Tom Fischer Street Preacher

An Afternoon With Tom Fischer In The Streets

There are so many different ideas and understandings about “faith healing” in the Christian church today. Some believe it happens all the time. Many, especially in the west, consider it a bunch of bunk. But you have to know that it’s real or it’s not, whether you you believe it or not.

And let’s face it. In these days of video tricks and bazillions of youtube videos and the like, it’s hard to separate the truth from the nonsense. It’s only fair to understand that people have a good reason to be skeptical about these guys who show up on TV as “faith healers.” We’ve heard the stories and we’ve seen the documentaries that look to expose the charlatans. And they ARE out there.

But I had my face stuck in some experiences a couple days ago that don’t leave much room for misinterpretation for me. I felt tendons (or bones, or something) move under my fingers in an instant when commanded to move in the name of Jesus.

You see enough of this stuff and it takes more faith to believe it’s trickery than to believe it’s real. This recent outing was further confirmation of that for me.

I Didn’t Always Believe In Divine Healing For Today

My journey of faith has taken me many places. I left the Catholic Church when I was converted to evangelical Christianity. I went to a Pentecostal church, rejected it due to study of the scriptures and attended a baptist church for many years. John MacArthur’s book, “The Charismatics: A Doctrinal Perspective” was instrumental in convincing me that the pentecostals were off the wall.

These days, I’m solidly back in the Charismatic/Pentecostal camp. I’ve seen too much and experienced too much of God working in supernatural means in direct response to prayer to be able to believe the Baptistic take on things. And I’ve since come to see where I have definite differences of opinion on the proper interpretive method on scripture and my understanding of the “charismata” – the spiritual giftings in the church.

Two Days Ago, I Got To Spend An Afternoon With Tom Fischer.

Maybe the best way to explain the guy is to have you watch this video of him in action – on the streets praying for people, and seeing the reactions they are having to his effect in their lives. I’m sure many will be skeptical. But after you’ve watched this video, please finish reading the rest of the story. Because what I am about to tell you may well help your unbelief.

So Who Is This “Tom Fischer” Guy, Anyway?

I’m going to tell you that I still don’t know a whole lot about this guy. But it’s funny how you can either know about someone or know them. And I will say after having spent an afternoon with the guy, I can tell you the guy is legitimate. He’s humble, he’s a believer in Jesus and he’s not in this for the money nor for the show; he makes the videos because he’s desperate to show people that Jesus wants ALL of us to be doing this.

I actually met this Tom Fischer a couple days ago, when I was introduced to him by another friend by the name of Doug Collins. You may or may not know about Doug Collins either. But I was stunned when I actually sat and talked with this guy to find out how many people we know or know of in common. Doug, like Tom, is a genuine, humble, down-to-earth guy who loves Jesus and simply understands the power that is in the name of Jesus.

Making A Video Is Easy. But Is It REAL?

I am going to tell you that, after spending about 4 or 5 hours with this guy – not only while the camera was running for the youtube videos he was making about our experience, but also in the background, between “video shots” – this guy is real and genuine. He wears his personality on his sleeve. And he is obsessed with talking about Jesus.

It’s one thing to see a guy’s persona when he’s posing for the camera. But it’s another to spend a block of time with him in between events, riding in the van to and from the spot where we went to pray for people.

I Am THOROUGHLY Convinced That Tom Fischer Is REAL.

The Tom Fischer you see in these youtube videos is the same guy I got to know a couple days ago.

First of all: he is FEARLESS. Tom is bold. He doesn’t pray in a way that doesn’t expect anything from God. When this guy is in action, his primary focus is not even so much on asking God to do things. His primary focus is acting on what he understands to be a reality he finds in the scriptures: God has given us, as believers, authority to decree things in Jesus’ name, as his ambassadors in this world. He doesn’t merely remind God that He could heal if it is His will; he “knows” it’s God’s will to heal and tells the injuries, the sicknesses, the illnesses and afflictions to come into line with this reality he believes in.

And they DO. Colds heal instantly. Tendons heal. Backs straighten up. Joints free up that were frozen. People come to Jesus because of it.

Second: he takes great delight in other people seeing the same results as he gets. The reason Tom came into town was because his friend Doug believes we are all supposed to do this as believers. They are both firmly convinced (as am I) that our mandate as believers in Jesus is to demonstrate the reality of who He is with these kinds of signs and wonders.

