Ontario Police Pushing Back On Government Over Lockdowns

But for the highlight reel, the lawsuit alleges the following:

  • Quarantine is a federal jurisdiction, and “stay at home orders and curfews are acts of martial law and therefore federal jurisdiction
  • masking, social distancing, PCR testing and lockdowns, stay-at-home orders are not scientifically based
  • they are based on false and fraudulent use of the PCR test resulting in 96.5% false positivies
  • that these rules are all based on the 96.5% false positives
  • that the PCR test cannot distinguish between live virus and dead fragments
  • That isolaton and self-quarantine are cruel and unusual treatment
  • prolonged use of masks is HARMFUL, especially to children

Actually, it’s not just the police. It’s also being done by some of the members of provincial parliment.

As reported over at 6ix Buzz, one Ontario member of parliment is now suing the government over the lockdown restrictions.

“I am suing the attorney general of Ontario for our right to protest, pray and gather outdoors,” Baber wrote in a tweet which he posted Thursday afternoon.

“The risk of outdoor transmission is negligible, but the government enacted heavy-handed regulations that deny Ontarians their fundamental freedoms.

This is a good thing. The lockdowns are both unlawful and violate the Canadian Charter of Rights. This was supported recently in a decision in federal court.

As 6ix reported,

In his 14-page legal action document, which Baber filed on Wednesday with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the politician argues that the lockdown violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, specifically the free expression of ideas and peaceful assembly, including for protests.”

But Roman Baber is not alone. Let’s get back to the fact that the POLICE are suing the province regarding the overreach.

As of the writing of this post, this hearing is today. And you can tune in to watch LIVE COVERAGE if you wish.

Right now, the link is on the home page over at Wholehearted Media. Click this LINK to go to their website and you can see live coverage of the action.

The suit is being filed by the Constitutional Rights Center of Canada.

Police take Court Action against Ontario Government over COVID Measures Enforcement Duties

PUBLISHED: APRIL 29, 2021 | by the Constitutional Rights Centre

PUBLISHED: APRIL 29, 2021 | by the Constitutional Rights Centre


Ten (10) active, and five (5) retired, Police officers have launched an Application in Ontario Superior Court, to seek clarification, and challenge, the Province’s Covid-measures, and their enforcement, as breaching and violating their Police Oath which Oath includes upholding the Constitution.

Their Notice of Application can be viewed on the Constitutional Rights Centre website at:

Some of the Applicants will hold a brief press conference, along with their legal counsel, on: Thursday, April 29th at 4:30 p.m. EST

You can join in at:

Any questions may be directed to legal counsel at: Rocco Galati

Rocco Galati Law Firm Professional Corporation
Tel: (416) 530-9864

Thank you for your continued and kind support of the CRC

Canada has a charter of rights and freedoms similar to the United States Bill Of Rights. But Canadians need to stand up against the tyrannical who will always want to strip their rights away.

Please make as many aware of this today as you can. In the end, it is only NUMBERS that make a difference.

For reference, you can view the document HERE or view the highlights below….

  • Quarantine is a federal jurisdiction, and “stay at home orders and curfews are acts of martial law and therefore federal jurisdiction
  • masking, social distancing, PCR testing and lockdowns, stay-at-home orders are not scientifically based
  • they are based on false and fraudulent use of the PCR test resulting in 96.5% false positivies
  • that these rules are all based on the 96.5% false positives
  • that the PCR test cannot distinguish between live virus and dead fragments
  • That isolaton and self-quarantine are cruel and unusual treatment
  • prolonged use of masks is HARMFUL, especially to children

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Canadian federal court rules Trudeau COVID hotels violate the Canadian Charter of Rights

Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau seems to be a one-man wrecking ball.

He seems to be waging a systematic war on “disagreeable” Canadians and their rights under their Charter Of Rights And Freedoms.

Consider the following headline that was found on Rebel News:

Patient returning to Canada has $3,750 Quarantine Act ticket in limbo

Now, that may or may not sound scary. But consider the reality in Canada right now when you return to the country after travelling internationally.

