Board

This man’s struggling battles against the corrupted American system, torturing our most precious youngsters were made public, as he was taped giving a speech against the Lincoln, CA school board.
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This angry Californian dad is an American hero. For a reason of speaking up what the majority of us are thinking.

“When I see the members of the board in the schools that are in control of our children and the way they think, I’m disgusted. This is exactly why my kids are at home, homeschooled, staying away from people like you that want to poison their minds and think there’s something they should fear, you guys are like the bogeyman, you’re creating hysteria and you’re creating a generation of children with social anxiety. You’re going to create an entire generation of pill-popping junkies.And this is going to be your doing because they have no idea what other people’s faces and smiles look like, they’re going to grow up in a world of angry bitter people, pissed-off citizens who have no idea, this mouth plays a major role in non-verbal communication.

Then, later, he goes for the jugular, attacking the “beta males” on the school board and saying:“These women right here, it’s sad you beta males let these women lead by example, let me tell you right now you sad little betas, you are seen as weak minuscule men and I tell my (unintelligible) men like you, those aren’t men, you understand?You are being weak, minuscule men the rest of your lives, and I’m not going to let you influence the boys in this community to be little cucks, you understand? This is a city of men, not betas, not gender-identified people you understand?” There are men and there are women and there are betas and there are alphas and this omicron crap is a joke, take the mask off, take a deep breath, go do some yoga….
… this is psychological damage and I know you’re looking at me bro cause you know what I’m saying is truth. You know it, you’re going to go home and sleep on this and it’s going to bother you, and I’ll be back in two weeks, bro, I’ll be back every two weeks cause I own my own business, I homeschool my kids, and I can do that because no one else signs my checks you understand?.”“We sign their checks and you best bet that I’m going to run a boatload of people against you guys, there ain’t gonna be no easy peasy election next time. … you guys are toast. I don’t care what you did in your community because this is enough. You can go do all the good you want but when you poison my kids’ mind, it’s done, you’ve crossed the line so I’m letting you know, we’re pissed and it’s enough.”


RumbleWe Love Trump

The sinking ship that the Covid-crazy rats are fleeing

Published on January 11, 2022Written by Tom Woods

There’s a particular sinking ship from which the rats are ostentatiously fleeing; the “keep schools closed” ship.
Now before I get lectured to, let me note: I couldn’t possibly be a bigger opponent of soul-crushing schools that teach kids propaganda.
But I promise you: that’s not the reason all the blue checks have urged us to keep schools closed.
It was all fact-free hysteria, and I’m just flat-out against that no matter what the cause is.
I would never say: “Dr. Fauci is my ally because I don’t like the public school system and he favors closing it.” Dr. Fauci is never my ally, ever.
And the blue checks are reversing themselves on this faster than you can believe.
When the teachers’ unions have lost the blue checks, the polling on keeping schools closed must be horrendous.
I am no fan of Eric Adams, the new mayor of New York, since he favors the evil and useless vaccine passport system, which can never be excused.
But I find it politically interesting that he’s been saying things like this:
“I was a cook. I was a dishwasher. If nobody came to my restaurant when I was in college, I wouldn’t have been able to survive. When you talk about closing down our city, you’re talking about putting low-wage workers out of a job. I’m not letting that happen.”
And about schools specifically, in defiance of the teacher’s unions:
“We want to be extremely clear. The safest place for our children is in a school building. And we are going to keep our schools open….
“We’re not sending an unclear message of what is going to happen day to day. I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen day to day. We are staying open….
“I know there’s questions about staffing, I know there’s questions about testing — there’s a lot of questions. But we’re going to turn those question marks into an exclamation point. We are staying open.”
Let’s also take a look at Ashish Jha, who’s currently at Brown University. He’s been downright nasty through this whole ordeal — compare his conduct to that of the decent and civilized Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, for instance — and has placed impossible obstacles in the way of school reopening: tying it to rates of “community spread,” demanding onerous measures to ensure “physical safety,” even while mountains of evidence piled up that schools were not unsafe places.
(Sweden’s 1.8 million children all managed to avoid death, and their teachers did better than other professions, while having open schools without masking.)
Then Jha demanded the masking of students, and even told Congress: “No expert that I know of doesn’t believe masking is helpful for kids.”
Sure, Ashish. I’m sure you’ve never, ever encountered an expert who advises against masking kids — even though I myself, not even a member of the medical community, can somehow name you a whole slate of them.
And now, just this week, watch the pivot.
Here’s Jha on Twitter on January 4:
At every turn during this pandemic we have deprioritized children and their well-being. The educational losses and mental health tolls will be felt for their lifetimes. Great @DLeonhardt thread on how American kids are in a crisis and many don’t fully grasp how bad it is
It’s one thing to offer a sincere and profound apology for your errors in the past. It’s quite another all of a sudden to claim to care about the well-being of children when you yourself have been part of the dystopia that has targeted them.
Now, this has been altogether too much discussion of schools without at least a nod to homeschooling, so let me say this:
The wackos are in charge, imposing crazy and useless so-called safety measures, and (as usual) teaching wacko propaganda.
But homeschooling seems too hard. I completely understand that.
Header image: BBC
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Covid Vax Death Rate 21 Times Higher Than All Other Vaxxes!