Third: he is humble. For Tom, this is NOT about Tom. It’s about Jesus. It’s about seeing God manifest the reality of His kingdom here on earth. He is SO plain when he speaks to people about what he is doing that he has NO special power. He merely declares things through the power and the authority he as as a believer in Jesus.

Fourth: he easily admits he is human and recognizes when he makes mistakes. I remember one incident that day where we were praying for a guy with a couple bad knees. He had one knee in a brace from surgery. What we didn’t know until we had been praying for this guy for a while is that both his knees were bad; he had surgery on the first one, and was waiting for it to heal so he could get the second one done. So here, all that time we were praying for this guy, he was getting tired.

I think one of the things that struck me that day was hearing Tom as we discussed the situation afterward. He realized that we were maybe, in our zeal to see results, not even being sensitive to the guy’s pain and fatigue. We didn’t even know about the second knee until we had been at it for a while.

Everything else seemed easy for Tom that afternoon. And yet, just as easily in that moment, Tom’s prayer, his contrition, and his willingness to acknowledge that maybe he had not gotten it right all came flowing out of him in one simple, humble, open prayer right in front of us all. “Father, forgive me if I was not sensitive to that young man. Lord remind us all think of everyone we pray for FIRST as people you love and NOT as projects to heal. Lord, please remind us they are precious to you. Help us to love them. And Lord, please finish what we believe you started in that young man’s knees. And use it to show him how much you love him. Amen.”

And that was it. No song and dance, no explanation why “the great Tom Fischer didn’t get that miracle in the bag.” No excuses why that one we didn’t see manifest completely, or instantly. Now, don’t get me wrong. We saw partial relief. But the guy got tired. He needed to stop. He needed to go inside and sit down. But Tom didn’t seem AT ALL concerned with explaining to me why it wasn’t a complete healing with this guy.

And Tom expects this guy is going to see a great and fast recovery. But he wasn’t saying to to save face. He was saying it because he believes it. Out of the abundance of his heart his mouth speaks.

Tom didn’t feel a need to explain or explain away anything.

Because Tom is genuine and humble. He takes God at His word, and he sees a lot more results than people who don’t pray.

Does Tom get 100% results? No. Does he show that in the videos? I don’t know. I’ve seen a few of the videos, and the ones I’ve seen all seem to be about the successes.

Is that dishonest? No. I don’t think it is. Not AT ALL.

As Soon As I Tell People I Pray For People And Expect Results, I Get Criticism.

I get it. I used to be one of the biggest critics. Why isn’t everyone healed? Who do you think you are to to expect results? Isn’t that arrogant? What about the ones who don’t get healed? Why don’t you just go to the hospitals, pray for everyone and just see the hospitals close up? What if you don’t get it right? How do you know when it’s God telling you to heal and not just you assuming it’s God telling you?

I know. I know. And I make a lot of mistakes.

I remember once talking withTony Kemp– himself a very gifted and anointed preacher who operates in words of knowledge, signs and wonders. And Tony said to me, “you’re going to make mistakes, brother. It’s just part of the gig. Just accept that you will make mistakes and that God can be trusted with it when you’re doing what you think He’s telling you. He’s got it.”

Doctors Make Mistakes Too.

I’m not criticizing doctors. I think we should be grateful for what they do. They do amazing things. But they don’t heal everyone. They don’t always get it right. Prescription medications kill people too. In fact, prescription medications properly described sometimes kill people. I heard one statistic from a doctor who told me that the 4th or 5th leading cause of death in the United States is prescription medications correctly prescribed and used.

Even The Disciples Didn’t Always Get It Right.

Do you remember the time the disciples came to Jesus after Jesus cast a demon out of a boy where the disciples could not? That was in an era and a dispensation where even skeptics realize that the disciples were given authority to go and heal in Jesus’ name. But they had tried to cast a demon out of a young lad, with complete and direct authority given from Jesus Himself, and they STILL could not cast the thing out. Jesus told them that this kind does not come out easily – they needed to be praying and fasting to see this result.

I cannot explain why I don’t see someone healed every time I pray, either. I know I could be praying and fasting more. I know sometimes I pray and get no results. Sometimes I hear about them later. Sometimes I see them instantly, too.

I Sure Saw Some Miracles That Day. With My Own Eyes.