According to the Canadian government, there is a “mandatory 3 day stopover.” Aren’t sure what that means? Check it out.

But all is not (yet) lost. According to a recent article in The Post Millenial,

An interim injunction which would have required nine Canadians to isolate in government-controlled hotels was denied by a federal court on Monday.

The nine people in question, despite having tested negative for COVID, would have had to stay in a hotel as directed by government officials. They would have had to remain locked in their hotel rooms for a total of at least three days, and would have been sent a bill for at least $2,000 for expenses.

According to a statement released by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, the court involved in striking the injunction down is not the same court that issued it in the first place.

Thank God for some sanity in Canada (so far).

In the statement by the court, it was obvious they thought it was an overreach:

The Court went on to say: “History demonstrates why the bulwark of the robust protection of Charter rights by an independent judiciary is so important in times of crisis.”

“The forced isolation of returning Canadian air travellers is arbitrary, unnecessary, and totalitarian”, states Justice Centre Litigation Director, Jay Cameron.  “These quarantine hotels and restrictive measures are more consistent with a dictatorship than a free society.  We look forward to the full hearing of these issues in early June.”

You can read the statement by the Justice Center For Constitutional Freedoms here. Please visit the JCCF website to see what they do and why Canadians need to speak up before it is too late.

The hearing where the constitutionality of quarantine hotels and quarantine will be determined will be held on Jun. 1-3, 2021.

The Prime Minister of Canada, his Liberal Party and the NDP (who seem to have decided the best they can do is ally with the Liberals to prevent a Conservative Party influence) are long overdue to be voted out of office.

In the meantime, consider supporting Rebel News and their efforts to push back against these draconian measures.

These are the kinds of ridiculous overreaches of authority being perpetrated on the Canadian population by a government and a police force out of control. Get a look:

Canada is on the edge of a strong tyranny against their rights to do anything except what the Prime Minister tells them. He needs to be stopped.

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Letters For My Sons

The Boy On The Train

For Michael, Wesley, Nathan and William

Hey Guys. I saw a post come across my Facebook feed the other day and it made me think of you guys. I think you’ll know why when you read it.

I’m not sure where the story came from but I found it pretty good. This is the story.

Every month, Martin’s parents took a trip to see Grandma and came home on the same train the next day.

One day, Martin said to his parents, “I’m already grown up. Can I go to my Grandma’s alone?”

After a brief discussion, his parents accepted.

They stood with him as he waited for the train to exit the station. They said goodbye to their son and gave him some tips through the window. Martin repeated to them, “I know. I’ve been told this more than a thousand times!”

As the train was about to leave, his father whispered in Martin’s ear, “Son, if you feel bad or insecure, this is for you,” and put something in Martin’s pocket.

And then the train left the station. And now Martin was alone, sitting on the train as he had wanted to do – without his parents for the first time.

He admired the landscape out the window. Around him some unknowns pushed themselves in. They made a lot of noise. They got in and out of the train car.

The conductor made some comments about Martin travelling alone. One person looked at him with eyes of sadness. And now, Martin was feeling more uneasy with every minute that passed.

And before long, he was scared.

He felt cornered and alone. He put his head down, and, with tears in his eyes, remembered that his father had put something in his pocket.

Trembling, he searched for what his dad had given him. When he found that piece of paper, he opened it and read it – “son, I’m in the last train car.”

Boys, that is how life is. We learn to let our kids go. At least we try.

But I will never forget the day, not too many years ago now, where your grandpa said something to me not too long before he passed away: “son, you’ll worry about your kids until the day you die.”

And to some extent, it’s true. I see the world changing so fast and I wonder what this place will look like 20 and 30 years from now, and what the world will hold for my kids and my grandkids.

But I wouldn’t say I worry so much. It’s more that I pray out of concern and commit you guys to The Lord every day. When I remember that He cares for you more than I ever could, I cast my care on Him and He reminds me that He is still working on all of you, and He’s got a plan for each of you.