Published on January 11, 2022Written by Pierre Gosselin

German site has compared the figures for adverse events of COVID mRNA vaccines with other vaccines. The results are nothing less than frightening

Citing the figures in the current safety report of Germany’s renowned Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) from December 23, 2021, found “frightening” results:
“In the last eleven months, four times as many suspected adverse reaction reports and four times as many deaths in absolute numbers were reported for COVID vaccines alone than in the last 20 years for the totality of all vaccines used in Germany.”
Using the PEI’s latest updated figures, a total of 123,347,849 doses of COVID mRNA vaccine had been administered in Germany up to November 30th, 2021. Correspondingly 196,974 adverse drug reactions (ADR) were reported, of which 1,919 were deaths.
Meanwhile during the period of 2000-2020, some 625,500,000 doses of all other vaccines were given, of which there were only 54,448 ADRs, of which 456 were deaths.
18 times more ADRs per million
When one compares the ADRs per million doses, there were 18 times more ADRs per million doses for COVID mRNA vaccines than for all the other vaccines:

Comparison of ADRs per million vaccine doses in Germany. Red = COVID mRNA vaccines up to November 30, 2021; blue = all other vaccines total 2000-2020. There’s an 18-fold more suspected cases with COVID vaccines compared to all other vaccines from 2000-2020. Chart:
Shocking ADR reports for deaths
When it comes to deaths from the mRNA vaccines, the results compared to all other vaccines are astonishingly shocking.
The following chart compares the COVID mRNA vaccine deaths per million doses in Germany to all other vaccines administered from 2000-2020:

Using the raw data from the December 23, 2021 PEI safety report, DB-UAW database, the above chart is a comparison of COVID mRNA vaccinations up to 30 Nov 2021 (black) vs all vaccines 2000-2020 (gray) in deaths per 1,000,000 vaccine doses. Chart: 
In terms of presumed deaths per 1,000,000 vaccine doses, there are 21 times as many deaths with COVID vaccines as with all other vaccines vaccinated in Germany in the period 2000-2020. Expressed as a percentage, that is 2,200 percent.
Huge underreporting
A meta-study by Hazell et. al suggested that the average of “underreporting” in ADR databases was 94 percent. And according to a PEI report, the rate of reported suspected cases may be as low as five percent.
Moreover, according to the FDA and CDC-operated VAERS vaccination database, the rate of reported cases is only one percent. The number of unreported cases is thus estimated at 99 percent. Deaths and injuries are extremely likely far more widespread.
Using the 95 percent figure for underreporting, Germany’s deaths from COVID mRNA vaccines thus would be 38,380 deaths. Note: this figure is only an estimate and an extrapolation based on underreporting.

Every booster more potentially lethal

Also extremely worrisome is that data show how the rate of ADRs rises with each COVID booster shot. The more boosters a patient takes, the greater the risk of suffering an ADR becomes. also produced a chart showing the higher risk after a triple vaccination (booster), depending on the vaccination dose. What follows is a comparison of ADR reports: Deaths per 1,000,000 vaccine doses after triple vaccination (booster), raw data PEI safety report December 23, 2021, DB-UAW database. Comparison COVID mRNA vaccination (black) vs all vaccines 2000-2020 (gray) in deaths per 1,000,000 vaccine doses after triple vaccination, (booster). Chart: summarizes:
The results are frightening. The difference factor to the other vaccinations increases by a factor of 43. With each additional vaccination dose (booster 4 / 5), the ratio worsens accordingly, or the risk of side effects resulting in death increases. The same applies, of course, to all other side effects.”
See more here:
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The Rising Up Down Under: Wide-Scale Revolt Against COVID Tyranny

Published on January 11, 2022Written by

Australia is burning, literally. Last week anti-lockdown protesters set fire to the Old Parliament building in the capital of Canberra.

Meanwhile in Melbourne, the nerve center of Covid panic, a man protested vaccine insanity by dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself on fire.
You can be forgiven if you didn’t hear about any of this, because our own media has done its best to avoid reporting the full truth of what’s happening in the newly-reborn prison colony of Australia.
We aren’t afraid, though.
We’re joined in the video beow by Maria Zee, our on-the-ground correspondent in Australia:

See more here:
Header image: CNN
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