We saw them with Tom and Doug that day. A young man who was Muslim who let us pray for his shoulder joint that popped. The popping stopped instantly. I showed him a video of a leg growing out – almost two inches in a minute and a half. We sat him down and checked his legs. One longer than the other. Doug prayed and commanded the leg to grow and we all saw that leg grow about an inch in less than a minute. He had sandals on. This was no shoe trick. There weren’t a lot of people there to watch except him.

The kid was stunned and baffled by it all. And he said, “if you can heal my other shoulder I will convert to Christianity.” Doug asked if he could call him on that. The kid agreed. He said he had a separation in the back between the shoulder and the back in the joint where the shoulder bone went into the socket.

So now, this time, Doug told ME to pray. I pointed to the shoulder, put my finger on it, and commanded the bones to come back into proper alignment, in Jesus’ name. And I felt it move under my finger as the kid stood there.

That was not me. It was Jesus. I will tell you as much as Doug would, or Tom would: It’s NOT about me.

What I Believe Tom Would Say To You If You Could Ask Him.

I think what Tom Fischer would want you to know is that he doesn’t do these videos to be famous. He does them to make Jesus known. It’s not about Tom. Tom has an ache and a passion for people always and everywhere to know this one thing:

It’s not about TOM. It’s about JESUS.

I will tell you I felt this man’s heart for his savior that day. Tom Fischer is the real deal. Thanks, Tom, for spending the day with us. We are blessed.

You can check out Tom’s blog here.

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Gene Demby race reporter

If Ben Carson Likes Trump, Is He Racist?

(A guest post by “The Average White Guy”)

Being the average white guy that I am, you can imagine the flood of sweet emotions that flowed from my belly this afternoon as I heard a story on NPR‘s “All Things Considered,” which was about a study that explores “the links between politics and racial bias.”

The description of the story says,

A new study looks at the link between racial bias and the Tea Party. Researchers found that people who looked at images of Barack Obama that were edited to make his skin look darker were more likely to express support for the Tea Party.”

Now I’m not going to be so stupid as to suggest that there are no white people who hate president Obama because he is black. Believe me, I’ve met a few of them myself. But it is so aggravating to be told by Gene Demby that the reason I myself hate Obama is because he is a black man.

Gene Demby, You Don’t Know Me.

You strike me in your reports as one of those black guys who sees a racist under every bush; you seem to come across sometimes as a guy who easily stereotypes whites based on preconceptions that seem to have nothing to do with the way I think or with the beliefs I hold.

I don’t hate Obama because of the color of his skin. It stuns me how many black people seem to want to reduce every issue down to the single issue of how it affects black people, how whites treat black people, who whites see themselves as white people. Says Mr. Demby,

We’ve done a few stories on whiteness in our current political moment. Whiteness is a thing that is becoming explicit in people’s understanding of themselves as white. So it sort of makes sense that here’s this guy who’s the president of the United States. He’s incredibly prominent.

For the first time in the history of the country, he is not a white person. He’s sort of the avatar of this demographic change. And so he animates and activates a lot of anxieties around whiteness becoming explicit.

I will admit I have a strong dislike for the man. But it’s not because he is black. It’s because of what he is doing to the country. I’m not sure why, but based on your frequent racial biases, I would bet that you might find that hard to believe. That’s ok. I have a similar disdain for Hillary Clinton, and it’s not because she is female. But you’ll probably want to try to sell that story to everyone else. I could expect you actually believe this to be the case. I feel sorry for you if you believe that, though. And let me ask you a question:

Did You Vote For Obama Because He Is Black?

I am stunned at the number of black people who insist that I would vote against Obama because he is black; but when I ask if they voted for him because he is black, they insist it is not because of his color, but because of his policies. It’s funny how in their minds, blacks can vote objectively but white people can’t. Is that racist thinking?

Mr. Demby, Have You Ever Heard Of Alan Keyes?

You look like a youngster to me, Mr. Demby. So maybe you were too young to be aware of a time when a guy named Alan Keyes wanted to run for president back in 1996 and 2000. It was back in the days of Bill Clinton. I wanted Keyes in so bad, compared to the white guy, Bill Clinton. I really did. Does that surprise you?

Let Me Make A List For Your Response

Let me make a list of some guys I think would make outstanding presidents, and any of whom I would vote for in a heartbeat – over Obama, Clinton, McCain, Bush (senior OR junior) and even over Trump (especially over Trump).