Let’s just say I worry a little. But not too much.

You guys are all finding your way in the world. And I’m so proud of each and every one of you, as I watch you all charting your paths and handling your challenges and difficulties, and (hopefully) pressing in to The Lord to find the strength to do the right things as you journey through this ride called “life.”

And I think you guys are all going to be just fine. But as long as I’m around, and as much as I can be, I want you to know that I will always be in that last train car – just in case.

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Why Is Covid Spiking In Ontario

Are Covid cases spiking because of the vaccines in Ontario?

Laura Lynn has a a channel on Rumble and she covers a lot of the controversial topics that are routinely banned on Facebook and Google.

In this video, she interviews Dr. Patrick Phillips, an Ontario doctor, to investigate the possible reasons for the spike in cases in Ontario. And it isn’t pretty. In spite of Doug Ford’s draconian lockdown measures, he may be hurting people more than helping.

Dr. Phillips investigates the possibility that the vaccines are causing the spike.

Highlights, per time stamp:

  • 1:40 – “our ICUs are busy but less busy than other times of the year.” Current capacities are about 80%, but typical flu seasons can be over 110% capacity. Ontario is an anomaly compared to many states that see cases dropping.
  • 2:20 – our lockdown prevents herd immunity
  • 2:40 – the innoculation program could be the problem because the innoculations contribute to an increased risk of catching covid during the 2 week period after the shot.
  • 4:15 – if you look at the studies by Moderna and Pfizer, they actually excluded the results of people getting Covid within the 2 weeks after the vaccines when reporting the test result data for the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The vaccine makes you MORE succeptible to getting Covid within the first 2 weeks of getting the vaccine!

  • 6:20 – the lockdowns are impeding people from getting outside and so people are running vitamin D deficiencies compared to what they would have this time of the year.
  • 7:30 – Dr Phillips explains how the lockdowns are grossly ineffective and a violation of human rights.
  • 8:35 – the US states that locked down the most did the worst. Herd immunity cannot develop in lockdowns

The current protocol given to doctors in Ontario to treat Covid is discussed.

  • 9:30 – unfortunately, if you’re diagnosed with Covid and you don’t need to be hospitalized, our current recommendation given is to do absolutely nothing. They are told to go home unless they get bad enough they can’t breathe, and then come back to the hospital!!!! He says it’s absolutely unthinkable what is going on here!!!
  • 10:10 – THIS IS WHY the hospitals fill up!
  • If they come back and can’t breathe, we are told to give steroids and blood thinners.
  • 10:35 – This is a shame! There is so much research into early treatment – vitamin D, Ivermectin, hydroxichloriquine showing they are effective in early treatment. But they’re being excluded from the treatment protocols in Canada.
  • 11:00 – Doctors are prevented from using these treatments though they are standard protocols in other countries.
  • 12:00 – we need early treatments and we don’t give any direction to people on this.

Why the draconian measures in Ontario?

  • 13:10 – patient-centered care has been replaced with “covid-centered care” – reducing Covid numbers is the first priority, patient care is number 2.
  • Doctors have been been directed to follow the guidelines rather than follow the evidence. The guidelines are telling the doctors not to prescribe vitamin D because it isn’t in the guidelines.
  • 14:30 – the guideline recommendations regarding vitamin D, Ivermectin and Hydroxichloriquine are a farce! The studies are ample.

Budesonide works!

Budesonide is a puffer that works well for patients. Check it out.

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Bill Maher on Covid 19 and the Media

I'm not normally a fan of Bill Maher. He's liberal and he's crass. But once in a while he has some interesting things to say. Like in this clip.

I think it's worth watching not only because he makes some good points but also for those on the right to see that even the left is beginning to recognize some of the crap that is happening out there with the lockdown stuff and how uninformed the left is about this virus.

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I Went To A Covid Lockdown Protest Today. We Need To Do Better

Today was an "interesting" day. I went downtown to a Covid lockdown protest. Now, I've been to these protests before and I'm perfectly in favour of them - both because of the principal belief that people should have a right to protest over what they believe are injustices in society, and also because I think the lockdowns are a sham. I think they are a draconian overreach and need to be reeled in big-time.

