26 Democrats Ask Federal Agencies to Investigate if Texas Migrant Arrests Violate Constitution

Fox News Reporter Bill Melugin out of Los Angeles has been covering the border crisis and tweeted bombshell documents from Border Patrol unearthing the number of illegal immigrants the Biden administration has actually let through the U.S. borders.

Melugin tweeted a copy of the document with the caption “NEW/THREAD: According to Border Patrol documents provided by a source, the federal gov has released over 70,000 illegal immigrants into the U.S. since August 6, including 31,977 released via parole (temp legal status, eligible for work permits). 94,570 released via NTR since 3/20.”
Fox News writes the documents show how large of numbers of immigrants are being released into the U.S. “with little to no oversight, supervision or immediate risk of deportation.” In particular, Biden’s use of “parole” to release migrants is far overreaching.

TRENDINGGovernors demand Biden take action on the border
Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott told Fox News the administration is abusing its parole authority. Scott, who worked under Biden, said typically only a handful of parole cases are granted. Biden has released 32,000 under parole.
“As a field chief, I don’t believe I ever approved more than 5 or 10 paroles in a year,” he said. “When I did, I ensured that the alien was monitored continuously and was detained or removed as soon as the circumstances allowed.”

“By law and regulation a parole shall only be granted on a case by case basis and only for significant humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit. Neither of these appear to apply to the current situation,” said Scott, adding that the number of paroles brings into question the review and approval process.
Fox News explains parole allows the migrants a form of legal status and the ability to apply for work permits.  Federal law intends the use for parole to be on a case-by-case basis for “urgent humanitarian purposes” and “significant public benefit.”
The 94,570 released via NTR, or a ‘notice to report’ are only required to check in with an ICE office when they get to their final destination, which could be anywhere in the country. “Those who check-in are not deported or detained as their immigration proceedings move forward,” writes Fox News.

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‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Flies the Friendly Skies: Southwest Pilot Signs off to Passengers with Phrase

“Let’s Go Brandon” is now flying the friendly skies. A TikTok video of a Southwest Airlines pilot signing off to passengers by saying “Let’s Go Brandon” has gone viral. As a flight from Houston, Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico was landing, the pilot had some additional things to say other than weather conditions.

“We’re heading east at about 107 or 108mph,” the pilot begins. “Clear visibility, mostly clear skies, about 77 degrees” he informs the passengers. “Thanks for coming out, flying Southwest Airlines, welcome home and let’s go Brandon” he signed off. The phrase has become a well-known euphemism for “F*** Joe Biden.”
The airline has not released the name of the pilot, and his face was pixelated in the public TikTok video, which was clearly filmed in the cockpit. This particular pilot does not appear to be an isolated incident. Pilots were also reportedly heard continuously repeating the popular message “Let’s Go Brandon” on their radios throughout the day.

TRENDINGGovernors demand Biden take action on the border
According to audio posted online, someone had even warned the pilots that “Southwest has a hot mic.” The pilots were not deterred. Although Southwest Airlines did not speak directly about the incident, a spokesperson for the airline gave a statement to DailyMail.com.
“The Southwest Team takes pride in providing a welcoming, comfortable, and respectful environment for the millions of customers who fly with the airline each year and behavior from any individual that is divisive or offensive is not condoned” the statement said.

The phrase is being chanted by groups large and small everywhere, as well as printed and sold on various types of paraphernalia. Songs honoring and titled after the saying are hitting the top of song charts, even beating out sensation Adele’s new album.
Southwest has had issues with the vaccine mandate put in place by President Joe Biden, which requires all federal contractors, including airline employees, to be vaccinated by December 8. The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association filed a lawsuit earlier this month asking a federal judge to temporarily block the mandate until an existing lawsuit over US labor law violations is resolved.
Over Columbus Day weekend Southwest cancelled over 2,000 flights, blaming weather conditions. Many speculate the disruption was actually due to employee walkouts protesting the mandate, as well as many others taking advantage of their paid vacation time before being put on unpaid leave as punishment for not getting vaccinated.

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