Alan Keyes. Ben Carson. Tim Scott. Thomas Sowell. Colonel Allen B West. Clarence Thomas.

Should I go on? Or do you begin to see a pattern here? It’s not an exhaustive list. I could add Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and a host of others. But that would confuse the issue. Please don’t miss the point of the list.

I know you’re “color-blind” in your thinking. You’re black, after all. And we all know that blacks can’t be racist. But did you notice the list? Notice what they all share in common?

They’re all CONSERVATIVE. Did you notice that?

Oh yeah. They’re all… Never mind. You can figure this out. I will even give you a picture.


There are a LOT of black people in the Tea Party. Maybe you missed that; maybe, like Jesse Jackson, you don’t really think “they’re black enough.” The relatively low proportional content of blacks in the Tea Party doesn’t mean they’re racist. It means blacks don’t always agree with their policies. But they’re not going to change their policies to make blacks feel “welcome.” They want to get ALL people – black, white and green – to understand that conservatism is the only way to save the country from slipping into a moral abyss.

EVERYONE is welcome at the Tea Party – if they agree with their ideology and vision for the country – one nation, UNDER GOD, with liberty and justice for ALL.

But while I toss out names, let me throw another at to you.

Ever Heard Of Booker T. Washington?

Booker Taliaferro Washington was an American Author and an advisor to several American presidents in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was a republican. (Yes, Virginia. There have been black republicans before.)

Booker T has an amazing quote that testifies greatly against the Black Lives Matter movement and other members of the “black grievance industry” like Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson and the reverend Al Sharpton. Booker once said…

There is a class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.

Now if a white guy were to say that, you might have a race war on your hands these days. But Booker T has a pass on this one because he is “one of you.” Or maybe he isn’t. Maybe, as Jesse Jackson said about Obama before he was elected, “he’s not black enough.”

Are You A Racist, Mr. Demby?

It seems the likes of Jesse and Al seem to think you’re not really a black man unless you think like them – as if you have exclusive claim to a special “underclass” title; and any black man or woman who doesn’t agree with you is a sellout – an uncle Tom.

Is that you? Do you recognize that I even exist? A white guy who, like Martin Luther King Jr., longs for a day when

people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. (M L King)

But from my side, we are constantly dogged in the conversation by the fact that in situations like Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, where the only scars on George were on his face and the back of his head, and the only scars on Trayvon were on his knuckles, we have a president who decides to bring in the whole weight of the federal justice department and to use it as a soapbox for giving his lectures about how Trayvon could be his son.

This president is the most racially divisive president to fill the White House in the last 50 years. Do you have any sense of how many federal cases have been made over perceived “white on black” injustice, immediately dragging in the full weight of the justice department for federal investigations? How many “black on white” crimes have gotten the same treatment?

You have the privilege of living at a time where we have a black president, a black attorney general and a justice department headed up by a person of african-American descent. And yet, you insist that it ain’t over until it’s over. Sorry, but you still want to take every issue that Trump raises and every issue that resonates with me and squeeze it through your very flat and one-dimensional sausage-grinder, spitting out little “racist cakes” at the other end of the line that don’t look like me at all. They look like your prejudiced concept of what “every white man” thinks.

But it’s not me.

Illegal aliens in the economy are enough of a drain to pull the whole country down. It has nothing to do with color. It has to do with economics. While you might want to think this country is big enough to welcome everyone from everyone and let them all partake at the trough that is public assistance, the grim reality is that the system cannot afford it. It’s NOT about race. It’s about not overloading the lifeboat to the point where we all drown. But all you see is color.

And while you might not think much of religion (I don’t profess to know if you have any strong religious beliefs or not) there are many of us who recognize that it’s NOT hard to figure out the motives of the shooter in Orlando. He TOLD US what his motives were for shooting up gays in a night club were. He said he was doing it in the name of ISIS and in the name of ALLAH. HE was acting on his firmly held radical Islamic beliefs. If you want to pick up the narrative that it wasn’t that,  and that it must have been something else, and that this kind of behavior doesn’t represent “true Islam,” then we are worlds apart on why we want controls and better screening of the Muslims entering this country.

But it’s not because I’m racist. And you don’t  know me.

Put your thinly disguised racial prejudices aside and please try to see that maybe, just maybe, it’s about ideology.

And get to know me.

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