Please hear me out. I do think this vaccine campaign is wrong and the lockdowns are wrong. But I am not anti-vaccine as a blanket rule.

I tend to think vaccines are not always good. But I refrain from making a blanket judgement that they are always bad. I don't know enough about them and I have to be honest in conversation to admit when I don't know a thing.

I am also aware that the science is not always as settled as the governments, major media and "big Pharma" would like us to think. And because of my worldview, I'm more inclined to believe the medical professionals who say lockdowns are destructive and not merely unnecessary, but are actually doing more harm than good.


There were some very vocal protestors who were being very derogatory toward the police who were there trying to enforce the public health orders. And it made my skin crawl.

Now, you have to keep in mind that I agreed with these protestors in principle. They seemed to understand the concept of the constitution and charters of rights and all. But they were lashing out at the police and shaming them - the very police who were there trying to protect their rights to protest the lockdowns.

I quickly got a sour taste in my mouth over some of the insults that were being hurled at the police: things like, "yeah, that's right. Pull your mask up to hide your shame." Or, "you're like the gestapo." Or, "you people are gutless wonders. You need to take a stand on the right side of this issue."

Those aren't exact quotes. Some of them were were using a little more "salty" language, if you catch my drift. 

But hurling insults at the police who are trying to do their best to protect your right to complain about the laws they are being asked to enforce isn't the best way to do this.

Now, everyone in life may encounter a situation where standing on the right side of an issue may cost them.

But you're not going to get the police to get on your side by shaming them. It has to come by dialogue.

I was bothered by some of the things said to these police officers and was more than impressed with the restraint and lack of push-back they gave the crowd. It pretty quickly became obvious that these officers didn't want to be there (some of them even said so) and some of them, without actually coming out and saying it, made it pretty clear to me that they were on the same side of the issue as I was.

But they still have their jobs to do.

Now, it's easy for the crowd to yell at the police and criticize them for not "standing on the right side of the issue."

But what also became clear to me after I actually talked with the police is that they were representing a broad spectrum of the public who do not all agree about whether or not there should be lockdowns to contain this virus.

And it also became pretty clear to me that they get a lot of complaints from people who think the protestors are part of the problem by continuing to spread the disease by meeting in groups which (in their minds) contributes to making this virus go on forever with "mass-spreader" events.

And something else occurred to me, and it was this:

I don't know if, when we are protesting, we are aware of how our unruly behaviour looks to people who disagree with us. We need to start thinking about how we are perceived by the very people we are trying to reach.

I find that people on both sides of these issues tend to look at the people on the other side through a lens that sees "the other side" as simply not having thought it through; it assumes they have had access to the same experiences and information we have and yet have chosen to ignore it.

And if I can say it, I think it's easy to see people on the other side as perhaps worse than uninformed; perhaps they are even not so smart as we are. Maybe even a little.... stupid.

And as we look at people on the other side, we don't always maintain an awareness that they are likely looking at us the same way - uninformed and probably downright stupid.

We need to be aware that if we simply "rah rah rah" with the people on our side and continue only to listen to those who hold opinions similar to ours, we end up merely creating our own echo-chambers where we reinforce our opinions by repetition rather than by building our ideas on understanding, and by processing the arguments from the other side, giving solid answers in response.

I'm convinced we don't hear the other side - in their terms. We don't hear their concerns well enough to be able to speak to those concerns in language that will help them see where they've missed it. And that is a shame because that was supposed to be our goal.

I heard a lot of emotion in the chants and the shouting of the protestors. I heard a lot of anger with lockdowns they feel are unjust and uncalled for; they are angry with the police for enforcing laws they should not be compelled to enforce. They feel a threat from what looks like the encroaching requirement to compel vaccines that are potentially worse than the disease.

The problem is that all the speech was in broad, angry brush strokes - anger over the tyranny, over frustration with unjust laws and shutdowns being enforced. Not much of what they were saying was nuanced with clear facts. It was only stained with the feelings those facts have left behind.

I heard all the right "takeaways" being said about what I, too, believe is going on here. The protestors were making all the right points based on all the facts I believe are true and well-proven by many healthcare professionals.

In ever-increasing numbers, well-qualified professionals - immunologists, doctors and statisticians - are disagreeing with the mainstream. These professionals are trying to speak out against the general media monologue that says these shutdowns and/or vaccines are the answer. Many health professionals are on "our" side on this, to varying degrees, at least.

And I heard the protestors repeating the takeaways from these doctors and immunologists with great fervour and with great repetition, always cloaked with emotion. But...

Because of the lack of clarity in these broad brush strokes of chanting and yelling at the police, they end up looking to the other side like a bad version of Monty Python skit.

And we can do better.

I think what struck me today was that there are two specific ways, among others, where we can do better.

First, we need to get past using fuzzy and unclear talking points that only make sense to those of us who are already convinced that they are true. We need to have authority and clarity behind the facts we speak.

Second, we need to realize that not every police officer and government official who is trying to enforce these lockdowns are necessarily the face of satan among us.

The gospel is not spread this way; and neither is any other paradigm-changing thought.

So on the first point: we need to get to a place of knowing how to effectively appeal to authority in presenting the truth to those who do not know.

I don't remember all the arguments of the cell physiology that make this "vaccine" a potentially deadly recipe for disaster. I've heard them and they make perfect sense in the moment.

But even if I can articulate the science behind how the vaccine is bad news and a potentially disastrous science experiment, I need to be honest enough to ask myself a question: why do I expect other people should believe me?

I also need to ask myself even more so why, if I present a half-cocked, rough rendition of the facts with all the details knocked off, people should just think it makes sense when they have been listening to their own echo chambers of health professionals telling them that the vaccine is the answer and that we protestors are the problem.

The short answer is that I shouldn't expect people on the wrong side of this issue to believe anything I say, unless I can back it with facts, and point them to the people who can present those facts with the authority and credentials that show they should be heard.

Unfortunately, the way it works is that since we are in the minority, we need better and clearer presentations of the truth to overcome the slant here. We carry the burden of the clearer proof and the more clearly articulated arguments to win this disinformation war.

Make a list of resources - websites that spell out the information in a clear and concise manner - from doctors and immunologists who speak their concerns with clarity and authority. Be willing to listen to the people on the wrong side of the issue and truly hear what their arguments are, and be willing to consider their points, if you've not already done so. 

We know we are right and they are wrong. But they "know" that they are right and we are wrong, too.

And so, if you don't have the answer, be willing to say so. You can't promote ongoing dialogue if pride gets in the way of them believing you are truly presenting your points because you care about them, and not merely about your rights.

Until we stop talking past each other, and find ways to point them to the clearly articulated reasons why they are wrong, we will make much more heat than light. Not everyone will hear your vague, broad brushstroke arguments. Some people need information. Do as Peter said in the New Testament: always be ready with an answer for the hope that lies within you.

But in this day and age we live in, we need to understand how to do that effectively. And in part, that means recognizing our limitations in convincing everyone we are right. We will do better to point people in the direction of those who have the authority to cause the naysayers to give the opposing arguments the time of day.

And if I can say it, when we present the arguments and the resources, we need to always remember we are talking to people who are not our enemy here. We need to be as J. I. Packer said, when presenting the gospel: we are not to be speaking to them like we are straightening them out, but merely as "one beggar showing another beggar where we found bread."

And regarding the authorities we have to deal with, especially the police trying to keep peace and do their jobs at these rallies,

We need to stop automatically looking at the police and government officials who are dealing with this as enemies of the common good.

They might be. But for the most part, the people on the ground - patrolling the parks as we protest and managing the vaccine clinics for those who want them - are just doing their jobs. They are doing their best to obey orders. Some of them believe we are right; some think we are dead wrong. And they have to represent everyone - even the people who disagree with us - and keep us all playing in the sandbox without killing each other.

But whether the police think we are right or they think we are wrong, we need to realize that praying for and prayerfully encouraging police and the medical professionals to do the right thing is more effective than berating them and trying to shame them.

And that is most effectively done by building relationships with them.

Do I believe that police enforcing these draconian measures are on the wrong side of the law, the constitution and the charters of rights? Absolutely.

But hitting people with the facts they've not yet heard causes them to have to process a whole different worldview - one that might well cost them to embrace it.

For them to get on the right side of this issue may cost them their JOBS.

You get to go home after the rally and tuck yourself back into your house that you can probably still pay for Monday morning because you can go back to your job after your rally. But these doctors and police officers that you are interacting with may have a huge price to pay in coming over to the right side of these issues. They are people with lives and families, too. And they still need to feed those families.

Sometimes it takes a while to convince someone to make a change in their world view when that change may cost them more than they ever thought they would have to pay as the cost for doing right.

And if you consider Jesus and the gospel, and how the early church spread it, it was by building relationships with people, interacting with them, and letting the God season their conversations with grace and kindness, giving the Holy Spirit something to work with.

Let's learn to be clear, to appeal to authority to win over our opponents, to be respectful of those who differ, always with an understanding of the resources we need to use to point people in the right direction on this issue.

Otherwise, we may well merely come across as like a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. For those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

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18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine

by Christian Elliot, The Burning Platform: I don’t know everything, but so far no one has been able to answer the objections below. So here are the reasons I’m opting out of the covid vaccine. #1: VACCINE MAKERS ARE IMMUNE FROM LIABILITY The only industry in the world that bears no liability for injuries or […]
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Is Joe Biden Appearing As A Hologram?


I’m posting this one for my own records here, and I’m just letting you know that whoever put this video together down below didn’t seem to be too concerned about the language. I’m hoping to do a better job of putting a video together like this to more accurately represent the information it demonstrates.

If you want to go to the video in question, namely, the one asking “is Joe Biden A Hologram,” it is right at the bottom of the post. But first, you need to consider the following question.

Could Joe Biden actually be appearing as a hologram?

I know this sounds a little bizarre to some. To others, it seems likely. And I think much of how realistic or possible it is depends on your world view and your trust of the mainstream media.

But if you do see this and are choking on it as a possibility, you might want to ask yourself a question here: namely,

Have you ever seen how REAL a hologram image can be?

Ok. So they can do this. But you still have to ask the quesiton:

WHY would they make Joe appear in hologram form?

Without getting too conspiratorial here, like Biden is dead or something, let’s just go out a little on the limb and say that if they are doing this, the reasons might be understandable.

Joe is frail. He’s actually a guy who tripped three times on the way up the stairs to what is purportedly Air Force One.

And so, if you can’t count on his health or his ability to cobble coherent sentences together, then if you catch him on a good day and record it, then you could produce a hologram before an unsuspecting audience with playbacks of him with prepared answers to pre-submitted questions from the press.

Have you ever wondered why they seem to want to get questions from the press ahead of time? You know – questions submitted from the press that they tell them in advance will be asked?

Maybe it’s because his appearances before the press aren’t even real. Maybe he is recorded on a good day – a coherent day – answering questions that are CLOSE to what the question will turn into by the day it is asked, and a replay of a canned answer by a “real” image of the president will convince those who don’t want to believe it is all a sham.

Don’t beleive it is possible? Have you ever seen a 4K hologram generated “real time” image of someone that isn’t real? I bet you have and you don’t even know it.

In the video above, David Nussbaum demonstrates a “mini-me” version of himself in what looks like a phone booth. Check that in the video below, starting at the 2 minute mark.

Also, checkout (in the above video) a concert stage where the musicians are beamed in as holograms to the concert stage. That is in the video, starting at the 6 minute and 40 second mark.

Again, it’s all in the video. My apologies for the language but it does get the point across.

Check it out in the video, above….

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